My Sex-Packed Holiday Part 8 - Taking it Up the Arse

As usual when I get off with Abi, things get more than a little kinky

Back from our visit to the cider farm, I left my mum and dad to look after our purchases, and went back towards my room. I was feeling a bit sticky between the legs after my impromptu fuck, and felt the need to wipe myself down a bit, especially the trails of pussy juice down my thighs. But I didn’t actually make it, since as I was turning the corner I bumped into Abi coming out of her room. ...Read On


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I'm a Bit Tied Up this Afternoon

It was such a turn-on lying there with my vibrator up inside me...

“Come on, Annie, surely “Fifty Shades of Grey” isn’t as bad as that,” said Alan. “But it is!” I argued, getting on my high horse as usual. “It’s just so badly written – I mean, she just has no idea how to construct a story, or describe things interestingly, or make believable characters. It’s just a masturbatory fantasy!” “Well, yes, but then that’s the point of it, isn’t it?” suggested...Read On


Scents And Sensuality

A simple sensual seduction

The first thing I noticed was the sweet, sensuous smell. I twisted my head from side to side, but it seemed to be coming from all around. “What the hell’s that?” I whispered. “It smells like a Turkish brothel in here.” “And you’d know, sweetie,” he said, taking his cue as I knew he would. “Don’t you like it?” “You know I do,” I replied. “It’s sandalwood and rose, my favourite.” I...Read On



Moving Bisexually

Andrew finds out there’s more than one place you can put a cock

The story so far, as told in “Making the First Move”: Andrew, a voyeuristic university student, spies on and then fucks his fantasy girl, Emily. Afterwards, her face still dripping with his semen, she invites her friend Calum to join them. Now read on… “This Calum, is he a friend of yours?” asked Andrew. It was a stupid question really. If you’re naked in your bedroom, with some guy’s...Read On



Satanic Seduction

What would it take for you to betray your best friend?

“Ok, who’s next?” Lucifer shifted on his throne, shifting his long red tail to one side, and looked at the list of names on the fireproof piece of paper on the desk in front of him. “Colin, your Satanic Majesty,” said Mephistopheles, handing Lucifer a slim file. “Fallen Angel, Second Class.” “Ah, another one looking to earn his horns, it appears,” observed the Lord of Ultimate...Read On

College Sex(2)


At Night, Two Birds

Two girls enjoy some naughty fun one evening.

It was late on a Friday night, and I was sitting in my room in college, trying to get to grips with my latest creative writing assignment. We had to write a narrative using a regional dialect, either from within the UK or (in deference to the many foreign students who hadn’t been further out of London than the first-year lit trip to Stratford-upon-Avon) another English-speaking nation. ...Read On

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Making the First Move

Everyone likes to watch. But it's even better to play.

Andrew first saw her when she moved to his school to do her “A”-levels, and almost immediately she became his secret obsession. Her name was Emily, and he thought she was the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen in his life. He used to watch her during break while she chatted with her friends. But he was far too shy to speak to her and, as far as he knew, she never even knew he existed. He’d...Read On



Kevin’s Wife is a Dirty Slut

A husband watches his wife being fucked by another man at a work reception.

Kevin slammed down his glass in anger. He knew it had been a mistake to come to the reception, and Arabella’s behaviour was already proving him right. He looked across the room to where she was standing much too close to Dave Costello, her wine glass at a tipsy angle, giggling at some inane remark he’d just made. He saw Dave glance down at Arabella’s ample chest, her embonpoint almost...Read On

Erotic Poems(11)


Diana and Me

Works of art can be surprisingly arousing

Introduction In summer 2012, the UK National Gallery staged an exhibition entitled “Metamorphosis: Titian 2012”, which set three paintings by Titian against modern responses to them by three artists: Chris Ofili, Conrad Shawcross, and Mark Wallinger. Inspired by Titian’s painting “Diana and Actaeon”, Mark Wallinger devised an installation consisting of a modern bathroom with a live...Read On

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‘Tis a Pirate’s Life for Me

Why are pirates called pirates? They just arrrrrrr! (Well, it says one liner)

Ah’d love t' be a pirate bold, Me cutlass in me ‘and. In thigh-‘igh boots an’ big black ‘at, Upon the deck Ah’d stand. Ah’d ‘ave a crew of lusty girls, All topless, fierce an’ tann’d. Wi’ naked breasts an’ nipples ‘ard, We wouldn’t ‘alf look grand. Our ship, she would be fast an’ neat, We’d name ‘er “ 'Orny Sue”, An’ when men saw ‘er comin’ They’d flee: an’ so would you. ‘Er sails,...Read On

