Erotic Poems(1)


I am nothing

The feel of my girl

I am nothing (The feel of my girl) I want to feel your lips Press against mine Taste your essence Feel it pour inside To complete me (I am nothing) I need your hands to cup my face Ever so gently tilt my head back So that your essence Continues to flow To complete me (I am nothing) I want your fingers to trace my back As your mouth moves over mine...Read On

Love Poems(13)


A New Life...

A new life? Doors of a new life opening for me? I step into a haze wonder and ponder what’s new for me If I were to leave old to start anew what lies beyond? Many a times I wait till sunset aimlessly looking for no one the door’s ajar sitting silent and still I dare not move certain not to go far as death and destruction looming everywhere ...Read On


Could it be Last?

Could it be last that I see you? is it the last you hold my hand? will I see you no more smiling beside me? will I feel no more your arm around my waist will I be never again hugged by you? will your breath never be felt over mine? is it the last that I feel your glow? will I never hear your sweet ascent? Could it be the last that I feel...Read On


Expectations Dissipated

 I feel the urge urge to feel you urge to talk to you urge to kiss you urge to take care urge to love urge to feel passion urge to desire you desire to hold you desire to tickle you desire to lick you desire to pinch you desire to spank you desire to suck you desire to enter you desire to fill you desire to make you cum desire to feel you squeezing desire...Read On


Invitation to life

to my sweetheart LMB

Invitation to new life Gate of a new life opened to me Slowly I step and ponder what comes to me If I were to leave what lies beyond? Many a times I wait till sunset Just to see if the door ajar Sitting still I dare not move certain not to go far The place has come to agree with me As I am a part of the majestic scene Within these walls I...Read On


Is Life A Dream?

My life comes from thee

Laugh and cry Live and die Is life a dream? Is life a dream Of days and night Are we merely dreams To find our ways Yet looking for a soul To find our way When you look at me I always see what I have been searching Was I lost as can be You look at me as if I always been with you People run from sun to sun caught in lives life once begun ...Read On


Journey From I To Us

A journey to regain lost paradise......

Love melted away from my life making it completely barren colorless your presence made me feel heavenly in paradise you fill colors in my life your presence is a rainbow to me Life was never pleasing without you your presence making all the difference giving life a meaning soothing purposive smiley creative full of colors my life without you was so barren single lonely yearning for flowers...Read On


Let me enter you

To create new life

Let me enter you To create new life I love you  without knowing how, when, or where I love you,  without complexities ego or pride I love you  cause I know no one can give love and pleasure I love you  fiercely, desperately and with all the despair, I wish you to lead me  to end of my life Till then let your soul be linked with mine  and our hearts resonate Till I am gone ...Read On


Love and Hate

The feel of Tasha, a friend

You claim you love As you emerge from years of dust you spent just a night making me drunk kissed, proclaiming love I know now, was mere lust you poked me drunk took my cherished virginity I hardly felt you in You left me bleeding miserable, weak and alone you smiled and walked to another girl you left me lonely, crying to another girl and...Read On


Love is only a feel of thee

A poem of love for my partner in sin and love; My Janu

Love has no why, Where or what Love speaks from thy heart It conquers you suddenly Or may be a simple whisper From a land far off It sets away all questions Of right or wrong It never makes any sense To you or to other  But is always very strong It engulfs you in arms We never have a choice To mend or deny As only hearts decide There’s hardly any plan ...Read On



Life changes in a moment

Have you ever pondered  What a moment is?  Time trickling, elapsing  Sand dripping  Through the glass  Did you ever ask  How can only one moment  Change your life  To the point of  No return? Did you ever take time To acknowledge  That often  Just a moment  Can pull someone  To your lips  And open your heart  To new possibilities? Make you feel  Alive  Wanted  Precious  Did you ever...Read On


Searching Lips

He seeks love as his other half, surfing the world web for his loving part. One who loves him is the gal next door. Takes care of all his needs but to him she's a mate. He never thought of her as his better half. Feels no love for her though she loves him intensely. She’s always been around caring in good times and bad, And often shed tears for him, when sad. He leaned on her...Read On


Surrender II

Naz's response to Hotstuff's poem, Surrender I

Your lips over mine ignite a fire I hold you close energy transmitting our bodies close as dawn glows I push my tongue into your hot mouth our tongues swirl desires mounting I bite your bottom lip and hear a moan I whisper in your ear how much I love you arousing the urge to merge more I squeeze your lovely breasts fondling them hard I suck your nipple ...Read On


Trembling Lips

Searching for that kiss.

Trembling Lips He wandered around the world seeking the lips he first kissed, The ones he had the pleasure to touch his lips to, at a beach. He searched for the girl he met as the red sun dipped in the sea. His lips on her trembling lips, At the beach, staring out to sea, she let him . So soft, supple and loving; her lips, her arms, her voice. He met thousands but none did have the...Read On



Shazia; A tale of transformation From a Muslim girl to cock addict slut, Part 3

Hindu Cock, my first.

How did I get to my home, I am still unable to comprehend. My hands were time and again moving either to my nipples or to my pussy (under the burqa) till I got home. At home, I lay down on my bed. Neither my brother nor my mother was at home. I locked myself in a room, threw off my clothes and lay naked playing with my nipples and pussy. I wished I had more than two hands to work...Read On


Shazia; A tale of transformation From a Muslim girl to cock addict slut, part 4

Hindu / Muslim but Cocks.

When at home, Puja locked the door and held me in her arms kissing me passionately. “Shazia you are my Bhabi (sister in law). You were hiding this great news from me”. Said Puja. I was completely stunned. I never expected Manesh to tell his sister about what went between us. Puja smiled and said, “Shazia you just a novice in sex. When I came home last evening, my room smelled your sex”....Read On


Shazia; A Tale of Transformation From Conservative Muslim Girl to a Cock Addict Slut, Part 1.

Cultural training as a Muslim girl

“It was best of the times; it was worst of the times." (A tale of two cities – Charles Dickens) It was best of the times on March 11, 1990, when I cried for the first time after coming out of the womb of my mother; it was also the worst of the times, as I was born in a developing country and thereto in a highly conservative Muslim family. I am a young Muslim girl of 22, living in a small...Read On


Shazia; A tale of transformation From conservative Muslim girl to a cock addict slut, Part 2.

First tongue over my pussy

After Primary, I went to a high school specified for girls only and after completing my studies there; my father took the initiative in deciding that I should now go to College and complete my graduation. My father searched a girl’s only College which was far away from our house but as I was to wear burqa all the way and take my younger brother along to the College as my guardian, it was...Read On