A Night Out With the Girls

Michelle Gets a Much Needed Break

Michelle sat at the booth with a Jack and Coke. Her friends from work had persuaded her to come out for a few drinks. While they raised the roof, getting louder and drunker, she nursed her drink quietly. She didn’t feel like getting foolish and boisterous, but she did need some release. Between the long hours at her new job and taking care of the kids and her husband at home, she was...Read On

Erotic Poems(2)


A Sexy Break

Long, long day in the office Paperwork piling up Phone interruptions Coworkers walking in. No chance to even finish a thought.  I close my eyes. A loud hum clouding my brain. My head down at my desk. I so need a break from all of this.  Please take me away. I hear my office door lock. Footsteps walking toward me. Smelling that sexy perfume you wear. I lift my head. Like an...Read On


Back to the Light

Staring out the window Drizzling, gloomy fog sets in Too many hours of gray today Too much time in thought On clearer days, I see the possible On these days, I feel emptiness   Before being sucked into the darkness Your face appears in the back of my mind Thoughts of springtime The bursting purple of irises The glowing promise of buttercups and daffodils  The shining warmth of...Read On



Camryn's Dive Trip

Needing relief from a hectic life.

I needed an escape from my crazy life at work and my “too good to be true” guy in Vegas. It felt like the world was closing in on me a bit. I needed some release. Every year my mom, sisters and I, and sometimes some extended family make a trip to St John's Island for two weeks of fun and relaxation in the warm sun and clear tropical waters. For this trip, it would just the four of us girls....Read On

Group Sex(6)


Big Fun in the Big Easy

Michelle has a fun night on the town.

It was Michelle's first trip to the Big Easy. She had always wanted to see New Orleans, so when her boss offered to send her there to a conference, she jumped at the chance. The whole week had been wall-to-wall meetings and seminars which left very little time to see the sights. Michelle decided to blow off the last day and join a few other ladies from the conference on a guided tour of...Read On


Still Too Good to Be True in Vegas

Camryn's friend Brandi has her own Vegas experience.

Camryn smiled and went out to the deck. There was a lovely spread of scrambled eggs, bacon, bagels and fresh fruit. As she nibbled on a bagel, she noticed that Charles’ suite was adjacent to a secluded part of the hotel’s adults-only pool called “Bare”. As she looked through the fencing, she realized she could see out but no one could see her. She could see a few scantily clad beauties....Read On


The Joy of Skinnydipping

A refreshing way to end a hot, grueling hike.

Kitty wondered why she thought today, of all days, was the right day for a hike in the woods. She had gotten off to a late start and had found herself trekking through this wooded path on the hottest day of the year, during the hottest part of the day. She had plenty of water, but the beating sun was still taking its toll on her athletic body. Her tank top and sports bra were soaked...Read On


Ashton's Next Step

Ashton's husband may have finally tired of her games.

Ashton sat in a booth at the back of the lounge finishing her second Long Island Iced Tea and wondering if she would always remember today as the day when her three-year marriage died. Just thirty minutes ago, she had a terrible argument with her husband Chris. She had convinced him to take her to this posh hotel for a weekend of uninhibited sexual fun, but after getting to the room,...Read On


An Amazing Vacation 2

Alan gets an even bigger surprise.

Alan Bryant woke up the next morning alone. Had the previous day been all just a wonderful dream? Did he actually enjoy the best sex of his life with a gorgeous, young blond woman half his age? Although it felt like a dream, the evidence of strewn bedding and clothing suggested that it was no dream. It was definitely real. He shouldn’t have expected to see Casey by him when he woke...Read On


Lover's Reunion 2

Deb lay curled up on the bed asleep. As I watched her breathing, I smiled. She looked so beautiful and peaceful after our sexy night last night. I stroked her curly blond hair while reflecting on last night. Watching my sexy lover lick Lenore’s wet pussy, remembering the way she moaned when I pounded her ass. I started getting hard again. I had let her sleep for a few hours, but I knew...Read On




A sudden storm changes their relationship.

