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Topic Do you watch porn? How often?
Posted 20 Oct 2011 19:03

Funny thing about porn is that the people that are against it or find it really boring or overly faked probably haven't seen the right kind of porn yet. There are so many different genres and director styles. It would almost be like reading a couple of bad erotica stories and then thinking that all erotica sucks.

High quality porn can be very stylistic and psychologically interesting... far from the stereotypical scenes with bored, disinterested actors faking orgasms while cheesy music plays in the background. If all I had experienced was along those lines I probably wouldn't watch porn at all either.

I guess everyone has their preferences in terms of what kind of porn they're into, but for me I think anything by the director Mason is pretty brilliant. It's a female director (but be warned, it's extremely hardcore.. more so than a lot of male-produced porn) but the interviews she does with the porn stars and the psychological angles she adds to them and her take on women in porn in general are totally identifiable for me. High production values, the industrial/stylized feel to her recent vids, and super dirty and unique concepts, and quality stars help too.

I am not sure who Mason is. Can you give me a link? Thanks!