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Topic What Are You Wearing?
Posted 19 Jul 2011 06:15

Light Blue Sun Dress, Thong, Sandals

Topic Hug, kiss or ????? the person above you.
Posted 19 Jul 2011 06:09

Lots Of Hugs And Kisses!!

Topic Another new idea for some fun...... Memorable TV Commercials we grew up with
Posted 18 Jul 2011 21:05

Where's The Beef? - Wendy's

Topic What are you listening to right now?
Posted 18 Jul 2011 21:04

Curb Your Enthusiasm On TV

Topic True or False?
Posted 18 Jul 2011 21:02

True, About The Birds

My Last One Was True, I Did Fall Out Of A Tree, Only Sprained My Ankle

I Like To Go To The Ballet And Opera

Topic How Many Times?
Posted 18 Jul 2011 20:55

More Than 50 For Sure If You Count My Back Yard

How Many Times Have You Thought About A Lush Friend While Masturbating (Not Including Cybering Or While Chatting)?

Topic right now.........
Posted 18 Jul 2011 15:04

Logging Off And Going Home, Been Long Day. Bye Lushies!!! MWAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Topic would you fuck the person on top of you
Posted 18 Jul 2011 14:31

If He Was Really Nice To Me I Would, Really Really Nice! LOL!!

Topic Would you lick, suck and taste the one above you?
Posted 18 Jul 2011 14:27


Edit:Was For Lauren. But Same Goes For LoveDoll Too!

Topic Ever fallen in love with someone you can't have?
Posted 17 Jul 2011 15:10

In Love, Not Really. In Lust...........Oh Yes!!!

Topic How often do you sext?
Posted 17 Jul 2011 15:06

Although texting has become a part of everyday life, I will only send a Sext to a very select few. Sometimes the mood just strikes me and I will send a naughty message to a close friend, usually at an awkward time for them, LOL! But I will not send any sext's to people I dont know very well.

Topic Favorite Part Of Your Body?
Posted 17 Jul 2011 10:55

Lovely Ladies Of Lush, what part of your body do you think looks the best, your favorite part, not necessarily the part that you get most comliments on? And what is you least favorite part, the part you wish you could change?

For me, my favorite is my eyes and my stomach. And my least favorite by far are my legs, I wish they were longer!!

How about you?

Topic Forum Game: Sexual Choices
Posted 17 Jul 2011 10:45

Depends On Mood Too, Probably Watch Porn Together

Share Sex Toys Or Each Have Your Own?

Topic ... in my pants
Posted 17 Jul 2011 10:43

When The Levee Breaks.......................In My Pants

Topic Word association game
Posted 17 Jul 2011 10:38

Joe Cocker ( You can Leave your Had on)

Hey Kiki, I Think You Posted In Wrong Thread!! LOL. But Going With Word Assocaition Then

Spaniel...................Get It, Cocker Spaniel. LOL!

EDIT: Now I Get It, Stupid Me!!!

Topic How Many Times?
Posted 17 Jul 2011 10:34


How Many People (Either On Lush Or IRL) Have You Showed Any Naked Or Almost Naked Pics Of Yourself?

Topic would you fuck the person on top of you
Posted 17 Jul 2011 10:02

Sounds Great To Me. Or Can Just Watch You Two First If You Like Then Join In. Im Flexible, LOL!

Topic Lush Auction: Would you buy the person above you and what would you do?
Posted 17 Jul 2011 10:00

Id Buy Her, Get To Know Her Better Then See What Kind Of Naughty Trouble We Can Get Into With Some Other Hot Lushies!!

Topic Guilty or Innocent.
Posted 17 Jul 2011 09:57

Guilty, But Not For Sex And I Knew Her Before Lush. Does That Count!

Ever Get Caught Or Watched While Swimming or Sunbathing Naked?

Topic Forum Game: Sexual Choices
Posted 17 Jul 2011 09:54


Be Aggressive Or Wait For Partner To Make First Move?

Topic True or False?
Posted 17 Jul 2011 09:51

True...............Turn The Fucking Thing Off!!

My Last One Was False, Although I Usually Dont Wear All That Much At Home In The Summer!!

When I Was A Teen, I Fell 25ft From A Tree

Topic What Are You Wearing?
Posted 17 Jul 2011 09:46

Black Bikini, Cut-Off Shorts..................Taking Off The Shorts!!!

Topic would you fuck the person on top of you
Posted 17 Jul 2011 09:45

Sure Would!! Goes For The 2 Above Me!!!

Topic Wish Upon a Star
Posted 17 Jul 2011 00:49

I Looked At The Stars Tonight And Closed My Eyes And Wished That This Day Would Never End...............WOW!!!!!!

What Did You Wish For?

Topic Pussy Devouring
Posted 16 Jul 2011 16:28

I want him/her to keep going. Usually I will have more than one orgasm and they get more intense. Just like when I suck a guys cock, I like to keep sucking after he cums (as long as he didnt want to pull it out cum on my body). Guys usually tell me that his orgasm is prolonged and more intense if I keep sucking.

Topic What would you like to Gift the person above you?
Posted 16 Jul 2011 11:37

i have some gift ideas for you to nikki!

Do Tell!! HAHA

A Nice Massage Too.....................To Start With!!

Topic Would you rather...
Posted 16 Jul 2011 11:30

Listen To Someone

WYR Lay Out In Sun Alone And Just Relax Ot Have Others (Non-Sexual) There With You?

Topic What would you like to Gift the person above you?
Posted 16 Jul 2011 11:27

A Hot Massage After A Nice Swim

Topic What Are You Wearing?
Posted 16 Jul 2011 11:26

Purple Bikini

Topic What are you listening to right now?
Posted 16 Jul 2011 11:24

One Of My Daughters And Her Friends Splashing Around In The Pool