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At times I may be quiet and reserved and then at others teasing, flirty or dirty.
I quite enjoy the art of flirting; the act of driving someone to the edge of control. Watching as they unravel before me is...fascinating. Did I mention I'm no angel?

Attraction is a funny thing, and in a place like this its entirely linked to the mind. I enjoy people who are articulate, humorous, with a mile wide dirty streak. Add in a dash of attitude and a little sprinkle of the ridiculous and we will get along wonderfully.

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24 Jun 2018 11:51
my family, photography, gardening, running and anything to do with summer and the beach.
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I lose myself when I read. I enjoy most genres and read anything I can get my hands on
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I'm a true girl, nothing better than a chick flick and I'm not ashamed to admit it
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anything with a beat that makes my toes tap and my hips sway. I often find myself dancing around the kitchen without even realising how it happened


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21 May 2011
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Topic: Story behind your avatar
Posted: 28 Apr 2016 14:26

Mine is a pic I took to tease a friend. Served its purpose

Topic: what's on your t-shirt?
Posted: 04 Apr 2016 03:04


Topic: What makes you irresistible ?
Posted: 30 Mar 2016 17:06

I don't think that anyone is ever irresistible, it rests entirely with others and what they perceive as attractive.
Often times it can be something we are entirely unaware of that captivates another. In fact, I believe, that it's actually that unawareness (lol is that even a word?) that draws people in. That complete lack of artifice that disarms people and captures their interest.

So long story short, what is it about me that is captivating? I have no idea, but whatever it is I hope that I never lose it.

Topic: The Rage Cage
Posted: 03 Feb 2016 19:52

Damn it damn it damn it
Stop talking to me like I'm some gulable fool.
You think that by just telling me that this was done with the best intentions for my daughter wil make me go away?
Wrong! So very wrong.
I will be watching and I will become your worst nightmare if I find you've lied to me!

There had better be some steller results or signs of improvement in the next few months or I won't hesitate to unleash the festering ball of anger I've currently got bubbling away inside me.

Topic: Lush Photographers, Post "Your" Photos Here
Posted: 17 Oct 2015 14:05

Love the light coming through this one, you've really captured that mystical hour well

Topic: Lush Photographers, Post "Your" Photos Here
Posted: 17 Oct 2015 06:24

Just one from my phone. Still have to wade through nearly 3000 from my camera

Topic: Who do you attract?
Posted: 08 Feb 2015 12:27

Women from all walks of life, however it's been over confident blonde Aussie girls for some reason.

<img src="/images/emoticons/love7.gif" alt="love7">

blinks slowly and glances over my shoulder in bewilderment and points at my chest

Do you mean me?

sashays off slowly

<img src="/images/emoticons/evil6.gif" alt="evil4">

Topic: Who do you attract?
Posted: 07 Feb 2015 17:13

One or two. Want me to send them your way? (btw, I kind of hate you. Kind of love you too. Let's see which one wins. ;) )

Love you too, chicken lips

Topic: Who do you attract?
Posted: 07 Feb 2015 16:28

don't forget cute american blonde girls :)

Ahhh, those ones are my favourite <img src="/images/emoticons/love7.gif" alt="love7"> do you know any? <img src="/images/emoticons/evil6.gif" alt="evil4">

Topic: Who do you attract?
Posted: 07 Feb 2015 15:06

I tend to attract men across all spectrums
Although the slightly nerdy, quieter guys seems to outnumber the jocks by a small margin.

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Tom sighed moodily, nudged a shell with his foot and glanced at his watch; he swore he could see the hands stop and shudder backwards. “Bloody hell,” he muttered under his breath. He heard himself sigh again and swore, “Fuck, I sound like a bloody sixteen year old girl.” Bending, he scooped up a small stone feeling its smooth contours with the pad of his thumb before heaving it out to...

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“You look like shit!” Paris peered over her sunglasses and took in Tom’s seedy appearance. The heavy eyes, tousled hair and dark stubble that shadowed the ridge of his jaw could lead to only one conclusion - he hadn’t been home last night. Her lips pursed as she blew the foam from her cappuccino. “And you’re late. Again.” A small burst of air raised a chestnut curl from in front of...

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I lay in my marriage bed last night. My beloved breathing deeply beside me; his slow, even breaths a constant reminder of his trust, and I dreamt of you. Dreamt of your fingertips owning my soul. Dreamt of your hands; hard and rough, digging into the softness of my flesh. Controlling, demanding... My body aches, and my small breasts heave; the tips swollen and hard, desperately...

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Cynthia felt a single droplet of sweat trek its way slowly down the valley of her spine. Her unbound breasts shifted slightly beneath the cream lace of her top and her nipples, flushed a dark obscene red, thrust proudly against and almost through the tightly stretched cotton. She plucked determinedly at the aching tips and smirked with satisfaction when they finally protruded through the...

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Lost for the moment in her own thoughts, Larissa ignored the icy wind as it teased a tendril of blonde hair from the chignon caught low on her slim neck, and sent it dancing across her cheek and into her eyes. Larissa shivered and clasped her woolen coat tighter to her slim frame, but not before the cold wind managed to work its way under the fur trimmed collar, eliciting a shiver as...

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Eyes wide with shock, Lisa’s head whipped around at the sound of shattering glass; the object having hurtled past her shoulder and collided with the door frame. “Don’t you walk out on me Lisa, I’m not finished talking about this,” the edgy frustration in Jason’s voice was evident as he stood just inside the dimly lit bedroom. “You did not just throw that!” Lisa hissed furiously, her...

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Co-written with the delectable Sweet as Candy Red tipped fingers danced on the steering wheel in time to the heavy base, pounding from the speakers, as the wind whipped blonde ringlets into Lyra's mouth. With a grin, she scooped her hair into a messy ponytail at the base of her head. It was a small price to pay to have the roof down, she thought. Impatiently Lyra gunned the engine, and as...

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Heart and Soul

You You bury deep into my soul, to that secret spot that craves being wanted. You make that twisted place, that wants to fight and rail against being taken and fucked, curl up and mewl in wanton need. I shed my inhibitions for you. Spread my thighs wide for you, dare you, tease you. Make me yours. Drive every thought but those of you, from my mind. Do you understand what this does to...

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Spent Passion

The heady aroma of spent passion lays thick in the air. As she breaths deeply, his musky scent surrounds her. She can smell him on her body, the taste of him still on her tongue. Her fingers are sticky with the residue of his lust. She loves the taste of him and she savours the flavour of his sex as the tip of her tongue darts out to taste. Sucking one fingertip at a time she slides her...

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The power of touch

It’s been several days since you’ve been to see me and we rest quietly on my bed. Sprawling naked and relaxed, intimately linked together by the casual placement of our bodies. You wrap your arm loosely around my shoulder, settling my head onto your chest while gently cupping the back of my head, fingers sifting through my blonde hair. I can feel your lips pressing kisses against my hair....

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