Fantasy Fulfilled

Best boyfriend ever fulfills my biggest fantasy.

I’m walking to my car at night when, all of a sudden, I’m grabbed, blindfolded, and handcuffed. I’m half dragged half walked to a vehicle. I hear the car door open and am pushed inside. I beg to be let go but only get the response of the radio being turned up. After driving awhile, the car is put in park and the door is opened. I’m roughly dragged out of the car and forced inside a house....Read On


A Present Turns into Punishment

She wanted to surprise him for his birthday but he surprised her.

I woke up dazed and confused. When I fell asleep, I was bound to the bed post, gagged, cuffed, and wearing only my collar. Now I find myself on my bed, wrists red and raw from the cuffs, my throat sore and dry, and a blanket over my naked form. Was it a dream that my Master had moved me? My master had every right to punish me. I had disobeyed his rules. Sorry I’m getting a bit ahead of myself. ...Read On



A Memorial Surprise

They celebrate a Memorial weekend neither will forget!

Oh my gosh! Did that really just happen? I look over and smile seeing your face. Yup! It did. I smile to myself and drift off to sleep replaying the events. It's Memorial Day weekend. Our parents have decided to leave us home alone while they go off on a second honeymoon. I'm not complaining. You are smoking hot! Standing at about 5' 10", 180 lbs. of toned muscle, military cut brown hair,...Read On

Love Poems(3)



Another day. Another tear. Another guy. Another fear. Turned down and turned away Was there anything left to say? Not the kind of girl to hide I have my looks. I have my pride. I’m not the kind of girl to care. But it felt so nice when you stroked my hair The feel of your fingers on my skin The deep breaths you made me take in The heat and passion that you awoke It was...Read On


I See

When I felt invisible you saw

I see you every day, I see you every night. I see you when I feel joy, I see you when I feel fright. I see the way you look at me. I see the way you sigh. I see the way you look deep down, I let you see me cry. I see how much I care for you. I see how much I love. I see how much you make me shine, Like the wings of a dove. You saw me when you said hello You never said goodbye You saw me when...Read On



How good can you pretend?

I can pretend that it never happened. I can pretend that it doesn't hurt. I can pretend that I'm happy. I can pretend that you meant nothing to me. I can just keep on pretending and lying to my heart. But it takes a toll. The lies and the tricks only break my heart a little more each time. I can pretend that I don't care if you notice. I can pretend that I don't care if you see. I can...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Valentine's to Remember

For once I had a reason to celebrate Valentine's Day.

(This is a true story while some small details have been changed to protect the "not so innocent".) February 14, 2014 Valentine’s Day and I’m stuck working a 12-hour shift. I look at my watch and start counting down the hours until my break. I’m just dying to check my phone. This is my first Valentine’s Day that I actually could have plans. If only I could check my damn phone. I...Read On