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The story I am writing is only a quarter of the way written. A few malfunctions have occured so a lot of work was lost. In good news I have decided to make three chapters, if not more, to the story I am writing. Also I found another story to write so plz be patient. Love you all!

16 Jan 2012 20:06

Went w/o A computer for wat seems like forever. Now that I have a way to get on here I am happy to announce that I am currently writing a story. The plot is taking a lot of time and work, but I will get it done. Hope everyone had a great christmas and was safe on new years. Luv yu guys!

04 Jan 2012 10:06

Waiting impatiently for my next submission to be verified. Sadly won't be able to write the next part of it til later next week.

28 Oct 2011 14:42

Added a new story and I'm hopin ppl will like it.

27 Oct 2011 11:27