Leland Turner sat in his office grading essays from his spring semester American Lit class. Most of the work was pretty dismal with muddled thinking or just poor writing, but one essay stood out. This student had caught Mr. Turner’s attention with her sharp mind and talented writing skills. She had also caught his attention with her stunning beauty and bubbly personality. Her name was...Read On


Ashton's New Game

Sexy Ashton has a new scenario for her husband.

The card I found on my office desk said, “Room 783 at the Carrington Hotel at 7:30 sharp.” That was the only thing scribbled on the note Ashton left on my pillow. I had no idea what to expect. Ashton has been setting up these wild, sexy scenarios for us for over a year now. Each scenario playing on some fantasy that Ashton and I had shared. I scanned my brain trying to come up with clue...Read On


A Surprise at the Pool

A surprising encounter with a gorgeous young black woman.

I was on my last lap at the local pool. It was my standard twenty lap finish to my workout. As I took the last stroke, and as my fingertips touched the wall, I looked up and saw the sexiest young woman I have ever seen. She had a lean swimmer’s body with ample breasts that were just begging to be caressed. Her firm nipples were prominently jutting out from her conservative, but sexy...Read On

Love Poems(34)


No Swimsuits Tonight

Bubbles churning up a frothy mist. Steam rising into the clear night sky. Stars shining. Full moon glowing. A scorching summer day giving way to a comfortable summer night. I slip into our hot tub. Letting the current sooth my tired muscles. Waiting for you to join me. Knowing I'll be rewarded for my patience. I position myself so I can watch you come outside. You appear in only a towel....Read On


A Faded Valentine

A faded valentine. An aching memory in the shadows. Remembering when you were all mine. Your fingertips on my skin. Touching me in many places. Tender, passionate kisses missed. Tasting the faint sweetness of your lips. Longing for your closeness and caresses. Thinking of missed chances. Thinking of your angelface. Stolen moments throughout this day. Playing those mental "what if" games....Read On


Sunrise Delight

Morning afterglow soothes me Rousing from my doze Shower running Steam escaping under the bathroom door Thoughts of our early morning hours A walk up the windy beach Getting our feet wet in the surf Kissing. Laughing. Holding. Seeing the beach house in the distance Racing playfully Giggling more than running I let you win and we embrace on the front porch Not wanting the hug to ever end...Read On


Migraine Treatment

Your head throbs.  The pounding sapping your strength. We know the only treatment that really helps. I take your hand and we head to bed. I help you off with your clothes and remove mine. Cloaking the room in total darkness. Your soft cheek rests against my bare chest. Our naked bodies nestling. I kiss the top of your head. You sigh and I can feel your tensions easing. You've told me...Read On


Valentine Getaway

Looking into your lovely eyes. Seeing that the Mai Tai is starting to take effect. Your cheeks warming as your body embraces the alcohol. You're laughing easily. Relaxing. Batting those sexy eyes at me. Impulsively, you take off your t-shirt. Your body bathed only in the firelight. The lucky flames illuminating your bare breasts. I reach for you. Touching you. Your nipples stiffen. Excited. ...Read On


Happy Birthday, Buttercup

You wake up. Well rested after a restful doze. No alarm clock today for my gorgeous birthday girl. You hear me walking down the hall with your breakfast in bed. Our tradition. A gift we give each other. As you nibble your scrambled eggs and admire your single purple rose, I tell you of our day ahead. A short walk to the park. A little picnic and a Paisley concert. You grin all...Read On


A Last Lake Weekend

Loving our little secluded lake house Stealing the little summer we have left One last weekend before fall madness Sunshine warming my bare shoulders Sounds only from rippling waters Lapping into the side of the dock. My line in the water. The bobber floating aimlessly Not the least noticeable sign of a nibble. I look down into the cold, clear water Seeing my reflection as sharply as a...Read On


