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Topic My girlfriend
Posted 11 Jun 2013 09:14

Hey everyone, looking for someone to write a story about my girlfriend Charlie :)
30 yrs old, 36dd, brunette, round nice ass, nice toes, adores big cock, likes to be watched, any takers?

Topic My girlfriend
Posted 09 Aug 2012 21:07

She normally reads them before I fuck her, I was talking to her today about a dream i had where she got used as a holdall for men to cum in and I said that I'd be interested in hearing what different people would do to her. I could write one myself but we wanted to see where others took it - from a strangers point of view.
Thanks for the welcome - enjoying already.

Topic My girlfriend
Posted 09 Aug 2012 20:47

Hi everyone, we're new here today.
We're not entirely sure how this works but thought we'd see what it's all about.

My girlfriend, Anna, is a bit of a slut and gets off on forceful sex, gangbangs and so on. She reads a lot of stories and I have to be honest, she delves in to the weird quite often. I wondered if any of you lovely members could maybe write a few lines or even a story about what you'd do to her if you got a hold of her.

She often talks about how cool it would be if she was to be tied up and used as a cum disposal for strangers. Honestly, this turns me on quite a lot!!

She's average build, d cup tits, amazing nipples, great ass and a pussy that sometimes feels like she's already had her fill of dick in life. I like it that way though.

She will read everything you write so do what you do.