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Topic What you going to wear to bed tonight?
Posted 19 Jan 2014 05:49

Weather milder here so far today, so I might be able to leave the warm pjs off ;)

Topic What's your favorite cookie?
Posted 18 Jan 2014 21:22

I prefer biscuits myself. I'm anybody's for a Chocolate Hob-Nob.

Topic ladies, do you enjoy watching men masturbate?
Posted 18 Jan 2014 21:13

Yes, and especially if he is watching me at the same time. That is a real turn-on.

Topic My last orgasm was...
Posted 18 Jan 2014 13:25

this morning :)

Topic Lush Matching Photo Game:
Posted 18 Jan 2014 03:45

leather glove

Topic Three words said about the person above you
Posted 17 Jan 2014 15:03

Sensual and erotic

Topic AUTHORS - 6 New Categories - Please move any stories you have which would be better suited to the ne
Posted 14 Jan 2014 10:10

Green Man has asked the same question I was wondering about!

I think most of my poems are "erotic" rather than "love", but some may be more fitted to humour.

Topic Announcing the Winners of our "Quickie Sex" Story Competition
Posted 13 Jan 2014 12:01

Well done to all the winners. Some of my favourites are there in the runners-up as well. These competitions bring out the best in our writers. Three cheers to everyone.

Topic Alphabet Movies...
Posted 12 Jan 2014 14:54


Topic Chicks with Specs
Posted 12 Jan 2014 08:41

Topic Lush Matching Photo Game:
Posted 12 Jan 2014 08:36

Pulling a face

Topic Pirates Of The Caribbean 5
Posted 11 Jan 2014 22:18

I'm with the yawners on this. I saw the fourth one on tv over Christmas, and after I'd got over the fun of spotting where they'd filmed some of the London bits, I got bored and think I may have dozed off at one point. Jack S is now just a series of irritating mannerisms, which aren't enough to hang a film on any more.

Topic What's the last thing you put in your mouth?
Posted 10 Jan 2014 15:13

My toothbrush, a few minutes ago..

Topic Have you ever have masturbated in theatre
Posted 08 Jan 2014 13:03

I've masturbated a couple of times in the cinema, but only when I was bored with the film and fancied a good diddle instead.

Topic Skinny dipping with the lush member above
Posted 02 Jan 2014 22:18

I'm up for it :)

Topic Announcing our $200 First Prize "Quickie Sex" Story Competition
Posted 01 Jan 2014 15:01

It's good to see so many entries. I've not read all of them (yet), but there are some goodies among those I have.

But I don't envy the judges!

Topic Random Birthday?
Posted 01 Jan 2014 09:00

Happy Birthday for whenever it is, then.

Or not, if you don't have them.

What the heck, have a hug anyway. Big Hugs

Topic There is already a topic of phobias? If there is not, we should start asking WHAT'S YOUR PHOBIA?
Posted 01 Jan 2014 04:50

I have a phobia about starting a thread on a topic that already exists, or starting one in the wrong forum.

I wonder what it's called...

Topic The person below me is...
Posted 30 Dec 2013 15:47

True - Cardiff is probably the nearest I've been.

TPBM once got bitten by a dog.

Topic What Are You Wearing?
Posted 29 Dec 2013 15:13

PJs, though the bottoms are pushed right down...

Topic Kiss, Fuck or Pass
Posted 29 Dec 2013 15:10

Fuck all night

Topic Sexual words association
Posted 29 Dec 2013 08:13


Topic How would you rate the avatar above, bland.. good.. funny... or perfect?
Posted 29 Dec 2013 08:08

Expressing her attitude!

Topic Skinny dipping with the lush member above
Posted 28 Dec 2013 15:49

Couldn't I tempt you from my heated pool? ;)

Topic LBD (Little Black Dress)
Posted 28 Dec 2013 02:14

Topic Skinny dipping with the lush member above
Posted 27 Dec 2013 23:10

Clothes off and in I come!

Topic Who would you rather kiss? (above or below)
Posted 27 Dec 2013 22:59


Topic Hug, kiss or ????? the person above you.
Posted 27 Dec 2013 22:55

A kiss would be fun.

Topic Hug, kiss or ????? the person above you.
Posted 27 Dec 2013 22:53

A nice kiss.

Topic Sexy Woman with a camera.
Posted 26 Dec 2013 02:27