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Pyramus and Thisbe

A spot of nude sunbathing leads to a romp in the garden

(See Ovid’s “Metamorphoses” (and Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”) for the story of Pyramus and Thisbe, two lovers separated by a wall. My modern couple don’t let a similar barrier stand in their way.) Summer Sunday in the garden, Basking quietly in the sun. Red bikini’s been discarded, Being naked is more fun. Reading Lush tales on my laptop With a hand upon my bush Stroking...Read On

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Piccadilly Line Passion

Fourteen stations and a frenzied fuck

Dozing on an empty night-time tube, Late-night, post-party, tipsy: Jerked awake As train pulls out of Russell Square; And there he is: Sat opposite me; man of all my dreams.   Blue eyes, short hair, chin Flecked with darkish stubble, Tight T-shirt wrapping tighter body. Fuck, I want him; want him now.   Our eyes meet, flick away, Then back. Both Smile, a moment shared. I bite my lip, then...Read On


The Watcher in the Woods

Just a little “jeux d’esprit” about the fun of voyeurism

While walking in the woods one day I hear a funny sound. I hide behind a tree and see Two people on the ground. A guy and girl are lying there And – goodness me, how rude! He’s only got a t-shirt on, And she’s completely nude. Her little bottom’s in the air, She’s licking at his knob. His hands are squeezing at her tits While she is on the job. She puts her mouth around...Read On


Afternoon Coffee

Some people can be just too perfect, can't they?

Sipping decaf skinny latte, I cringe as I see you enter My special coffee-shop, New girlfriend giggling inanely on your arm. Little Miss Hipster Fashionista, Still wearing her ditsy woolly hat, Though it’s 25 in the shade On this sunny summer afternoon. Crop top showing just too much of Gym-honed tummy, And just-the-right-tone tan. Ripped short-short-shorts Showing...Read On


Our Lodger Has a Massive Cock

A teenage virgin watches the family's lodger masturbating

Our lodger has a massive cock, He plays with it each night. The first time that I caught a glimpse It gave me such a fright! I’d seen it limp and dangling, Quite floppy, small and slim, While he was putting on his trunks When going for a swim. But when he’s in his bedroom, Door carelessly ajar, I can’t believe how big it gets: It really is bizarre! ‘Tween door and jamb there is a...Read On


If I Had a Boyfriend - a Song Without Music

Just a little song in praise of sleeping around

Oh, if I had a boyfriend I wouldn’t sleep around. I’d love him like I love my cat And keep him safe and sound. But while I’m young and single I might as well have fun. There’s lots of cocks out there to try, Why stick myself to one? I like to go to parties And fuck the guys I meet. I let them fuck me in the hall, Or in the bedroom suite. Or if I’m drinking in the pub I’ll pick a guy...Read On


Just Another Stain on the Sheet

It's surprising what will spark off memories

When did I last wash this sheet? It must be nearly a month. That’s awful. God, I’m such a slut. Just look at the dried-up stains on it. All that remains Of four weeks of fucks. I remember that big stain there, Where Dan fucked me feverishly one night: Then left me, Because he had an early lecture the next day. While I lay alone drifting off to sleep Semen seeping slowly out of me Making...Read On


A Trio of Triolets *

Sometimes I wonder why I am so dirty

I peed myself this morning in the shower. Hand cupped to catch the stream of yellow piss, I breathed its pungent odour, sharp and sour. I peed myself this morning in the shower. Aroused and trembling, scared now by its power To fill me with a feeling close to bliss. I peed myself this morning in the shower Hand cupped to catch the stream of yellow piss. This afternoon, I flashed my pussy...Read On


Sonnet on a Hand-Job in a Pub Garden

Stroking his cock outdoors

Inhibitions lost from too much beer, I stroke my boyfriend’s cock beneath the table. Pull down his zip and grip the swelling spear, Tug it and squeeze, as hard as I am able. In minutes it is stiff, eight inches long, Hot in my hand and throbbing fit to bust. Although I know that what I do is wrong I can’t resist the thrill of carnal lust. Now pumping hard to bring him to the boil...Read On



Exposing Myself

What happened when I went bra-less and panty-less on the London underground

This is a true account of a recent experience of mine that I wanted to share with you all, especially as it was inspired by my experiences here on Lush.     Recently I’ve become quite excited at the thought of exposing myself in public. Chats with some of you and hearing about your experiences, and writing stories which include elements of public nudity and exhibitionism, have got me...Read On


