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Virginia, United States
Some of my favorite interests include: running and exercising, shopping, traveling, reading, the beach, attending wine tastings and festivals, concerts, college sports, boating/being on the water, enjoying different cultures, hookah lounges, and flavored cigars
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I love reading both fiction and non-fiction. Among my favorites are black lace erotic novels, harlequin romance novels and Twilight series.
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Lisa Scottline, Don Brown, Stephenie Meyer, Tom Clancy, Lisa Gardner and Lara Adrian
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Twilight Series, Pearl Harbor, Cruel Intentions, Pirates of the Caribbean, Animal House, Sum of All Fears, Dramas, Comedies and even Action movies
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Rock is my favorite music, especially 70's and 80's rock. But I like lots of music to include mainstream country, Top 40, Euro techno dance and Italian classical.
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15 Dec 2011
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27 May 2016
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Topic: Lushstories.com Silver Membership - Surf Ad Free and show your support!
Posted: 02 Jan 2015 14:01

this is a risky decision that was made. I hope you are aware it is very possible that authors could and likely will remove their stories. That is in addition to the users who will never return to the site.

Topic: Lushstories.com Silver Membership - Surf Ad Free and show your support!
Posted: 02 Jan 2015 13:52

Why the quick action and elimination of some features to "free" users who visit lushstories.com? I, as well as others, are wanting to know why this action was taken in the manner it was with no prior notice or messages sent from "Lush Team' to all users with accounts.

Topic: What turns you on immediately ?
Posted: 13 Dec 2014 09:42

I absolutely love having my breasts and nipples played with through clothing i'm wearing. Also, nibbling or sucking on my ear lobes will make me melt. While there are a few others, those two drive me crazy more than anything else.

Topic: have you masturbated at your work place ever
Posted: 11 May 2014 08:00

Of course! I think it's a special circumstance for me because I essentially work where I sleep if that makes any sense (or at least do some of the time anyway).

Topic: Girls who also like girls, how old were you the first time you were with another girl?
Posted: 11 May 2014 06:57

I was 21 at the time. She was one of my sorority sisters, and this happened right after I had graduated from college. I have fond memories of our first time together, as it was her first time sharing a sexual experience with another woman as well.

Topic: How old were you when you bought your first sex toy?
Posted: 10 May 2014 14:32

I bought my first vibrator at Hustler Hollywood when i was 19 during my freshman year of college. I definitely enjoyed being able to buy the vibrator and then get near instant gratification from playing with the toy. I went to buy my first toy alone, but I have since bought toys while with a boyfriend or a close female friend (in addition to being alone).

Topic: For you that voted for Obama...
Posted: 05 May 2014 14:45

LadyX, I suspect that Secretary Hagel's speech to NATO allies will not be heard, as the general public and elected officials feel they have more pressing issues and their own financial difficulties in countries, such as Spain, Portugal, and Italy. I'm not disregarding or oblivious to these realities. At the same time, I will suggest that Russian President Vladimir Putin is being defiant and thumbing his nose at European Union & Obama Administration for a combination of reasons. First, I suspect President Putin neither fears the military capabilities of European Union countries. In addition, the Obama Administration and general sentiment of the American public isn't keen to get involved militarily in the current geopolitical situation that has/is developing in Eastern Europe. A diplomatic resolution could be pursued, but I think it's quite clear that a combination of soft power and hard power strategies must be used to achieve diplomacy in 21st century. This is essentially an approach that underscores the necessity of a strong military, but also invests heavily in alliances, partnerships, and institutions of all levels to expand American influence and establish legitimacy of American and NATO action. According to Former American Assistant Secretary of State Chester Crocker, this can be defined as "Smart Power". Smart Power "involves the strategic use of diplomacy, persuasion, capacity building, and the projection of power and influence in ways that are cost-effective and have political and social legitimacy" – essentially the engagement of both military force and all forms of diplomacy." Without explaining this any further, I think it's important as a nation and for the Western World/"Free World" to strike a balance between military/defense spending and domestic-oriented spending. What the balance should be at the forefront of the political discourse not only in the United States but in the European Union IMO.

Topic: For you that voted for Obama...
Posted: 05 May 2014 08:28

50 % percent of the total sequestration cuts were in defense spending. I was not implying the defense department had its budget slashed in half. Futhermore, I must agree with Secretary Hagel. Our European allies MUST increase defense spending in their respective countries, because currently the United States is disproportionately shouldering the financial burden of NATO military/defense forces.

Topic: For you that voted for Obama...
Posted: 04 May 2014 19:54

And they're 100% right.

US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on Friday urged large NATO nations to step up their defense spending and contributions to the alliance as Russian military movements have shown Europe “still lives in a dangerous world.”


Topic: For you that voted for Obama...
Posted: 04 May 2014 19:48

If you would like to know, the Defense budget of the United States is 19 % of the entire federal budget in Fiscal Year 2013. The total federal spending in Fiscal year was 3.5 trillion. Cuts have already been applied to the US Defense budget due to something called Sequestration, which required mandatory cuts (50% percent) to the defense budget.

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Lucy goes to the Ball Part 2

Lucy put her hands out and closed her eyes as Valerie approached. In a moment, Lucy felt smooth leather around her left wrist and a tug as it was tightened and fastened followed by the same around her right. Then she felt the two pulled together and clipped, so her wrists were immobilized. Lucy opened her eyes. For the first thirty seconds or so she told herself that nothing was different,...

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Lucy goes to the Ball Part 1

Lucy couldn't deny she was nervous. For weeks she had planned to attend the annual "Halloween Leather and Lace Fetish Ball" held in the nearby city with two close friends, Hayley and Kelly. They had all thought it would be a liberating experience and were all anxious to see attend an adult themed Halloween party. Now, she sat in her car parked alone, as her friends had backed out unexpectedly...

Added 31 Aug 2013 | Category BDSM | Votes 28 | Avg Score 4.77 | Views 5,023 | 16 Comments

The Arrangement

My father's former business partner sat behind his large desk as if he was still a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force. His graying hair made him look very distinguished, and at 49 he was still quite an attractive man. In fact, he looked even handsomer than I remembered him when I was younger. I hadn't seen him in nearly a year, but when my boyfriend left me and I became desperate to see...

Added 13 Jan 2013 | Category Mature | Votes 43 | Avg Score 4.72 | Views 9,248 | 19 Comments

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I would adore to awaken next to you, and softly kiss you goodbye the next morning... ...mmm...Your warm body in my arms all night, and I think of you all day...so yummy...giggles
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I sneaked up behind you.
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Want to get a drink with me?
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