Lucy goes to the Ball Part 1

A young woman's experience at a her first fetish party

Lucy couldn't deny she was nervous. For weeks she had planned to attend the annual "Halloween Leather and Lace Fetish Ball" held in the nearby city with two close friends, Hayley and Kelly. They had all thought it would be a liberating experience and were all anxious to see attend an adult themed Halloween party. Now, she sat in her car parked alone, as her friends had backed out unexpectedly...Read On


Lucy goes to the Ball Part 2

A young woman's experience at a her first fetish party continues

Lucy put her hands out and closed her eyes as Valerie approached. In a moment, Lucy felt smooth leather around her left wrist and a tug as it was tightened and fastened followed by the same around her right. Then she felt the two pulled together and clipped, so her wrists were immobilized. Lucy opened her eyes. For the first thirty seconds or so she told herself that nothing was different,...Read On



The Arrangement

When a young woman's fantasy unexpectedly becomes a reality.

My father's former business partner sat behind his large desk as if he was still a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force. His graying hair made him look very distinguished, and at 49 he was still quite an attractive man. In fact, he looked even handsomer than I remembered him when I was younger. I hadn't seen him in nearly a year, but when my boyfriend left me and I became desperate to see...Read On