The Fun of Being Naked Outdoors

A personal memoir about discovering the joys of not wearing clothes

From the age of about sixteen, I began to discover how much I enjoyed not having any clothes on; and not just in a sexless, healthy, naturist sort of way, I’m ashamed to admit. It began by just sleeping in the nude. Once I’d shut my door and turned on my bedside light, instead of hopping straight into bed in my pyjamas, I’d pull my pyjama top over my head and kick off my bottoms. Sometimes...Read On


Exposed Beyond the Hotel Corridor

Claire encourages me to new levels of exhibitionism

Going back to the hotel where we’d first met had been Claire’s idea. After our first exciting encounter, I’d lost no time in contacting her on the phone number she’d left for me, and we’d soon swapped email addresses and initiated a series of sexually-charged exchanges. I found myself increasingly thrilled and aroused by Claire’s accounts of her exhibitionist activities, and it wasn’t long...Read On


A Room With A View

Do you ever wonder who’s watching you through the window?

“Look, Claire, there he is!” “Ooo, I see what you mean, Annie. He is rather gorgeous. And you say he often walks around like that in his flat? In just his boxer shorts?” “Yes, and he must know that anyone of us in these flats across the road can see him.” “Has he seen you watching?” “I don’t know. Maybe. I usually stay behind the curtain. I don’t want him to think I’m spying on him.” ...Read On

Recommended Read

Naked in a Hotel Corridor

In which I discover the thrills of a special type of exhibitionism

This story is affectionately dedicated to NudeClaire, whose own story "Claire's Nude Hotel Exhibition" inspired it. I was slightly tipsy as I stepped out of the lift on the tenth floor. The official Conference Dinner had dragged on as long as I’d feared, and only copious quantities of alcohol had made the endless parade of speeches endurable. There are only so many times you need to be...Read On


Naughty Games on a Train

How would you pass the time on a long train journey?

“Hey look, this’ll do,” you say, and plump your bag down on a four-seater table. It’s good to get a table to ourselves, although this mid-week afternoon train from King’s Cross is almost empty. It’s much nicer than travelling at the weekend, when the train to Edinburgh is often packed. It was a good idea of yours to get to our friend’s hen party this way, rather than drive. It’ll be...Read On


Vignette: Getting Close on the Tube

Squashed together on the tube, you undo my jeans and insert your finger.

I usually try to avoid travelling on the London underground during the evening rush-hour, but today I have a late tutorial and it’s already five o’clock before I get to Holborn station. You’re waiting for me by the ticket office, and greet me with a lingering kiss. You hold me tight as we stand on the escalator, descending into the hot maelstrom of commuters, shoppers and tourists, all...Read On

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Putting a Spin On It

A politician finds an unusual way to fight back when a sex tape is released by her vengeful ex

It was getting late, and Penny was looking forward to opening the bottle of white wine that had been chilling in her fridge for the last couple of hours. She had just finished signing off the last paper in her Ministerial red box, when to her annoyance her laptop inbox ‘pinged’ at her. She was even more annoyed when she saw that the message was from her soon-to-be-ex-husband. The...Read On


Upskirt Photography Can Be Fun

A bit of exhibitionist fun leads to an exciting sexual encounter

Those of you who live in the UK, or any of those places with real seasons, will know that one of the best things about the end of winter and the warm weather starting is the opportunity to shed the winter woollies and get out the summery stuff. If, like me, you’re a bit of an exhibitionist who likes to tease, there aren’t many opportunities to expose your bits when you’re wrapped up against...Read On


Schoolgirl Dares with Sarah - Part II

Sarah and Annie's dares get them into more trouble...

After our adventures in the park, Sarah and I go into McDonald’s for a milk shake. It also gives us the chance to use their toilets to clean up. Sarah’s sticky pussy juices are starting to dry on her thighs, so I help her wipe them clean. I also wash her juices off my face and hands, making sure I don’t smell of girl cum too much. We both put our panties back on, and I put my blazer on over...Read On



Educating Poppy - Part I

An innocent waitress witnesses some sexual games

The hotel’s dining room is one of its best features. It has big picture windows overlooking the rugged Devon coastline, and during the brief intervals when Poppy isn’t either taking someone’s order or clearing away the plates, she enjoys watching the sun slowly setting behind the rocky headland. There is a spot just beside one of the pot plants where she can keep an eye on the tables while...Read On

First Time(2)


Losing My Virginity

I hope you’ll all enjoy this story of how I finally popped my cherry

“You mean you actually let him fuck you? Properly? All the way? Put his dick right inside you?” Janet nodded. “Well, we were on the sofa, and I’d taken my shirt and bra off so he could play with my boobs,” she went on. I nodded. This was what I did with my boyfriend too. Most of our friends agreed that taking your bra off and letting your guy play with your bare tits was okay. If I knew...Read On


Two Teen Lesbian Virgins and a Vibrator

The title says it all, really. What more do you need to know?

