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Topic Agree/disagree
Posted 19 Sep 2011 07:02

I Agree That Its Exciting, But So Much Better Than What?

When Men Use Women As Av's It's Annoying

Topic Rain Songs
Posted 19 Sep 2011 06:56

Box Of Rain - Grateful Dead

Topic Complete The Sentence!
Posted 19 Sep 2011 06:53

work your magic and make it feel great.

Mazza said of course Hap, anything for you and she took out her acupuncture needles and when Hap saw them he .................................

Topic Curlygirly and Mazza's BIG sandwich!!
Posted 19 Sep 2011 06:46



Ginger, Allow Me And My Friends To Help You Next Time!

Topic Alphabet Songs (A-Z)
Posted 19 Sep 2011 06:36

On And On - Michael Schenker

Topic Three words said about the person above you
Posted 19 Sep 2011 06:34

Sexy Party Hostess

Topic bald pussy
Posted 18 Sep 2011 21:30

I keep mine bare just because I find it easier to shave it in the shower every few days than to trim it and keep it neat. But I do find a "landing strip" incredibly sexy.

Topic Does it gets boring?
Posted 18 Sep 2011 21:26

Its not always the destination, its the journey!! Change up how you get there. Not saying I would get bored but if you can have a great orgasm one way, maybe if you try something different, it will be even better!! Keep exploring and experimenting

Topic How long should sex last?
Posted 18 Sep 2011 21:22

Absolutely!! Until Its Finished!!!! No Time Limits.

Topic My first date
Posted 18 Sep 2011 08:23

You are still going out with Alice? Not sure if thats what you meant. And your sisters husband is an asshole!!!!

Sounds like a crazy night!

Darling, go with your feelings. They wont let you down!!

Topic Alphabet Songs (A-Z)
Posted 17 Sep 2011 22:19

God Save The Queen - Sex Pistols

Topic Three words said about the person above you
Posted 17 Sep 2011 22:17

Such A Doll!

Topic Photos with Strangers
Posted 17 Sep 2011 22:05

lol - i might have gotten off the subject a bit, but to get back on... i'm camera shy as it is, so yeah, if some stranger asked for a photo with me? only one answer. NO! i mean, really, what for, so he can share it with friends and suddenly i'm his pretend girlfriend or a one night stand or something? it's just weird.

You are right. When it happened to me part of me felt flattered and part of me felt creeped out. But I guess the alcohol was the equalizer so I did it. But I was always dressed although sometimes wearing pretty revealing outfits. The more I think about it now, the more creepy it sounds. I might show a naked pic of myself to someone but it would only be to people I choose. But even then, I may not show my face directly. And like Her Royal Spriteness said, it would only be someone I trusted very much. And even then it may just be a glimpse of a pic in my image gallery where they could look but not copy it. But my real friends would probably never ask either. As I would never ask a friend for a pic, naked or otherwise.

For any of us who has done it, I am sure we were part of a fascinating story told to the guys buddies. " Look who I banged last night , he begged me for it. Said I was the best ever".

Guess we live and learn, Never Again!!!!

Topic Photos with Strangers
Posted 17 Sep 2011 10:53

I have had this happen to me and some of my friends many times. Sometiems I have gone along with it and said OK (usually I was a little drunk) but sometimes it felt creepy and I just walked away. I never realy thought about the pics ending up on facebook but I guess that is where they went. I did have a guy ask if he could takle a pic of me and few friends with his 90yo father once. That seemed pretty innocent but the guy grabbed my friend's ass when we posed with him. She shrugged it off saying whats the harm if it gave the old guy a thrill.

I too am not into the facebook thing. I opened an account but never posted anything and I never go there. But my daughters are into it bigtime. The whole thing is kinda scary to me.

Topic Sex for Benefits
Posted 17 Sep 2011 10:42

I have never done that. I did have sex with a client once but it was after I already had the business. I did enjoy it but felt kind of awkward about it for some reason too. So now I try not to mix business and pleasure. Have been tempted though!!

Topic Keep them related!
Posted 16 Sep 2011 20:17

Jaime Pressly

Topic Ass, legs or breasts?
Posted 16 Sep 2011 09:31

i'm a vegetarian so none of the above.

Are you one of those vegetarians that still enjoys fish though? Heard fish doesn't count as meat meat...

On that note, I'm surprised no one has said they like pussy the best.

This is too hard to answer by the way. Some mornings I'm all about the legs! Sometimes the ass. Sometimes I'm happy with just her on my lap, in her jeans facing me, just grinding into me as I suck on her nipples. That will do it too.

Fcukk, thats what I want right now, just grinding on ur lap, & making out with Sprite

ok. if i have to, i will, but it's against my better judgement, at least that's my story! :)

Can I Play Too?

And though Im not a vegetarian, fish is meat.

And I like asses the best, no legs the best, well maybe breasts the best.......................can I just say girls?
And on men, its arms and abs!!! But that wasnt asked was it?

Topic My first date
Posted 16 Sep 2011 09:02

Is this a date or a "DATE"? Can it be she just intends on it being a platonic outing or are you sure it is more?

If it is more and you are interested then I would just be yourself. She will detect that this is new to you. Dont let her pressure you, take things slow. Go at your pace , be sure it is for you.

Hopefully it all works out for you. But if you are definitely into exploring this side of your sexuality and this doesnt work with her, dont give up. There is someone out there for you for sure.

Topic Alphabet Songs (A-Z)
Posted 15 Sep 2011 21:36

Xanadu - Rush

Topic Rain Songs
Posted 15 Sep 2011 21:31

Purple Rain - Prince

Though Not A Favorite

Topic Unsuspend me or I'll take you to court!!!
Posted 15 Sep 2011 21:29

Is Today April 1? Have I Been Blacking Out Again? I Knew That Stuff I Took Years Ago Was Powerful, But This Is Crazy!!

Topic Curlygirly and Mazza's BIG sandwich!!
Posted 15 Sep 2011 09:52

And If That Fails, These Guys Are Coming Out After You!

Topic Curlygirly and Mazza's BIG sandwich!!
Posted 15 Sep 2011 09:45

Hahahaha you won't catch me!

We Can Be Relentless In Our Pursuit!!!

We Will Set A Trap And Use The Right Bait

And If That Fails, This Will Surely Get You to "Rise Up" From Your Hiding Place!!

Topic Rain Songs
Posted 15 Sep 2011 09:21

Love, Reign O'er Me - The Who...........................Well Its Close, LOL

Topic Agree/disagree
Posted 15 Sep 2011 09:18


Not Introducing New Ideas To The Bedroom Is Depressing?

Topic Curlygirly and Mazza's BIG sandwich!!
Posted 15 Sep 2011 07:19

UH oh... APB on Dude... Shhheeeeeiiiittttt

We Are Heading Out To Find Dude. Anyone Want To Join Up With Our Pussy?.................Oops, I Meant Posse?

Topic Complete The Sentence!
Posted 15 Sep 2011 06:57

he found several Lush lovelies covered in chocolate and marshmellow and Hap ranting "I Love S'Mores"

The ranger cautiously approached Hap and................................

Topic Swingers Lifestyle
Posted 15 Sep 2011 06:45

If That Is What Makes Them Happy And They Are All Consenting Adults, Then Its Cool.

Topic If you click on this thread, you have to post
Posted 14 Sep 2011 19:03

Im So Fucking Bored!! Too Early To Go To Bed!!

Topic Things that just piss you off
Posted 14 Sep 2011 19:01

All The Lame Bullshit Of Late That Is Ruining Lush. At Least Ruining It For Me!