The Dirty Show

My girlfriend and I get more than our imaginations stroked at an erotic art show.

The crowd at Detroit's annual erotic art show wasn't oppressively large. It was just heavy enough to be lost in if one wanted to choose that. We had been there long enough to take in most of the displays. In truth, anticipating our plan was a bigger turn on. Besides, the real show was the crowd. A collared male wearing only a leather vest and leather chaps was being led by a no-nonsense...Read On

Group Sex(3)


Massage Therapy

An elegant meal leads to a sensuous surprise where we're both rubbed the right way

If I wanted to have a truly erotic experience with you, I would first take you to a wonderful restaurant. There you would eat by candlelight and you would drink the wine you had always hoped you would find. The meal would be simple and delicious leaving you feeling satisfied and not overfull. We would share a dessert that would make the trip back to this restaurant worth it for the just it...Read On


Nightclub Dares at Cafe Gigi's

Two plus two can be much more than four when strangers maximize possibilities on the dance floor.

You are wearing that outrageously sheer and elegant black top that I was shocked you would ever consider owning. My eyes were fed beauty the first moment I saw you in it. Your breasts looked luscious through the sheer panels down the center where it buttons. Your nipples are tantalizingly hidden yet noticeable in the less sheer sides. Your pants, a mixture of leather and sleekness, paint...Read On



When I took total control, things turned incendiary...

Unbelievable There I was, your cock and his in each of my hands. Resting on my knees between each of you facing me, I wondered what you could see in the look on my face. Concentration was there. Of course it would be. I want to do everything well. My eyes were narrowed and I wondered if you would notice that pinched spot between my eyes that others might not notice. You know me too well....Read On



Honesty Pays Off

I took a risk to tell all and we both went to amazing places

Maybe it was because it was near my birthday. Maybe it was the time in my life. Maybe it was just time. Whatever it was, I found myself fantasizing almost daily and sometimes even more about things sexual. Raised as a "good girl," I was the kind of person who would never imagine anyone, especially me, having thoughts such as these. I was more than a little confused and concerned. Was I...Read On


The Taxi Ride

My girlfriend surprises both of us with an explosion of lust that takes her beyond usual boundaries.

You had more than your usual two drinks and let me know well before we left the bar that you were definitely in the mood to be naughty. It had started out very coyly with you rubbing that area just above your breasts while looking away. You wanted me to notice and I did. When you folded your arms under your breasts, no one could have accused you of pushing them slightly forward but you...Read On