I don’t suppose I’m the only girl whose first sexual experience (other than solo masturbation) was with a member of the same sex. It’s obvious that when you’re having your first stirrings of sexual feelings, even if they are only directed at your favourite pop singer, it’s much easier to talk about them with a friend who is going through the same emotional turmoil. And is it any wonder...Read On

Flash Erotica(6)


Practice Makes Perfect

Cum and get it...

Giving a final flicker of my tongue against his bulbous helmet, I felt him tense, and with a groan he filled my mouth with a generous helping of hot, creamy cock-custard. I milked him skilfully with my lips, ensuring I didn’t miss a single drop. At last I let him withdraw, his thick shaft shiny with a mixture of semen and saliva. “Jesus wept, Annie, how did you get to be so good at...Read On


À la Recherche du Temps Perdu

Remembering a brief sexual encounter

Sitting in the coffee shop in the park last Sunday morning, nursing a well-deserved hangover, I picked idly at a flake of skin on my leg. Then I realised it wasn’t skin at all, but dried semen. Wryly, I recalled the events of the night before. It had been after a party, in another part of London. I’d been drunk, and so had he. Waiting for separate night buses, we’d snogged in the...Read On


Midnight Voyeur

Listening to other people having sex is such a turn-on, don’t you think?

It was well after midnight, and I was in bed with the lights out when I heard the click of the door latch, followed by some muffled rustling and whispers. “Are you sure it’s okay, Amy?” said a male voice. “What if we wake her?” Then there was another rustle and a squeak and a giggle from my room-mate. “Look, why don’t we just go back to my room?” said the male voice again. “Don’t worry;...Read On


A Wank in the Park

Do you know who's watching you?

At first, Peter thought he was seeing things. The young couple lying on the grass a short distance away had been kissing and cuddling quite openly, but there was nothing unusual about that. Couples snogged in the park all the time, especially on sunny summer afternoons.  She was pretty, with black hair cut boyishly short, and he was good-looking in a slightly hipsterish way. But it was...Read On


For Old Times’ Sake

Perhaps unwisely, I agree to my ex-boyfriend’s request for one last blow-job

“Oh come on, Annie, just a quick fuck, for old times’ sake.” “You have got to be kidding, Ollie.” “Ok, maybe not a fuck, but how about a blow-job? One last time.” “Oh, fuck it, ok, a blow-job. But it’ll have to be a quick one.” He was already undoing his belt. I pushed him back against the wash-basin, hitched up my frock, and knelt down, hoping the floor wasn’t too dirty. I unzipped...Read On


A Dream of Love

A brief, intense dream of lesbian love

In my dreams, I come to you as you lie in your bed, naked under the covers. You have your back to me, but you stir as I slip, naked, into bed beside you. I have just got out of the shower, so I am hot and clean. I lie against you, my little breasts pressed into your back, my pubic mound against your smooth buttocks, my legs touching yours. I put my right arm over your chest, gently clasping...Read On

Gay Male(1)

Recommended Read

Alfresco Orgy II – What the Guys Did Next

A sequel to my Alfresco Orgy story, with some male-on-male anal action

Hi. My name’s Sam. You may have heard about me, if you’ve read my friend Annie Harrison’s story about a crazy outdoor sex session we had while on holiday in the Lake District, which ended with me fucking our friend Chris up the arse while she (Annie) and our other friend Mandy watched. It wasn’t the last sex the four of us had that week, and Annie may be writing about that too, but there are...Read On

Group Sex(2)

Recommended Read

Alfresco Orgy

A rewritten version of an older story, but now with just lots of good filthy sex.

