Inhibitions, Master Clara

Bad boy

All I could do was stand there and tremor as she continued to stroke my throbbing penis. The woman bucked and thrust her hips against mine. Her smooth penis slid easily through my cum filled anus. Her hot juices dribbled down the inside of my thighs. She reached her arm across my chest and held my cock in the other hand while she bent me into a backward arch. Her searing hot shaft pressed...Read On


Inhibitions - What If She Finds Out?

Will she find out?

Lee's cock was still twitching when he pulled it out of the doll's wet pussy. He posed her so that she was on her back with her legs bent and spread wide, his cum dripping from her life-like cunt. Wow! That was pure pleasure! I have got to have the real Clara, thought Lee, while he caressed her body. His obsession with the real Clara was beyond a glorified latex masturbatory toy. He tried...Read On

Fantasy & Sci-Fi(1)


The Switched Charts

Just imagine

I had been self-confident about my penis size and had no sex life to speak of. I was desperate and determined to become at least average size. I tried everything from herbal remedies to those pumps that stretch your little guy to the point of popping. There were some results but not nearly what I had expected. Out of desperation, I checked out options for surgery. The warnings on line...Read On

First Time(1)


The Call Of The Wild

Oh Yeah!

I arrived at a large bay of a glacial fed lake. I followed the shoreline for about seven miles then hiked up a steep bank to a small clearing. I was looking forward to a hot meal. The evening sun sprayed everything in a red and deep yellow. A small river flowed near the edge of the clearing. The clear fast water fell into a narrow chasm nearly two hundred feet down. The sound of the...Read On



Inhibitions, None


It was late in the morning when Lee sat up and felt the cum drool from his anus. His cock grew hard as his thoughts dwelt on the previous evening. Wow! What a night he thought to himself as he slid over the soft black satin sheets. The large love nest glowed in the warm sunlight that poured into the room through huge patio windows. Lee stood up and let the sunlight warm his body. He stretched...Read On




What if they found out?

After I turned eighteen, I decided to explore my sexual life further. The awkward situation of a prying family made this difficult. I had been exploring the different ways of masturbation for some time. I decided to go to a 'toy store' and try whatever interested me. It was time to satisfy my desires. The emotions and excitement I felt when the doors opened to the shop overwhelmed me. It...Read On