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Topic Post something NICE about the person above you.
Posted 14 Aug 2017 19:27

Don't know him but he seems nice and makes some interesting posts

Topic Oral Sex. Pussy AND Ass?
Posted 14 Aug 2017 16:18

I love it. Love licking it too, especially with women!!

Topic Worked as a stripper?
Posted 14 Aug 2017 16:14

A friend and I once entered an amateur contest at strip club. Was long ago and lot of fun. You really do feel very empowered!
Not something I would do professionally though.

Topic Have you Fooled around while being in a Relationship .....
Posted 14 Aug 2017 16:09

When I 'fool around', it's with my boyfriend's knowledge and approval.

Same with me. Except its with my GF's knowledge and approval and she usually participates too!!

Topic Bigger clit, bigger appetite?
Posted 13 Aug 2017 07:24

So ridiculous! I have always been very sexually active and there were times I didn't think I had a clit. I mean some men I was with couldn't find it.....................or maybe they just didn't bother to look!!

As long as we are talking about correlations, is it true that women born when it was raining tend to squirt? No wait, maybe they are into Golden Showers? Nevermind

Topic Would You Have A Threesome?
Posted 13 Aug 2017 06:41

I have had FFM, MFM and FFF threesomes and have enjoyed them all. I have never had a FMM where the guys also play with each other, not really a turn on for me. Most recently I have had FFMs with Annie and our Fuck Buddy. Been a while since I have any others but would love to again, especially FFF!

For those who don't know, there is a difference between FFM and FMF, between MFM and MMF. The order of the letters is very important, LOL!!

Topic Famous Couples
Posted 12 Aug 2017 14:54

Portia De Rossi

Kate Upton

Topic You enjoy double penetrate anal & vagina
Posted 11 Aug 2017 16:38

Done well, of course I enjoy it. It doesn't always work out though.

I agree. I have done it a few times. Once it was amazing. The other times not so much because the guys couldn't get in sync.

Topic snowballing tune you on?
Posted 11 Aug 2017 16:35

I've never been with a guy who wanted his cum snowballed with him. I've done it with another girl in a FFM threesome though.

Like Bethany, I have never been with a guy who wanted to do that but love doing it with a girl after we sucked him off together.

Topic Would you like a 3some with the 2 members Above You.....Yes or No?
Posted 09 Aug 2017 13:07

Yes, I think I would

Topic Circumcised or not?
Posted 08 Aug 2017 18:41

Never been with an uncut guy. When they are limp I must admit they look kind of freaky. But like Melissa said, when erect looks pretty much the same. So if I met a guy I liked that was uncut it wouldn't be an issue

Topic Happy Birthday AMY1967 !!!!!!!
Posted 08 Aug 2017 13:27

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY!! Have a great day!!!

Topic Person above has been arrested for what naughty crime?
Posted 06 Aug 2017 15:50

Vivien was arrested for making a video of my pole dance routine and posting it on YouTube. I asked the police to drop the charges since I didn't mind her posting it but the owners of the supermarket insisted on charges saying it is bad publicity for their store. Feeling bad for Vivien, I offered to make her a "special" pole dance video since it was really all my fault!

Topic Picture that Number
Posted 05 Aug 2017 15:47

Topic Alphabet Songs (A-Z)
Posted 05 Aug 2017 15:45

Swingin' - Tom Petty

Topic Music Z-A
Posted 05 Aug 2017 15:43

Machine Gun Etiquette - The Damned

Topic are you fond of the person above you, not fond, or run screaming from or pass?
Posted 05 Aug 2017 15:41

Don't know him but seems nice so I wouldn't run, LOL

Topic What Are You Wearing?
Posted 05 Aug 2017 15:39

Metallic Copper Bikini

Topic Actors and their movies
Posted 05 Aug 2017 15:37

The Perfect Score

Eve Green

Topic How far can we count?
Posted 05 Aug 2017 15:33

I really don't get the point of this thread but WTF,


Topic Have you Ever...
Posted 05 Aug 2017 15:30

No, but I'm not a coffee drinker

HYE photographed anyone nude?

Topic Person above has been arrested for what naughty crime?
Posted 05 Aug 2017 15:26

Vivien was arrested for walking her dog while she was naked. Normally she would only have been fined but the fact that she was walking past a Retirement Home and the sight of her sexy body caused a rash of Heart Attacks among the residents made it a misdemeanor

Topic Skinny dipping with the lush member above
Posted 05 Aug 2017 15:00

Already in a bikini so might as well slip it off and jump in

Topic Last Two Letters ....
Posted 05 Aug 2017 05:47

Let's - as in Jennifer, Let's get naked and have some fun!

Topic your goto fantasy person?
Posted 04 Aug 2017 14:29

Sometimes someone I know, Sometimes someone I may have seen in a store or restaurant or wherever. very rarely a celebrity but I cant say I never have.

Topic Person above has been arrested for what naughty crime?
Posted 04 Aug 2017 13:10

Krissy was arrested for masturbating while eating at a whole new meaning to a Happy Meal!

Topic Do guys think the British accent is sexy?
Posted 02 Aug 2017 18:49

British accents are very sexy, especially on women. Love Scottish accents too.

Topic Ask the person below you any question
Posted 02 Aug 2017 18:47

So many Id love to take out to eat a meal...................just as many Id love to eat too. YumYum

Have you ever sent or shown pictures of yourself having sex to anyone on Lush?

Topic Person above has been arrested for what naughty crime?
Posted 02 Aug 2017 18:41

Julie was arrested for masturbating with a banana in the produce aisle at the Piggly Wiggly