The summer after my seventeenth birthday, my parents let me go away on a week’s camping holiday with three friends: Mandy, Sam and Chris. We’d all been friends since primary school, and though we’d gone off to different secondary schools we’d still kept in touch. Mandy’s parents had an old VW Campervan (how cool is that?) and they agreed to drive us all up to the Lake District for a week....Read On


My Sex-Packed Holiday Part Nine – A Final Threesome

What happens when Matt, Sally and I have one final trip to a deserted beach

I awoke early on Friday morning, and lay in bed idly strumming at my clitoris. I opened my legs just far enough to let me slip a couple of fingers inside my pussy, and was pleasantly surprised to find how sloppy I already was up there. It was the last full day of my holiday, and to be honest, it hadn’t been anything like I’d expected. I’d had a hell of a lot of sex, for a start, and not just...Read On



My Sex-Packed Holiday Part 5 - Abi and Me Again

Abi and I get up to some seriously filthy sex

The next morning, after breakfast, I was sitting by the pool reading a book. Matt had stayed all night with Sally in her room, and only crept back to get some clean clothes before breakfast. He looked a bit tired, but happy, and so did Sally when I saw her at breakfast. Lucky them: I’d just had myself to play with. After a while, I heard a car pull into the car park and saw Abi getting...Read On


Editor's Pick

The Offering

Somewhere in England, a special Harvest ritual is enacted

A gentle mist lay in the valley as the sun rose between the hills that looked down over the village. As it crept steadily higher on that September morning, its rays struck the Big Stone that stood upright at the woodland edge of the Top Field, making it seem to glow as it absorbed the new day’s light. Down in the village, the same first light awakened Alice as she lay dreaming. Usually,...Read On


Pride and Prejudice and Fucking – Part the Second

More outrageous liberties taken with Jane Austen's characters

[The story so far: Elizabeth Darcy, nee Bennett, is staying at the house of her sister and brother-in-law, the Bingleys, while her own husband is away on business. Before they are parted, Elizabeth takes her husband’s member in her mouth for the first time, and is rewarded with a tasty mouthful. That night, Jane confesses that she and her husband had been watching this supposedly private...Read On


Pride and Prejudice and Fucking

My own contribution to that popular internet genre – adding explicit sex to Jane Austen!

“Pride and Prejudice” fans will recall that the main action of the story ends with the marriage of the heroine, Elizabeth Bennett, to Fitzwilliam Darcy, and of her sister Jane to Charles Bingley. The events in this story take place shortly after this happy event, when Elizabeth and Darcy are paying a visit to Netherfield, the home of Jane and Mr Bingley. Mr Darcy is due to travel away for...Read On


Editor's Pick

It's Behind You!

Who loves a Christmas pantomime? Oh yes, you do!

“Whoops, sorry!” Kevin felt himself blush involuntarily as he opened the dressing-room door and found himself confronted by the sight of Gary and Belinda going at it like a couple of rabbits. She was bracing herself against the table while Gary enthusiastically scuttled her from behind. The white blouse of her dirndl costume had been pulled right down, giving Kevin a full-frontal view of...Read On



Open Air Sex With Daddy, Mummy and Brother

Annie's first experience of incest involves her whole family

Every year since I can remember, our family used to take a camping holiday in the English Lake District. Some old university friends of mummy had a farm by Ennerdale Water, and they used to let us pitch our tents on a field down by the lake. It was great – we had the place to ourselves, and we could get basic provisions like fresh milk and eggs from the farm – it was like something out of...Read On


My Sex-Packed Holiday Part 6 – Incestuous Play With My Brother

I never thought I'd find myself sucking my brother's cock - or have him licking my pussy

I apologise for the delay since I last posted a chapter of this story. However, I have now written the final four episodes, so I’ll post them regularly over the next couple of months. Also, since most people have probably forgotten the events of the previous chapters, these are summarised below: On holiday in Devon with my parents and my brother Matt, we make friends with Abi and...Read On


My Sex-Packed Holiday Part 2 - Matt and Me

A direct sequel to Part 1. Warning - contains incestuous masturbation

I hurried up to the room that I was sharing with Matt and went straight into the en-suite bathroom, latching the door behind me. I looked at myself in the mirror. My body was still flushed and glowing, and I was a bit embarrassed to see how hard my nipples still were, poking out inside my bikini top. I slipped my top off, baring my breasts, then pulled down my bikini panties so I was naked....Read On



Inappropriate Behaviour

What’s better than a big black cock? How about two big black cocks? And some black pussy.

