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Topic Dick size?
Posted 17 Aug 2011 08:53

No Offense, but this is one of the more rediculous posts I've seen. In reality, how much difference is there in the thickness of a flacid cock between a huge guy and small guy. Not enough where you need to wear special size underware. And to compare it to breast size is crazy. To put in perspective if a small guy of 4" long and 1" thick is equivalent to an A cup, then a DD would be about 2 feet long and about 4" thick. And although I have seen guys here claim to be 3 or 4" thick, they are lying. Think of this, a DVD is acout 4 1/2" wide, enough said!

Why do guys obsess on cock size? Women dont obsess on boob size, do we?

Topic fantasy!!!!!!! ;)
Posted 17 Aug 2011 07:52

WOW!! I have so many fantasies. One that gets me really hot is to have a FFM threesome with 2 total strangers on a pool table in a bar. At first it is me and the girl kissing then this guy just joins in. No one seems to notice us at first but soon everyone is cheering us on. At the end, we all just leave alone never knowing each others names.

Seems like many here want to be watched. Love It!!!

Topic Complete The Sentence!
Posted 17 Aug 2011 07:19

Everyone was so impressed that they all got naked and joined in.

Hap suggested that Tel and Curly should start the their own Dance Reality show called..............................

Topic The 69 position
Posted 17 Aug 2011 07:15

Of Course!! I think it is so hot if the guy licks my pussy after he cums in me. But I think this is a question more for the guys as the guy may object to this more than the girl would.

BTW, there is a thread on "Ask the Gals" already about this, Creampie Eating!!

Topic What Are You Wearing?
Posted 16 Aug 2011 22:42

Naked, Its Bed Time..........Nitey Nite Lushies!!

Topic Guilty or Innocent.
Posted 16 Aug 2011 22:41

Innocent, As Far As I Can Remember

Ever Have Sex In The Snow

Topic True or False?
Posted 16 Aug 2011 15:46


Mine Was True, I Do Hate Coffee, But Love The Smell Of It Brewing

I Love Hot Wax On My Nipples

Topic Keep it unrelated!
Posted 16 Aug 2011 15:44

Saturn's Rings

Topic Classic titles....with a Lush touch
Posted 16 Aug 2011 15:41

XXX, the true story of Curlygirly and Mazza's party!!!

Topic Complete The Sentence!
Posted 16 Aug 2011 15:36

I think that I, Lola, can escape and go stay with Nikki and let her pamper me like I deserve

Hap hired a private investigator to track down Lola so he.................................................

Topic Rules for the Friend Zone
Posted 16 Aug 2011 15:32

But... some guys are totally clueless.

Some? HAHA!

You can tell them you are in love with another man, a lesbian, celibate, only have sex with aliens. Doesnt matter, they hear what they want to hear. Sorry guys but its true.

I usually try to make it clear that I just want to be friends. Then once I started my relationship with Ann, I figured if I let them know that I am in a relationship with a woman and I just want to be friends, they would get the message. WRONG!! That was such a big mistake. While I am saying I am not into you like that, they are hearing "THREESOME"!

Luckily I have some great male friends who accept that and a few who are occaisional playthings and not looking for more than that.

Topic Guilty or Innocent.
Posted 16 Aug 2011 10:36

Guilty............And It Was Wonderful!!!

Ever Had To Leave Work Because You Were So Incredibly Horny?

Topic This is so very disturbing. Probably on the verge of child abuse.
Posted 16 Aug 2011 10:31

I guess he and his parents who obviously influenced him have the right to do, say and believe what they like. Is it harmful to the boy, Maybe, Maybe Not? He may become a respected preacher or some extremist lunatic. Or maybe just a well adjusted horny sex crazed teen who sneaks looks at his fathers porn collection (you know he has one, LOL). Time will tell.

I am not religious by any means, but I do believe that everyone has the right to worship who/what and how they like as long as not hurting anyone. But please do not push your beliefs on others and tell them they are wrong for what they believe.

Personally I think this is kind of funny and staged. Looks like an SNL bit only funnier!!

Topic Complete The Sentence!
Posted 16 Aug 2011 09:55

With small tears in his eyes Hap said "What do I get if I make you dinner, massage your feet, draw your bath and read you a bedtime story?"

Adele looked at Hap, gave him a sexy smile and said..................

Topic Forum pet peeves
Posted 16 Aug 2011 09:48

Actually the way things are going, especially with this, I think the whole Word / Forum Games should be deleted.
And instead how about a nice thread on knitting and handy crafts.

We could even have one about "what should I name my pet tarrantula"?

Even better, how about we all have thread where we can play virtual tiddlywinks?

Come on people!!!


Would Masturbation Be Considered A Handy Craft? If So, Then Im In.

And I Think Great Names For Yor Tarrantula Are Homer If A Male, Cleopatra If Female!!!