Heated Pool

Leaving work early to meet you at the pool. Needing to beat this awful heat. Driving quickly. Sweat dripping down the back of my neck. Hurriedly changing into my trunks. Catching my reflection in the mirror. Not as trim as I once was, but you'd never complain. Showering. Thinking about seeing you in the pool. Scanning the chaotic scene for you. Kids doing underwater handstands. Moms tending...Read On


Snow Shower

Winter wind biting my face My work gloves doing little to stop the cold After an hour of shoveling snow, I surrender. I see you watching me through the window. I wave and lose my balance, falling in a two foot drift. You rush to me. Helping me up. Brushing the snow from my coat. Helping in the house. Ushering me in front of the blazing fire. "You're chilled to the bone," you say. You help me...Read On


A Princess Waits

The princess sat patiently in her handmaid's cottage. Although only a short distance from the castle walls, her mind was miles and miles away. She thought of him coming to her. Although she belonged to another, and she truly loved the prince, she would always only long for her knight. The prince cared for her but knew not how to express it. She needed the knight's strong arms and caring...Read On


Afternoon Nap

My eyes blink open and I turn to you. You're still asleep, restfully serene. I reach out. My hand glides down your back The subtle contour of your spine. So perfect, so well designed. You sigh quietly and I pray I don't wake you. Just a few more minutes to touch your perfection. I push the covers back to marvel at your soft skin. My hand moves over your bottom. I grin because you think...Read On


Only Words

Some say I have a way with words. When I'm feeling good about myself, I might even agree. But there are times when I fail, Far too many times. I trip and stumble, and fall flat on my face. I forget to express just how much you mean to me. I lose confidence or focus, or that piece of humanity I need. I forget just how special and precious you truly are, How what we have is so tender and...Read On


Making a Memory

A kiss for luck as I climb shakily into the saddle. Your smile giving me the confidence I need. You look so at home and so at ease. The bright sun makes the beach golden. We sit atop your chestnut ponies. Walking them slowly. Wet hoof prints scuffling through the sand. They wait patiently for our cue. We talk and laugh. I've never seen your angelface light up this way. So full of joy. We...Read On


Storm Surge

Skies threatening. Ominous dark clouds roll in quickly. Walking headlong into the wind. Holding your hand. Fingers interlaced. Wet sand blowing in our faces. The waves roar and crash into the shoreline. Seagulls cry out warnings. Wrapping my arm around your shoulder. Bracing against it all. So assured when you're with me. Able to face the world. No matter what it throws at us. Finding...Read On


Spring Snuggle

Gazing skyward. Billowy clouds floating lazily by. Our blanket resting in a field of wildflowers. Purples, blues, yellows surround us in a blur. Bumble bees murmuring. Gossiping about our spring snuggle. The meadow breeze is just enough To cool the first warm April sunshine. You on your back. Eyes closed. Grinning. Nearly giggling with delight. Me on my side. Next to you always. Caressing...Read On


Goodnight Kisses

Waking to the sound of the shower running. Running my hand over your side of the bed. Feeling that it is still warm. Making me smile contentedly. Thinking about the love we made last night. Starting innocently with a few soft goodnight kisses. Embers smoldered as the kisses became more intense. You knew that each kiss would only make me want you more. Pulling you on top of me. Looking into...Read On



Staring out over the lake Mist rising off of the rippling water Sitting on the deck Coffee in hand Wondering Are you on the other side? Are you looking my way? Are you hoping I'll be looking for you? I take my coffee here every morning I won't stop coming here I need to believe you are looking back Hoping for just a glimpse of your angelface Not minding the coolness of the morning...Read On


Moonlight Swim

A late night swim Just you and me Silently slicing through the lake Smooth strokes in unison Moving together in perfect rhythm Moonlight shimmers the surface The cool night air refreshes after a long, hot day Only the sound of crickets chirping And the splashes of our arms and legs To break the stillness Our clothes in a heap on the bank We are so free. So comfortable. So calm. Always...Read On


Time Out

A poem for you.