Regular readers of my sexual exploits will know that I’m a bit of a fan of Brighton’s nude beach, and I try to get down there from London a couple of times a year during the summer. I love the chance to just strip off and enjoy being naked in the company of other like-minded people. And if some of them want to enjoy the sight of my unclothed body, that’s fine with me. This summer, I...Read On



Girls on the Nudist Beach

A visit to a nudist beach leads to hot sex for two girl friends

“I just hope we don’t see anyone we know,” says Kate as we settle down on the train at Victoria. “Don’t worry,” replies Jess, “They’ll all be stuck indoors, wishing they were out here with us.” It’s a Thursday, and by rights we should all be studying like the good girls we aren’t; Kate at her History lectures; Jess at a Geography seminar; Lizzie swotting for a Chemistry practical; and...Read On

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Taking Penny Home

I thought I was seducing her, then she had a surprise for me...

I’d known Penny for several years, ever since she came to London from her native Australia and we met through a mutual friend. I’d always kind of fancied her, but as far as I’d been able to tell she wasn’t into girls, at least not in that sort of way. I’d dropped occasional hints, of course, but she’d never risen to the bait. But then one evening, that all changed. To cut a long story...Read On


My Sex-Packed Holiday Part 3 - Sally and Me

I rubbed my wet pussy against her breasts, leaving sticky smears of juice all over them.

I woke up in the morning feeling a bit dirty and sticky after the previous night’s shenanigans. I glanced over at Matt’s bed: he was still dead to the world, although judging by the bulge under the sheet he was going to wake up with a pretty impressive morning erection. I smiled to myself, tempted to lift the sheet and have a look, but decided against it. It wasn’t time to get up for...Read On


Seducing You

Unable to get you out of my mind

I have just got out of bed and am in the kitchen doing the washing-up in my bath-robe (nothing underneath) when you pad barefoot into the kitchen. You have been in the garden, and have slipped on only just enough clothes to keep you decent – a baggy old tank-top covering your unsupported breasts, and a pair of old denim shorts. The pale skin of your arms and legs is like delicate china....Read On

Love Poems(4)


Together: A Sonnet in 101 Words

Masturbation dreaming of an absent lover

Lying naked on my midnight bed, Curtains open, gazing at the moon. Fingers thrusting ‘tween my legs wide spread, Dreaming of the day I’ll see you soon. I close my eyes and see you, cock in hand, Staring at the same old moon and sky. Your penis throbbing, body fit and tanned, Pumping faster, ready to let fly. Frantic fingers circling on my clit, Coming with a cry, I gasp your name. ...Read On


My 101 Words

Sometimes, if you wait and have faith, you will get what you wish for

Tonight We’ll wait again, As we have every night Since you left. Curtains open, Letting in the moonlight, Naked bodies tense and alert, Listening, waiting, hoping For your steps at the door. We’ve almost given up When I hear it: soft tentative knock. I leap from the bed And sprint, a moonlit ghost; Those few seconds Between bed and door An eternity. And you are there. ...Read On


Just for You - Guys

You come to me in the night

It is dark   It is quiet I am curled up in my bed Just drifting off to sleep It is a warm night so I am naked Just a sheet covering my nudity All I can hear is my own steady breathing My mind is empty   Then I feel a little waft of cool air on my back As the sheet is raised off my body The mattress creaks gently As you slip into bed beside me I sense the warmth of you   ...Read On


Just for You - Girls

You come to me in the night

It is dark   It is quiet I am curled up in my bed Just drifting off to sleep It is a warm night so I am naked Just a sheet covering my nudity All I can hear is my own steady breathing My mind is empty   Then I feel a little waft of cool air on my back As the sheet is raised off my body The mattress creaks gently As you slip into bed beside me I sense the warmth of you   ...Read On



My Sex-Packed Holiday Part 2 – Masturbation With Matt

How my friend Matt and I came to watch each other masturbating

Still flushed after my experience with Abi, I hurried up to the room that I was sharing with Matt and went straight into the en-suite bathroom, latching the door behind me. I looked at myself in the mirror. My body was still flushed and glowing, and I was a bit embarrassed to see how hard my nipples still were, poking out inside my bikini top. I took my bikini off, and looked at my naked body...Read On


Reading His Story

Just a little story about playing out a fantasy for someone

Part One – Messages I came across his short stories on another fiction website on which I had posted some of my own stories. The one I read first, which I found really sexy, was about a man and a woman on a beach who expose themselves to each other and masturbate. There was also a similar one about two people on a train, and another where two people in a crowded train carriage masturbate...Read On



Educating Poppy - Part II

Taking the sexual games of "Educating Poppy Part I" to the next level

Next morning, Poppy’s on breakfast duty. She’s torn between wanting to see Don and Julie again, and feeling nervous about how she’d deal with it. She wonders if, in the cold light of day, they’ll regret being so forward with her the evening before, and will want to return to a more formal relationship, as appropriate between guests and staff. After she’s spent the whole of breakfast looking...Read On

