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Topic Fantastic Oral Technique V Full sex
Posted 06 Jul 2011 14:45

I want both!! They go together. Need some foreplay with lot of licking and touching before getting a good hard fuck. Then some more licking before round 2. And I will also get him ready with a great BJ to get him rock hard.

Isn't Sex Great!!! And So Many Ways To Do It!!!

Topic Would you rather...
Posted 06 Jul 2011 12:57

Would Definitely Depend On Who With, But Probably Just Kiss

WYR Sunbath At Pool Or Beach?

Topic Guilty or Innocent.
Posted 06 Jul 2011 12:50

Guilty,My Ex-Husband

Ever Fantasize About Something That Seemed So Real, You Really Werent Sure If It Happened Or Not?

Topic The Question Game
Posted 06 Jul 2011 12:46

1. When interviewed by the BBC shortly before his death, the great British poet Sir John Betjeman was asked whether he had any regrets and he replied that he regretted not having more sex. What do you regret most about your life and what, if anything, can you still do to rectify it? I Really Dont Regret Anything

2. You are given £1000 ($1750) to spend on yourself - what little luxury would you buy yourself? Maybe Few Days Of Pampering At A Spa

3. Have you ever tried out anything you first learned about on Lush Stories? Yes, Actually I Didnt Learn About It On Lush, But Talking To Some Lush Friends Made Me Want To Try It. And No, I Am Not Saying What It Was! LOL

1. What Is The One Thing You Havent Done Sexually That You Really Want To Try?

2. What Is Your Favorite Place You Have Visited?

3. If You Could Change Your Occupation, What Would You Want To Do?

Topic Would you rather...
Posted 06 Jul 2011 12:27

At A Bar. I Love To Be With People And Also People Watch

WTR Have A Beer At A Ball Game Or Wine At The Opera?

Topic If you could be an animal in the world, what would it be and why?
Posted 06 Jul 2011 12:24

An Otter. They Just Always Seem To Be Having Fun, Swimming And Playing All The Time!

Topic How Many Times?
Posted 06 Jul 2011 12:19

Visited A Few, Joined One But It Is Now Gone

How Many People IRL Know You Are On Lush?

Topic Lush Jeopardy
Posted 06 Jul 2011 12:15

What Does Fide Call His Hard On?

Diving Board

Topic Guilty or Innocent.
Posted 06 Jul 2011 12:09

You Mean Like Dandelions Or Clover? LOL


Ever Have Sex In A Hospital Room?

Topic Forum Game: Sexual Choices
Posted 06 Jul 2011 12:03

Music Club, But Would Depend On Type Of Music Too

Tickled With Feathers Or Lightly Spanked With Paddle?

Topic True or False?
Posted 06 Jul 2011 11:55


I Am Color Blind

Topic Lush Matching Photo Game:
Posted 06 Jul 2011 11:49


Topic What should I do?
Posted 06 Jul 2011 09:54

Superb catch, Foxy!

Trainwreck meet Chris.

More Like "Trainwreck, Meet Trainwreck". Personally I Think They Were Made For Each Other. Only Question Is Which One Will Cheat At The Wedding Reception!!

Maybe Single Life Is Best For You Both.......................Or Maybe Open Marriage. But Then Why Marry?

Topic Who wants what? Black hair, grey hair, brown hair, blond hair or red hair
Posted 05 Jul 2011 15:45

I Prefer Darker Hair But Depends On the Person. Hair Color Not Very Important But If I Had a Choice Be Brown Or Black!! Although The Love Of My Life Is Blonde, LOL!

Topic How Many Times?
Posted 05 Jul 2011 15:40


How Many Of Your Lush Friends Have You Not Chatted With In The Last Month?

Topic Guilty or Innocent.
Posted 05 Jul 2011 15:37

So Guilty

Ever Masturbate In A Friends Bathroom?

