Fun in the Jacuzzi

A night in the jacuzzi that I will never forget

This is my first story guys so go easy on me... My name is Adam. I'm 6 feet tall with black hair and piercing blue eyes. I have always been fit and as a result I have a toned, muscled physique. I have always been intrigued by the thought of being with two girls at the same time. Little did I know, my fantasy would soon come true. It was our graduation party and almost everybody from my...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)


Dressing room fantasy

Who knew shopping could be so much fun...

  My name is Sam, I'm about 5 feet tall with long blonde hair and green eyes and 34C tits. My boyfriend Danny is about 6 feet tall with short black hair and dreamy brown eyes. We were bored one afternoon, so I convinced him to take me underwear shopping. It had always been a fantasy of mine to fuck Danny in a public place, but I've never said this to him before. We went out and I was wearing...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Take Me Home, Country Road

A ride in the country I will never forget...

I was about twenty when I decided I wanted to leave my country in search of a better life abroad. I always knew I wanted to go to America. I'd seen a lot of movies where they showed the country life and how amazing it looked over there. I should probably tell you that I'm a city girl, but I've always had a love for the outdoors. Two weeks later I found myself at the airport, ready to say...Read On