Oral Sex(1)


My Sex-Packed Holiday – Chapter Six – A Blowjob and Some Pussy Licking

Watching the video we made the previous night gets Matt and I very aroused

Not surprisingly, Sally’s mum wanted to clean herself up before going to have some lunch and find her daughter, so I went back to my own room for another shower as well. While there, I pushed a couple of fingers up into my pussy, and wondered how on earth I’d managed to get my whole hand up inside Abi’s - not just five fingers, but right up to the wrist. I certainly couldn’t do it with mine;...Read On

Quickie Sex(3)


My Sex-Packed Holiday Part 7 – A Cider and a Quick Fuck

Maybe if I'd been wearing panties, it would never have happened...

I must have had a restless night, because when I woke up the next morning the top sheet was on the floor and I was sprawled naked on top of the bed with my legs apart, showing off everything I’d got. I smiled as I thought of Matt waking up and seeing me like that, and examined myself briefly for evidence of fresh semen, in case he hadn’t been able to resist jerking off over my naked body. But...Read On


Warm Rain, Hot Lusts

I pressed myself against him, as his hand moved up my bare thigh, under my skirt

“Oh my God, Jim, I’m so fucking wet! Give it to me now!” “No way, Annie, you should have brought your own umbrella.” “But it’s chucking it down! Look at me – I’m soaked already.” “Didn’t you read the weather forecast? They said there were going to be short, thundery rainstorms today. Like this one.” “But it’s baking hot,” I moaned. “It’s the middle of bloody August. How is it raining?” ...Read On


A Game of Hide and Seek

An innocent game has interesting consequences

“Are you sure you’ll be ok, Annie?” fussed my Mum, as my Dad picked up her suitcase to take it to the car. “And I hope you haven’t advertised your party on Facebook,” said my Dad with a smile. “I don’t want to switch on the TV in Devon and see our house going up in flames, with hundreds of drunken youths on the rampage in the street.” “Oh Dad, it’s only my best friends, honest,” I said....Read On

Straight Sex(8)


Wet Mountain

A chance meeting in the hills leads to outdoor sex

When I tell people I live in the far west of Ireland, out on the Dingle Peninsula, their first response is usually “You’re so lucky, that sounds lovely.” Then, when I’ve explained a bit more about it, and showed them where Cloghane is on a map, they change their tune slightly, and ask, “Doesn’t it get a bit boring?” To which my answer is invariably a variation on “no, not in the slightest.”...Read On

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Mixed Doubles

It was only ever meant to be a sporting partnership.

“You cannot be serious. Dean Bradley wants me to partner him? But he’s the world number 6.” “Yes, but he was number 1, remember. He’s slowing down now, he’s started playing more doubles, and he’s looking for a new partner. Apparently, he’s seen you in action and his coach thinks you two might just work well together.” Jennifer still couldn’t quite believe what her coach was telling her....Read On


Dude, Where are My Clothes?

Moral - Don't leave your clothes unattended, especially on a nudist beach!

The sun was shining brightly as I strolled along the Brighton seafront. The shingle beach was already full of families, although I’d always thought that Brighton’s lack of sand was a bit of a drawback if you were a kid – what was the point of the seaside if you couldn’t make sandcastles? But I wasn’t interested in sandcastles today: I just wanted to get down to the nudist area, get my kit...Read On


Don't You Just Love Jelly and Cream?

Alan squirted cream all over my tit, covering it in a great white mound

I looked at the state of the kitchen table and sighed. The aftermath of a children’s tea party is never a pretty sight, and this bunch of eight-year olds seem to have thrown as much jelly and ice-cream around as they’d eaten. But they’d had a good time, and now Alan’s parents had taken all ten of them to the cinema to see a film, which may or may not (I thought) calm them down a bit. Alan and...Read On


A Fuck at the Opera

A very grand night out turns into some grand sex

It all began one afternoon while I was sitting reading in the students' union coffee shop. I heard a voice I recognised. "Hi, Annie! Do you mind if I join you?" I looked up and saw Adam, a guy I knew vaguely through some other friends. I knew he was in his third year of a music degree, and he'd been to a party at our place a couple of weeks ago, where we'd had quite a long chat in the...Read On