Walking down the jetway A million emotions churning Anticipating our first face to face As I step into the terminal Scanning the crowd I see a silly cardboard sign “Hiya Wes” I laugh out loud My eyes lock onto your angelface Both of us smiling widely Only we know the inside joke I nearly trip over my carry-on Rushing into your arms We embrace like...Read On


Neverending Kiss

Standing with you at the water's edge Face to face. Your hands are in mine Squeezing gently. The waves are gently lapping at our ankles. Looking into your angel eyes Both of us smiling. Like we know a secret that no one else knows. The warm breeze is a rhythmic and welcome change It only took a few hours to get here by plane But this place seems like a million miles from where we have...Read On


Our Valentine's Date

Gazing at you across the table A small votive flickering This seaside restaurant has always been our favorite The sun is setting and the sky is ablaze Orange. Purple. Gray. The dusky light over the water is mesmerizing. The waves hammer the windy shoreline violently. I reach across and take your warm hand in mine Your touch sends a jolt of electricity through me Just as it did the first...Read On


Winter Chill

Crispy orange leaves are falling. The threat of snow looms ominously. So glad you and I are inside on this bitter afternoon. Daylight quickly turns to darkness. The wind moans forbiddingly. The power flickers, then dies abruptly. We work together to push the loveseat in front of the hearth. The fireplace is our only illumination. You grab our favorite blanket. We both look at each other...Read On


Perfect Dream

I love our afternoon naps. The sleeping is restful, but it’s not the best part. It’s waking up next to you, but before you do. Your dark hair partially covers your sweet face. Brushing it gently away, and an angel appears. As you lay on your tummy, dreaming, snoring softly. I feel so lucky to have you as part of my life. Pulling the sheet back off of your shoulders. ...Read On


Upside Down Kisses

Looking at you from this angle Always makes me smile. You, on your back, looking up at me. Me, looking down at your pretty Upside down face. Kissing the tip of your nose. Both of us... So relaxed. So close. So alive. So in the moment. I brush your soft hair away from Your sexy, warm eyes. You smile and sigh happily. I lean down and kiss your mouth. Softly at first, then deeper. You nibble...Read On



Strolling down by the river, near our favorite little waterfall. The bubbling waters and crisp fall air feel so refreshing. Cleansing our lungs and our minds. We walk hand in hand, smiling. Stopping to pick a few Purple Hearts and buttercups just for you. The clouds begin to roll in and threaten. The wind blusters, causing us to huddle together. Neither of us minding the closeness a bit. As...Read On


Taking the Time

Realizing how important a true connection can be.

I know there are lots of reasons why we shouldn't. But this connection between us just can't be ignored. You move me in ways that I just can't describe. You've opened a part of my heart that No one has ever touched before. Your beauty both inside and outside Reminds me just how lovely life can truly be. I know how much you care about me. You cheer my even my smallest successes And sooth my...Read On


Loving Sundays

Longing for the fall

A crisp fall Sunday Sitting on the couch with you Cuddling under a blanket Keeping us both toasty warm The rain and wind raging Knocking down the last of the pretty leaves We share an over-sized mug of coffee. You nestle against my chest I kiss the top of your head and sigh most contentedly You twist so your back is against me You grab the coffee mug and blow the coffee cooler Watching...Read On



Finding the right words

Twenty thousand feet above the ground. Sitting in my window seat, seat belts fastened. Lovely scenery whizzing by, but all of my thoughts are of you. The last time, we talked we had a misunderstanding. Not a fight or overly harsh words, just some bent feelings. Now I can't contact you until we land, and the wait is killing me. Wanting to tell you I'm sorry that I wasn't clearer. Wanting to...Read On


Morning Breezes

Crisp white sheets caressing our naked bodies. Your head resting on my chest as I wake. Your finger traces circles into the hair on my stomach. I run my fingers through your soft locks. We sigh in unison. More content than ever. The sea breeze blows through the open window. The morning sun sneaks through a small slit in the curtains. A beam illuminates your warm face. You look up, smile into...Read On


Her Perfection

She doesn't see what I see. She only sees her flaws. This is too big. That is too small. It's all just nonsense to me. She's always too hard on herself. Trying to quell the pain inside. Hiding silently like a wounded bird. Resting, trying to find the strength to fly. It's the yearning hurt that she feels that makes me want to hold her, to comfort her. Her angel face. Her caring eyes. Her...Read On


The Wall Between Us

Is the end result worth the journey?