Topic Forum pet peeves
Posted 16 Aug 2011 08:26

And how is this for a pet peeve? Is this thread really a game? I think not. This should really have been posted in the Site Related section, not in the Entertainment section. Nicola, I tink you should either remove this thread, move it to where it belongs, or lock it from further posts.

Very True, Should Really Be In The Lounge

Topic Complete The Sentence!
Posted 16 Aug 2011 08:23

They all looked at him, laughing and said never gonna happen, but he can serve them all....................drinks!!!

When Adele got her drink from Hap, she thanked him by..........................................

Topic My last orgasm was...
Posted 16 Aug 2011 08:20

Was About 3 Hrs Ago In The Shower

Topic One Word
Posted 16 Aug 2011 08:14


Topic True or False?
Posted 16 Aug 2011 08:13


I Hate The Taste Of Coffee

Topic What Are You Wearing?
Posted 16 Aug 2011 08:11

Skinny Jeans, Black Wrap Top, Black Bra and Thong, Wedge Sandals

Topic Around the world.
Posted 16 Aug 2011 08:07


Topic Guilty or Innocent.
Posted 16 Aug 2011 08:06


Ever Walk In On Someone Having Sex And Stay To Watch?

Topic Complete The Sentence!
Posted 16 Aug 2011 08:02

All the Lush Lads were left behind so arranged a game of hunt the Real Doll (see pic below) and whoever finds it first gets to spend one day with it.

It was Hap who found it and he said he never had......................................

Topic Forum pet peeves
Posted 16 Aug 2011 07:53

HAHAHAHAHA!! I find it funny and sometimes a "buzz kill" err Forum kill when people can't take a joke.
Sometimes when the forum becomes heated, people will make light of it .. or change it up for a few posts to calm it down, and to bring it back around.
I'm sensitive, but I know it's all in fun.
I was told by a moderator that my posts with someone else could SCARE people. OMG!!! REALLY? Even with the laughing faces and "love" ... oh well.

You, SCARY?? They Should See Some Of The Posts You Put On My Wall, HAHAHA!!!!

Topic Forum pet peeves
Posted 16 Aug 2011 07:49

My My 2 cents is that this is a game forum and thus a "GAME" and I play tag on here at times, and will carry on. If anyone has an issue with that then they should ask for this whole forum thread to be deleted.

BTW, it does say "Multi-page threads. A good place to get your post count up!" so by playing tag is not anything that should be frowned upon.

People, Lush is a place of fantasy and we are all here to have fun...chill out and enjoy it.
If you don't like the game or thread, just ignore it or go to another forum!

bootyshake bootyshake bootyshake bootyshake bootyshake

You are absolutely right, however when you go into a game and its the same two or three people who have been posting back and forth for one or more pages it seems like they are flooding the thread and others might not feel comfortable to join in.

I too used to play the games and I can tell you its not as fun when its the same people posting the same things over and over again - it should be open to everyone!
My 2 cents

I too agree. Its here for FUN!!! Lets not take it too seriously. I think we are all guilty of playing tag from time to time, although going on for pages gets a little rediculous IMO. Sometimes it gets a little crazy and I do feel like I am intruding if I post in the middle of a long tag run so I dont. But Ill survive, LOL!!

Usually if I see a long run, if it is interesting, I read it, If it starts off boring or it seems like a private joke then I do get annoyed and bored. But like I said, Ill survive!!!

Topic Sex after Marriage: The Honeymoon is Over
Posted 16 Aug 2011 07:38

I can also relate to much of this. I have always been very sexual since the first time I masturbated as teen. I married at a young age (20yo) and my husband was very attentive sexually. He would always go down on me even if he wasnt very good at it. But at least he would make the effort. And he was alwys ready when I was. Our sex life was pretty good until I was 23 and my second daughter was born. Then he seemed very reluctant to go down on me and pretty much lost interest in sex. I would still suck him, but mainly because I enjoyed it. Our sex life went from several times a week to once a month(except for me blowing him as I masturbated) if I was lucky and was very vanilla (not that he was very adventurous to start with). And once he came, it was off to watch Sportscenter or sleep. And once my third daughter was born, our sex life was pretty non-existent. The only time he got sexual was when he drank, but unfortunately thats when he got abusive too.

Well to cut a long story short, He never cheated, one of the faults he didnt have. He just had no interest in sex anymore. And I also never cheated. I put up with a sexless marriage and the abuse for another 5 years until I got the courage to get a divorce. But thats another story.

Topic True or False?
Posted 15 Aug 2011 13:55


Mine Was True, Maybe Someday Ill Submit One

I Love To Have Sex Outdoors Under The Stars

Topic Ban the person above you
Posted 15 Aug 2011 13:52

I Ban Adele Because Her Av Is Too Damn Distracting!!! And Too Damn Yummy!!!

Topic Guilty or Innocent.
Posted 15 Aug 2011 13:50

If Whipped Cream Counts, Guilty!!

Ever Have Sex WIth A Guy WIth A Pierced (OUCH!!) Cock?