Annie and the School-teachers Part 2

A sequel to Annie and the School-teachers - in which things go a lot further

“So do you really think they’ll be back again this week?” asked Mick, as he clambered over a dusty pile of carpet that lay in the middle of the store-room floor. “If Mr Nettleship discovers that I didn’t have a dental appointment this afternoon, I’ll be in detention for a week.” “Don’t worry” I said. “The way they were at each other last week, they’ll be here, I’m sure of it”. But secretly...Read On


A Fuck in Richmond Park

A true story about my boyfriend and me having sex outdoors

This all took place last summer in London, when I was going out with a sweet guy called Pete. He was really nice, and although we eventually went our separate ways, there were no hard feelings and I still see him occasionally. But that’s not really important to what I’m going to tell you about. Unlike most of my other stories, this is all true – for once, I’ve resisted the temptation to let...Read On


Steam Room Sex

Annie interrupts her friends in an intimate moment – and joins in

Between leaving school and starting at university, I managed to get a summer job as a waitress at a hotel on the north coast of Devon – beautiful location, right on the cliffs overlooking the Bristol Channel, and even with its own steps down to a quiet secluded little beach. It was a nice, friendly family-run business – quite posh, but small enough to make the guests feel at home – and all...Read On



Schoolgirl Dares with Sarah

Two schoolgirls playing dare in a public park

It was Friday afternoon, and neither Sarah nor I had any scheduled lessons. We were supposed to spend the time doing “private study” in the library, which could range from catching up on homework, revising for exams, or pretending to read the newspapers while texting our friends under the table. But once you were in the sixth form, you were supposed to be mature enough to manage your own...Read On


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Executive Toy

A purchase from the Lush store leads to unexpected fun in the office

I sighed, hit “send” on my email, and wondered if it was time for another trip across the road to Costa. The office was supposed to be air-conditioned, but it didn’t seem to be working today, just when it was most needed. It’s not that I was complaining about the hot weather, it’s just that I’d much rather be out sun-bathing than stuck at my computer all day. Suddenly I heard a voice...Read On



My Sex-Packed Holiday Part 1 - Abi and Me

I watch my friends having sex - then get caught in the act

The summer before I started at university, I went on a last summer seaside holiday with my mum and dad. We went to a lovely village on the North Devon coast where we’d been a few times before, but since it was probably going to be our last proper “family holiday”, we up-graded ourselves and booked into a rather swish hotel right on the cliffs, with its own private steps leading straight down to...Read On


My Sex-Packed Holiday Part 4 - We Make a Porno Movie

The erotic delights of filming two people fucking

That evening, when we went down to dinner, we saw Sally sitting by herself in the lounge with an orange juice. “Where’s your mum, Sally?” I asked. “You’re not going to believe this, but she’s not going to be back tonight,” said Sally with a big grin. “She phoned about an hour ago, and said she’d drunk so much wine with her friend Charlotte that she’s not in a fit state to drive back!...Read On


Annie and the School-teachers

A story from my schooldays - a bit voyeuristic!

To be honest, I was feeling pretty fed up that Wednesday afternoon. I had twisted my ankle the day before, and although it wasn’t that serious, it meant that I wasn’t able to go on the usual cross-country run with the rest of the sixth form. I liked cross-country. Although I wasn’t much of a long-distance runner, the chance to get off the school premises for an afternoon made it good for a...Read On



Watersports with my Girlfriend

Two young lesbians enjoy some outdoor peeing and masturbation - you have been warned!

This story is written for, and dedicated to, my very special darling Vikka   I’m waiting full of anticipation when you get off the train, and my heart leaps when I see you standing at the end of the platform, your bag in your hand. I resist the temptation to run down the platform and leap into your arms, because maybe that wouldn’t be very dignified, even though that’s what I want to do....Read On


A Little Pee Game

A very short story about a bit of pee fun

I like going out with you. I feel happy being seen with you because you are so pretty and I’m sure anyone who sees us together will be envious of me, being with someone as cute as you. I never mind anyone else eyeing you up, because I know you’re mine and I’m yours and we don’t want or need anyone else. So that means I can relax and enjoy myself and have fun and just enjoy being with you. ...Read On


An Accident on a Train

Another story for my dear Lush lover, Vikka

We’ve had a lovely evening up in town, a nice meal followed by drinks in a pub. It’s your turn to drive back from the station, so you’ve just had a glass of wine with your meal and have been on the coca-cola since then. But I’ve not been holding back, and I’ve glugged back several pints of rather tasty ale. I’ve been sticking to the low-strength stuff, only 3.8 ABV, so I don’t think I’m going...Read On