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Topic Lush Matching Photo Game:
Posted 25 Dec 2015 14:43


Topic Just submitted my first story... Eek!
Posted 25 Dec 2015 12:33

Ah, nostalgia! It's 4 and a half years since I submitted my first story to Lush. That's why I came here - I'd written it, and was looking for somewhere to post it. I looked at a few story sites, and liked the look of Lush best.

Amazingly, it looks as if I submitted on 8 June 2011, the day I joined, and it seems to have gone online the same day. I got lots of really nice comments, which were very encouraging to a new writer. And I've been here ever since!

I think my writing has improved over the years, although one thing I learnt is that some stories just turn out better than others. You can't write a masterpiece every time!

Good luck with your future stories!

Annie x

Topic Announcing the Winners of our "LGBT Story" Competition
Posted 21 Dec 2015 11:50

Some Mods will go back and and give a comp entry an RR if they felt the story was worthy. An EC is a tougher prize to earn and if the EC panel feels that a story, even a losing comp story (and by losing, I mean not a top 3 story) is worthy, it will be awarded said award. Even stories that don't make the top ten can be awarded an RR or an EP if the Mods feel the story is worthy. My entry in the Historical Erotica didn't make top 10 but one Mod felt it was RR worthy.

These comps are tough and sometimes making 4th place and only getting an RR can be frustrating for some. But remember, an RR means someone thinks your story was really good. An EC means a few other agreed with that.

I totally agree with all this - although I'd add that I'm just as happy to get an RR as an EC. Both are an honour - I just wish they'd been around four years ago when I started writing!

But I did find it interesting looking at the Comp awards, where the process is clearly a bit different, since the awards for the "honourable mentions" are all made when the results are announced (or very soon afterwards).

Topic Lush Matching Photo Game:
Posted 21 Dec 2015 11:40


Topic Sweaters
Posted 20 Dec 2015 03:43

Topic Lush Matching Photo Game:
Posted 20 Dec 2015 03:39

Red dress

Topic Lush Matching Photo Game:
Posted 16 Dec 2015 11:50

Shower curtain

Topic Lush Matching Photo Game:
Posted 15 Dec 2015 14:32

Short hair

Topic Lush Matching Photo Game:
Posted 13 Dec 2015 05:01

On a boat

Topic Aroused aroma
Posted 12 Dec 2015 23:36

I smell like gunpowder and napalm.

l love the smell of Rachel in the morning ...

Topic Re-reading your own stories
Posted 12 Dec 2015 23:20

or i'll get it and add lots of stuff you never intended to write. watersports are always fun to slip in to unsuspecting writers stories. evil4
Ooo! Please edit one of mine! Or all of them!

Topic Article in the Mainstream Media
Posted 12 Dec 2015 06:20

yeah, i found that out the hard way, too... damn bus driver made a real scene about it.

I find a discreetly placed coat can be beneficial. But you do need to remember to tone down the cries of "Yes, yes, oh yes, I'm cumming, I'm cumming." That goes down less well.

Topic Lush Matching Photo Game:
Posted 09 Dec 2015 12:43

Back view

Topic Article in the Mainstream Media
Posted 09 Dec 2015 12:15

What a great advertisement for this site!

And pretty accurate, too, about lots of things!

Topic Announcing the Winners of our "LGBT Story" Competition
Posted 08 Dec 2015 15:41

Interesting to note how the awards for the "runners-up" have changed over the last few comps!

For this one, No4 has been given an "Editor's Choice" badge (like the 3 winners); the next four have a "Recommended Read", while the bottom two (9 &10) have nothing.

For the "Historical Erotica", both 4th and 5th place got the EC, and the bottom 5 all got RRs - so the quality was obviously higher for that comp!

For "Money Talks", only the 3 winners got ECs, and the next 7 all got RRs.

For "This is Hardcore", Nos 4 and 5 got an EC, while 6-9 got RRs. And someone must have really liked no 10, because that has an EC too!

For "Some Like It Hot", no 4 got an EC, 5-8 got RRs, while 9&10 got nothing again.

"Morning After..." was clearly not quite up to the usual standard, because although no 4 got an EC, only 5-7 got RRs; the next 4 got nothing (there was a final list of 11)

That's enough stats for tonight...

Topic Announcing the Winners of our "LGBT Story" Competition
Posted 07 Dec 2015 20:06

Congratulations to the winners and well done to my fellow runners-up. It's an honour to be in such distinguished company.

Topic What Two words Describe Person Above You?
Posted 05 Dec 2015 11:58

Merry Christmas

Topic What Two words Describe Person Above You?
Posted 05 Dec 2015 00:27

Smelly armpit

Topic What are you wearing right now?
Posted 02 Dec 2015 00:02

Bath robe (having breakfast)

Topic Lush Matching Photo Game:
Posted 29 Nov 2015 04:44

Black panties

Topic Girl's wearing wet t-shirts.
Posted 28 Nov 2015 11:16

Topic Chicks with Specs
Posted 27 Nov 2015 14:25

Topic doggy style or cowgirl
Posted 27 Nov 2015 14:21

I like cowgirl, because I like being on top haha. And I like it when he plays with my titties.

Topic Lush Matching Photo Game:
Posted 27 Nov 2015 12:25


Topic What Two words Describe Person Above You?
Posted 21 Nov 2015 14:01

Hot stuff

Topic Would you like your partner to pull your panties/thong to one side and make love to you in public
Posted 09 Nov 2015 21:52

I once watched a couple fucking up against the wall in a pub car park. It was late at night, and pretty dark, but it was obvious from the movements that that was what they were doing.

A few weeks later I was walking past with my bf, and told him about it. He was so turned on that we ended up doing the same thing ourselves. It was fun, and I did wonder if anyone had seen us in turn.

Topic Girls, what color panties are you wearing today?
Posted 09 Nov 2015 12:11

Pale yellow

Topic Sharing Toys
Posted 01 Nov 2015 20:20

My bf and I have "his 'n' hers" anal beads. Different colours so we don't mix them up!

Topic do your men want you to brush your teeth and use mouthwash after you give them a blow job but before
Posted 01 Nov 2015 20:13

One did once. He didn't last long.

Topic Toy Review: The LILY 2 ~ LELO's Scented Clit Vibrator
Posted 01 Nov 2015 20:09

How come they don't have one that smells like tuna?

My sex toys sometimes end up smelling a bit like tuna...