There is a wall between us. It is much too wide to walk around. And at first glance, it seems too high to climb. And yet, we have climbed it many times. You on your side. And me on mine. Straining, stretching, reaching, climbing, and ultimately making a connection at the top. When we touch, we find joy and light and magic and revel in the beauty of just being together. Inevitably though,...Read On


Time Together

The storm's intensity cannot match their intensity.

Seaspray explodes off of the rocky shoreline and sheets of course sand blow. Holding you in my arms, we watch through the window as the waves crash. Our faces tingling as they warm after our walk on the windy beach. Saying nothing. Not needing to. Just enjoying the intensity of the storm outside. Our bodies so close together, drawing heat from the feelings with both share, and the roaring...Read On


Next Thursday

A random meeting leads to a meaningful connection.

We see each other every Thursday. Meeting at the local aquarium, as it's become our special place. She stands across the darkened room. Her angel face bathed in the light from the mammoth tank of sea creatures. I love the sense of wonder and serenity on her face as she watches the fish glide by. She never fails to make me smile. She looks across the room and we make eye contact like we...Read On


Birthday Bath

A wonderful way to end a birthday celebration.

The tub faucet drips slowly and steadily as steam fills the room. The room’s only light is one candle for every year of your birth. Your back lies comfortably against my chest. Our breathing is relaxed and deep. Your eyes are closed as I watch a bead of perspiration trickle off your shoulder and down your back. I kiss the bead and begin nuzzling your shoulder. Your eyes open gently and...Read On

Love Stories(8)



They saved each other that day.

Becca lay on her side in front of the fireplace. He lay right behind her, caressing her hip, moving his chest into her back. They were both naked with the only light from the room being the flames from the flickering fire. He reached around and caressed her full breast, teasing her nipple gently between his fingers. She smiled and sighed contentedly, knowing that he wanted her. This day...Read On


A Misty Holiday

Misty's holiday season is looking up.

Misty left her third department store frustrated. The advertised sales weren't really as great as she thought they would be. She hoped that this late November shopping trip would get her holiday season off on the right track, but it was beginning to look like this year was going to be another holiday disaster. To top off her miserable trip, the weather was lousy. The wind blew sheets of rain...Read On


Making Kay's Fantasy Come True

Lovers who love pleasing each other.

Kay sat on the sofa in her apartment, waiting for her boyfriend Zack to get home from work. She sat there naked, with her legs spread wide. Her right hand draped across her body, caressing her left breast. Her left hand slowly stroked her wet pussy. She and Zack had be living together for a few months. There relationship was very sexually charged from the start. She loved Zack sensitivity....Read On


Lily's Revenge

Angela's life would never be the same again.

Lily despised Angela Menafee ever since the day the Menafees moved in next door to Lily and her parents. From day one, Angela was rude and obnoxious to everyone in the neighborhood, but especially to Lily. Angela was the type that seemed to think the world revolved around her and that everyone should bow at her feet. Everyone included Angela’s husband Adam. Adam was a kind, polite and quiet...Read On


An Amazing Vacation

A relaxing vacation becomes much wilder.

As Alan Bryant looked across the lagoon, he was mesmerized. He watched, mouth slightly agape, as the young woman climbed the rock face for the third time. He admired the way she scaled the rocky footholds barefoot seemingly without hesitation or fear. He also admired her stunning beauty. She had blond, shoulder-length hair. She was slender with a classic swimmer’s body. She was well tanned...Read On


Lover's Reunion 4

A rainy night, poker, and a whole lot of fun.

The storm was raging outside my condo. Deb and I were just relaxing. She was sitting by the fire, and playing around on the internet. She was wearing her lounging robe and nothing else. She looked so sexy. The robe was open just enough for me to occasionally sneak a peek at her gorgeous cleavage. I was across the room, just going over some papers for work. Suddenly, she snapped the...Read On


Lover's Reunion 3

A reunion moves a step farther.

