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Topic Experimentation?
Posted 27 Aug 2012 04:18

I'm trying to spice things up, really take the sex life i'm having to things i've never even tried before, does anyone have any suggestions? even if it's as basic as anal, what do you guys like?

Topic a very special friend
Posted 12 Jul 2012 17:53

i don't know how to say this...:/
i have this friend who i met at a photoshoot last year, when he was still 16 going on 17...he was the photographer's son. the photographer was a friend of mine who i knew from high school and he had agreed to take nude pics of me. long story short, i teased his son all day long, felt so wrong and dirty...but oh so right....i ended up fucking him.
shortly after that, i turned lesbian. i had been hurt by too many guys to even look at them in a sexual way ever again :/
i never stopped caring for that boy though...we still keep in touch...he's turning 18 in just over 2 weeks and, even though it is TERRIBLY selfish of me, i'd like to ask whoever is willing a favour...
i could promise you that i would be your personal sex slave/roleplayer/friend for, like, ever if you helped me...please?
inbox me if you're interested :)