The Hotel

The fourth installment of the conference room

Buddakan restaurant in Philadelphia The cool night air feels good against my shaven face. The buzz of the city is flowing all around me. My foot taps against the sidewalk, listening to the song in my head. Tom Waits, is there really a better blues poet? The wall at my back feels rough and course, as I stand waiting for Jada. I told Jada she could remove the vibrator, as we would no...Read On


Dinner and a Show

The third installment of the conference room

Cambridge, Massachusetts My heart is racing, waiting for Drake to reply. I feel like some teenage girl who has the most popular guy in school ask her out. Startling me, my phone vibrates in my palm. Once I manage to restart my heart, I read his message. The message is short but sweet. However, I can feel his power and charisma in every word. “I’m glad you decided to make the leap....Read On


A Night Back Home

A storm rages outside, but that is nothing compared to the storm between this couple

It is such a quiet night. The sky is gorgeous as the storm rolls in. The soft echoes of thunder roll across my skin as we watch the lightning burst in the clouds. The wind picks up bringing all the smells of the country, reminding us why we love our childhood town so much. It has been too long since we have been back, and it is nights like these we miss the most. We sit on the steps of the...Read On


The Conference Room

A man walks into a meeting only to find treasure hiding in plain sight.

The crowd is bustling at Gino’s steak shop here in Philadelphia. Everyone in Philly knows this is the place to go if you want a cheese steak. I mean sure, yeah, you could go across the street to the so called 'original Pat’s' but who really wants to deal with that kind of ego? I grab a bench outside as I sit down to enjoy a true legend. I’m just getting ready to take my first bite when my...Read On



The wind howls outside as the winter storm hits. You sit at our table looking every bit of the delicious seductress you are. Your black silk halter dress clings to your every curve with it low cut V plunging down, exposing your tits, taunting me. I take a second to admire how the flames of the candles dance off your skin. The bronze of the honey dust glows in the radiance of the flames,...Read On

Love Stories(1)


Valentines day

For the readers of this story, I know it’s a little goofy in the beginning but I wrote it for my girlfriend and were both kind of goofy. Plus we are young so we are allowed to be, just thought I should let you know. Hope you enjoy it. Also this is not a sequel to Dinner. The characters are the same Master(me) and Lioness(my girlfriend). You come home finding a large vase of purple...Read On

Straight Sex(2)


The Plan in Formed

The second installment of The Conference Room

My driver and I weave our way through the streets of Philadelphia. After my meeting with Luke and Jada I couldn’t concentrate, so I decided to call it an early day. I adjust myself in the back seat trying to hide the strain of my cock. It has been a long time since a woman has affected me this way; I mean I’m at least fifteen years her senior. There is just something about this young...Read On


Married Sex

A man comes home early and remembers the woman he married.

It was a typical day in suburbia hell; the grass was cut to exactly the same length, all the houses looking the same with their two car garages and white picketed fences. My name is Xavier; I am married man providing all the things a man should provide for his family, but god how I hate this neighborhood. Don’t get me wrong it’s all very nice, the people are friendly and it’s safe for the...Read On