Deb and I had been together for two months since our amazing reunion. We spent every free moment together, but unfortunately, those free moments had become fewer and fewer. The time demands of my job meant that our free time together was diminishing. I could see that the Deb was getting more and more disappointed that we weren’t spending more time together. I was determined to make it up...Read On


Lover's Reunion

Who says you can never recapture the passion of youth?

When I saw Deb enter the restaurant, my jaw hit the floor. She was even more beautiful than when we last dined twenty years ago. Her curly blond hair framed her cute face. She was wearing a short dark blue cocktail dress that displayed her sexy cleavage. We made eye contact and she glided gracefully over to our table. Deb and I had a brief, passionate relationship in our twenties –...Read On



How to Break Up with a Cheating Boyfriend

Kirsten's had enough, but needs to fulfill a fantasy before she ends it.

Kirsten knew this meeting was inevitable. She had been putting up with Aaron’s bullshit for two years and she knew that it was time to end their relationship for good. She had broken up with Aaron six times already, but until now, she had always taken him back. She had suspected that he had been cheating on her for the past few weeks. He had broken a few dates, made several lame excuses, and...Read On


Camryn Takes Her Life Back

Revenge is a dish best served wet.

Darryl got to his office at the gym late, as usual. He had spent the night before at “Robert’s Place”, which was a little local pub where Darryl liked to try to pick up women. The pickings were slim so Darryl spent the night nursing a few beers and taking an occasional shot to keep things interesting. As he got to his office door, he noticed an envelope taped to it. He looked around the...Read On


Taking Camryn Harder

She just has to get that tape back at any cost.

Camryn sat on the locker room bench just as she had done a few days before and wondered how she could be in the same position again. She remembered how excited she had been before that that first encounter. Her pussy had been dripping then. Now, while the anticipation was still exciting, the sexual rush was just not the same. She knew that she did not want her escapades to be public and she...Read On

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Taking Camryn Again

Camryn needs to be taken again and again.

Camryn hurried into work the next day. She sat in her cubicle hoping to discover the next contact from the mystery man that had taken her the day before in the locker room. He told her to expect to be contacted the next day, and yet, after searching her station frantically, there was no note to be found. She had begun to wonder if she had disappointed him somehow. Maybe he had decided to...Read On

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Taking Camryn

Camryn gets to explore her need to be taken.

Camryn settled into her cubicle for another routine Thursday. Or at least she thought it would be routine. As she sipped her first cup of coffee, she noticed a small envelope taped to her computer screen. She pulled it off and opened it. “I have been watching you. I know you better than you know yourself. By the end of this day, you will totally belong to me. Today, you will be...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Too Good To Be True in Vegas

Camryn and her friends have lots of fun in Las Vegas

Camryn was so looking forward to this long weekend in Vegas, and traveling with two of her favorite gal pals would make the experience even more enjoyable. Camryn saw this trip as an opportunity to relax and have a little fun without having to worry about work or about the strange twists and turns her sex life had taken recently. As she and her friends arrived at the "Mirage", they didn’t...Read On

Wife Lovers(2)


A Loving Gift

As I walked into our bedroom, I saw you sprawled out on your stomach with only the bone white sheet covering your beautiful bare bottom. I stood in the doorway and marveled for a moment. I thought about how sexy you were, turning me on by just laying there, breathing deep, relaxed, slumbering breaths. The subtle contour of your back, your dark, shoulder-length hair, your sweet, sleepy, sexy...Read On


Ultimate Massage

A husband's gift to his sexy wife.

Michelle lay face-first on the massage table waiting patiently for the “Ultimate Massage” that her husband had scheduled. The room was relatively sparsely decorated, but it was warm, the lights were dim, and some soft, relaxing music was playing in the background. She had been there for a few minutes, covered only by the towel under her and the towel covering her sexy bottom. The door opened,...Read On