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Posted 14 Apr 2016 22:29


Topic Title Changes
Posted 14 Apr 2016 22:26

I changed the title of my first Lush story from "A Walk and a Fuck" to "Wet Mountain" after it had been online for several years, and it didn't change the stats or comments.

So that seems to show that you can.

Topic Skinny dipping with the lush member above
Posted 14 Apr 2016 16:00

Definitely jumping in with her!

Topic What does the avatar above you make you want to do?
Posted 13 Apr 2016 15:21

Smarten up my act.

Topic April's Attention Whore Competition - scores on the doors to date
Posted 13 Apr 2016 15:18

Hey look, I'm in third place haha.

Topic describe yourself today in three letters only
Posted 13 Apr 2016 12:43


Topic What would you like to hear first after waking up tomorrow morning?
Posted 13 Apr 2016 12:42

"Here's a mug of tea"

Topic Roses are Red
Posted 12 Apr 2016 21:25

Roses are red
But sometimes they're white
Or yellow or orange
(This poem is shite)

Topic Three words said about the person above you
Posted 12 Apr 2016 21:20

You saucy minx

Topic Do you like to sleep naked?
Posted 12 Apr 2016 21:11

I love to sleep bare
Crisp fresh sheets against my skin
Smelling like roses.

(Ooh look, a haiku.)

Topic Opening a door for a guy?
Posted 12 Apr 2016 21:01

Hmm I think you're being over-sensitive. Surely that's just common courtesy. Just be grateful the young lady has noticed you. It's when she lets the door slam in your face that you need to worry.

The place where I work has an insane number of doors (mostly internal fire doors, to be fair). So if you need advice on door-holding protocol, I'm your girl.

Topic Use My Last Word First - in a 5 word sentence..
Posted 12 Apr 2016 20:51

Me and you look cute

Topic What role would the person above play in the movie of your life?
Posted 12 Apr 2016 20:47

My Lush editor!!! (tutting at my excessive use of exclamation marks.)

And incorrect placing of full stops when using parentheses.

Topic Would you take the above lushie on a date? If so, where and what would you do?
Posted 12 Apr 2016 20:34

To see a really bad movie, so we'd get bored and snog on the back row instead.

Topic You have caught the person above you masturbating. What do you do?
Posted 12 Apr 2016 20:30

Tell everyone one what an enormous dick he has.

Topic Alphabet Movies...
Posted 12 Apr 2016 20:21


Topic Guess the real name of the person above you.
Posted 12 Apr 2016 14:49

Auntie Macassar

Topic Five letter word - change only one letter
Posted 12 Apr 2016 14:47

Fears - Stare

Topic How to lose your job... ABC style
Posted 12 Apr 2016 14:45

Jerking off all over the pages of that report you had to give to your boss today.

Topic Forum Game: Sexy Chain
Posted 12 Apr 2016 14:42


Topic What does the avatar above you make you want to do?
Posted 12 Apr 2016 14:40

Take off my panties (if they weren't already off).

Topic What does the avatar above you make you want to do?
Posted 11 Apr 2016 22:42

Blow up balloons

Topic Who would you rather kiss? (above or below)
Posted 11 Apr 2016 22:24

Above - lucky me!

Topic What's the last thing you put in your mouth?
Posted 11 Apr 2016 22:13

Breakfast cereal

Topic How to lose your job... ABC style
Posted 11 Apr 2016 21:45

Posting on your FB that you hate everyone in your company.

And they're all on your FB friend list.

Please don't derail the thread. Yours should begin with the letter "F". :)

Topic Would you slip into bed naked with the person above you?
Posted 11 Apr 2016 21:36

Oh yes, like a shot!

Topic What would you do at a Lush Party....
Posted 11 Apr 2016 21:32

Drink too much and flash my tits. As usual.

Topic How to lose your job... ABC style
Posted 11 Apr 2016 21:27

Energetically masturbate at your desk all day.