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29 Jul 2015 11:20

My Twitter account got toasted without warning! That's 29k followers all deprived of their daily hit of naughtiness. So I've had to start again. Please follow me at @naughty_annie. Help a girl get her mojo back!

07 Jul 2015 14:24

01 Jul 2015 21:50

28 Jun 2015 00:05

Who wants cup-cakes?

27 Jun 2015 12:38

24 Jun 2015 22:40

Annie! What the f#@! are you doing?

Sorry Miss, the other girls stole my bra again.

23 Jun 2015 21:26

22 Jun 2015 11:20

20 Jun 2015 21:50

19 Jun 2015 11:44

16 Jun 2015 20:41

15 Jun 2015 15:09

14 Jun 2015 20:01

Wondering if I should get one of these?

13 Jun 2015 21:17


12 Jun 2015 11:26

Now she's a little attention whore!

10 Jun 2015 10:39

Love to jump in and join them!

08 Jun 2015 21:42

Another satisfied Lush customer!

08 Jun 2015 11:00

It's the 8th June - four years since I opened my Lush account! Thanks to everyone for all the orgasms I've had since then. Too many to count...

06 Jun 2015 21:54

Her new best friend!

05 Jun 2015 12:26

I love a guy who really comes like a fountain.

04 Jun 2015 20:24

Come on in , the water's lovely!

03 Jun 2015 20:49

Mary was looking forward to the poolside barbecue, and the chance to show off her little breasts.

02 Jun 2015 21:30

What a mess! Now he's going to have to lick it all up.

01 Jun 2015 12:50

I'm thinking I really enjoy sucking a nice hard penis :-)

13 Mar 2015 06:40

For a change, I thought I'd promote my "Sex-Packed Holiday" series. All nine chapters are now on my main profile page, so you can read the whole darn series without having to look around for each one. All kinds of different filth, from A(nal) to V(oyeur)! Something for everyone...

07 Jan 2015 13:34

I've written a little something for the " Some Like it Hot" competition, called "Scents and Sensuality". Please read it if you have a few moments to spare. Who knows, you might even like it!

26 Dec 2014 08:53

Thanks to everyone for your kind Christmas messages. I read and appreciated all of them, and only wish I had time to send a personal response to each of you. Hope you all had a lovely time, and all the best for the New Year! Annie xxx

22 Dec 2014 03:29

Still popping in from time to time! Still horny, still enjoying masturbating and fucking. Still the same old me, basically.

29 Sep 2014 19:05

My entry for the new competition is online - the first one submitted! (It helped that it was already 95% written!) It's called "Bukkake Party" - which sort of gives the plot away. Please read and vote.

12 Sep 2014 11:12

Happy that my competition entry, "Executive Toy", made the top 10! Please read it if you haven't already!