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23 Jul 2016 05:49

03 Jul 2016 06:07

16 May 2016 05:52

11 May 2016 16:47

Yes please

25 Apr 2016 02:38

I miss writing.
I miss that creative surge, the joy of tinkering with words to paint the images that float through my mind.
I really need to carve out some time to feed my passions

11 Oct 2015 03:58

22 Jan 2015 12:05

Chp 2

21 Jan 2015 01:35

Part 2 of my first series, What price, curiosity.

21 Jan 2015 01:06

Part 2 of my first series, What price, curiosity.
Coming soon

12 Dec 2014 00:44

What is the price of curiosity? Paris may just find out in my first series, "What price, curiosity?"

28 May 2014 04:58

25 May 2014 21:04

Improving. And what's better trying to write.
Starting to feel like myself again

15 May 2014 15:24

I'm signing off for a while.
Things require attention.

15 Apr 2014 21:52

14 Apr 2014 15:21

I'm awaiting that moment when the peace is broken and all hell breaks loose

27 Feb 2014 23:02

I found my mood, it was hiding in my knicker draw

03 Feb 2014 04:31

09 Jan 2014 03:36

I'm home.
Did you miss me?

03 Dec 2013 03:17

I can't put into words my gratitude to those that have awarded my story, 'Midnight dreams and filthy little secrets', an EP.

I'm completely floored and humbled by your recognition.
From the bottom of my heart
I thank you.

Psst, look at the little gold beauty, ain't it pretty.

23 Nov 2013 13:29

It's finished!

Midnight dreams and filthy little secrets.

Have a listen or read, whatever your preference, but please, I'd love your honest thoughts

11 Nov 2013 06:15

Midnight dreams and filthy little secrets

I lay in my marriage bed last night. My beloved breathing deeply beside me; his slow, even breaths a constant reminder of his trust, and I dreamt of you.

Dreamt of your fingertips owning my soul.
Dreamt of your hands; hard and rough, digging into the softness of my flesh. Controlling, demanding...

Story and audio coming soon

08 Nov 2013 05:58

12 Oct 2013 16:45

23 Sep 2013 13:48

What a day to run the Sydney marathon, just look at the view from the top of the bridge as I ran over the top looking at the finish line, a quick little 42km away.
My first marathon completed in the time i set for myself and I'm extremely happy with that result.
Thank you to all my friends who cheered me along

19 Aug 2013 21:15

My newest story.
I hope you enjoy

19 Aug 2013 14:54

19 Aug 2013 08:01

12 Aug 2013 08:31

tap, tap, tap

fingers on my keyboard.
I love when a story just writes itself

10 Aug 2013 00:51

Out for Saturday night drinks

Black skirt, thigh high split
Cream shirt with plunging neckline
Thigh high black boots, killer heel
Black lace bra
Hmmm I've forgotten something

Oops no nickers

30 Jul 2013 22:56

A small glimpse of my newest story to come

“Now, let’s start that again, shall we. Please tell me exactly what is it you think you’re doing in my bar?” while he spoke his fingers gently returned to jutting bones of her neck, hypnotically tracing small circles across the fragile bones. “Come on baby girl, you weren’t so shy ten minutes ago when you flashed your bare cunt to the poor boy in the lobby, or exposed yourself to the woman in the restrooms, and we won’t mention the fact that my poor barman is walking around with a perpetual hard on from looking at these for the last half an hour,” he chuckled softly as his fingertips flickered across the lace encrusted tips. “My, my, you have been a busy girl, haven’t you!”