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I'm new to this site, but it looks like a fun place to explore erotic fantasies. I want to reinvigorate my sex life with my beautiful wife. There are some great sex stories here. I'm learning much from you all, and I appreciate it. I hope to bring all that to our bed!

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Massachusetts, United States
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20 Apr 2018 05:04
traveling to incredibly beautiful places, the ocean, sailing, New England Patriots, quiet evenings, snow storms, enjoying sex

Places I want to visit: Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Iceland, Scotland, Ireland

Favorite Cities: Boston, Manhattan, Quebec, Montreal

Sexual Fantasies: hotwife, cunnilingus, queening, gangbang, oral sex
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Game of Thrones series, Hornblower series
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Ursula LeGuin, Tolkein, CS Lewis, Patrick O'Brien

You all!
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Don't watch much tv.
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Jethro Tull, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam

Music too old for most on this site to remember


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07 May 2016
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19 Apr 2018 (6 hours ago)
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Topic: Best Cunilingus Vids
Posted: 16 Jun 2017 07:55

Love these vids




Topic: Creative Ideas for Group Sex Games
Posted: 08 Jun 2017 03:26

I like the idea of a game that is mentally challenging as well as sexy. Like cards (strip poker is always that way). It draws out personalities.

Topic: Creative Ideas for Group Sex Games
Posted: 07 Jun 2017 18:33

Love to hear about other games too.

I heard of a "daisy chain" game where the women lay down so that all their heads are point to the center of a circle and their ankles are tied together so that their legs are naturally spread apart. I can only imagine what happens after that, although there must be something more to the game.

Topic: Mennopause
Posted: 05 Jun 2017 16:23

So when you all refer to hot flashes, is that mean bursts of sexual feeling, or physically feeling hot (ie., as in high temperature)?

My wife may be beyond the change now. I would like to restore a level of intimacy with her. We are both older people, and I realize the sex won't be the same as when we are in our 20's, or may even not be called sex by your all standards. But caressing, kissing, showing signs of affection well on into our old age would be nice, at the very least. I can't expect to be physically entering her much more, but I would always want to tell her I love her.

Topic: Sex Games for Couples
Posted: 02 Jun 2017 14:55

I had an idea for a sex card game. For those who know the game of spades, it's played with two sets of partners. Each set sits across from one another, and one set wins a bid to win a certain number of hands and the other set tries to stop them.

So in this game, two sets of couples (usually a man and woman, but could be any couple) are partners. If one one set of partners wins (either makes all the hands they bid on or stops the other couple from doing so), then the other couple must strip one item. However, here is the hitch. To decide which member, either the man or woman (or anyone) of the couple strips, another round is played. This time the men (let's assume they are men/women couples, but again only for ease of explanation) play another round against the women to see whether the woman strips or the man strips.

I like the game because it gives each couple an opportunity to cooperate, and then it gives the men and women an opportunity to cooperate with each other. Makes it fun for anyone and can break down jealousy.

When everything is stripped, you bid for sex favors or something.

Other ideas for sex games?

Topic: Mennopause
Posted: 02 Jun 2017 14:46

Is there sex after mennopause? I'm horny as hell, but how do I keep my wife enjoying intimacy?

Topic: Do You like to give or reciever oral sex?
Posted: 30 May 2017 18:04

My preference is to give oral sex. It's the ultimate sign of respect for a woman. I have had few chances to know how it feels to receive because my lady doesn't like it, but I go down on her every time.

Topic: What do you think about most often when you masturbate?
Posted: 27 May 2017 08:11

A gorgeous loose dripping vagina hovering over my mouth.

Topic: Creative Ideas for Group Sex Games
Posted: 27 May 2017 07:45

I would love to find some very creative ideas for group sex games.

One idea I had is for all the women to draw a card from one suit of a deck of cards, and then to be blindfolded. Then all the men draw from another suit. The women will bend over, waiting to receive with their card on their back for all to see. The men would then pair up with the woman having a matching number, and loosen her her up by going down on her. He would then allow her to harden him up with some oral sex. Then he would slide into her as deep as he could go and stay there. Each woman would then have to guess who her lover is.

The men can also be blindfolded, to make it fair for the women.

It would be interesting to see who is easier to guess, the men or the women!

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