Topic Favorite line from ur favorite movie
Posted 05 Jul 2011 15:35

You Can Take Your Thumb Out Of My Ass Anytime Now, Carmine - Animal House

Topic Keep them related!
Posted 05 Jul 2011 15:32

Mary Hart

Topic Lingerie
Posted 05 Jul 2011 15:29

I too love to wear sexy lingerie. I do it for others but mainly because it makes me feel sexy. Same with dressing sexy when I go out. Many times it is for myself.

Topic Boobs
Posted 05 Jul 2011 15:26

My weight really hasnt fluctuated much since I was in my 20's so its hard for me to say. When I was pregnant with my 3rd child,my boobs got huge. After giving birth, I had trouble losing the weight, even gained some more as I was very depressed so I went from a normal 115 to about 155 and my boobs got even bigger. I went from 34D to 36DD. But I gained the weight in my ass and stomach too. And when I finally lost the weight I went back to 34D.

Your situation sounds very unique only gaining in your boobs. But it is better than having your ass or stomach get bigger and your boobs stay the same.

Topic Guilty or Innocent.
Posted 05 Jul 2011 08:50

Innocent For Shy's Post Since Jason Skipped It

Guilty For Jason's

Ever Park You Car In A Parking Lot And Find People Having Sex In The Car Parked Next To You?

Topic How Many Times?
Posted 05 Jul 2011 08:45

Too Many

How Many Times A Week Do You Get Guys Asking For Naked Pix On Lush?

Topic Hug, kiss or ????? the person above you.
Posted 05 Jul 2011 08:42

A Nice Big Naked Hug, And Ill Take Care Of "Thing" Between Us Just Fine!!

Topic What should I do?
Posted 05 Jul 2011 07:42

Like most have said, you should try to feel her out to see how she feels about a guy being with another guy. Maybe it is something that excites her. You didnt say, was it just you and guy or as part of threesome with a girl. She may see that is being very different. I do, as part of threesome its kinda of a turn on. But she knows you have had an active sex life so maybe she can handle it, I mean if she really loves you...................!

But if you choose not to tell, be ready for the ramifications if someday your secret comes out as these things always somehow seem to do. If I was to find out something like this later on, I would not be very happy. Not about what it was, but the fact that you didnt trust me enough to tell me.

Topic Man-Scaping
Posted 05 Jul 2011 07:33

I am not into very hairy guys, but I also dont like when a guy shaves his entire body either. Something very weird about that to me. A little trim is fine, especially in pubic area but guys who wax their legs and chest, well, No Thanks!!!

Topic Ladies how do you want to be treated?
Posted 05 Jul 2011 07:30

I just wanted to be treated with respect. I am not into guys or girls who are so attentive and mushy because most of the time it is all an act anyhow. Just show me respect and treat me as an equal. Not too much to ask for I dont think.

Topic Bikini Types
Posted 05 Jul 2011 07:27

I wear many different types of bikinis. It will depend on where I am. If on a public beach wear there are families, usually something semi-conservative, If on vacation in tropics, usually a thong type or some other more revealing type. If at my pool, then maybe very revealing, if anything at all. I love solid bright neon colors ( pinks, greens, purples) but also love white and black too. And I finally found something I dont agree with DD on, I love some metallic colors, but do agree about not liking flashy metal hardware.

I also like very sexy one-piece suits too. Some are even sexier than bikinis.

The bikini JillinJulie has on her post is HOT!

Topic Having sex after working out?
Posted 05 Jul 2011 07:17

Sex after working out is amazing, especially after a run. My body is so alive. The best is if you can do it in a hot tub right after. Or even better yet, make sex part of the workout!!

Topic Sex with married men?
Posted 05 Jul 2011 07:14

I wont have sex with someone who I know is married unless it is in a threesome with both of them or maybe with a woman who is in an open relationship. But I do not believe in doing anything behind their partners back!!!

Topic Do you ever feel a bit harrassed or annoyed at some people on lush?
Posted 05 Jul 2011 07:10

If I get a friend request from someone I have never had any contact with, I usually look at their profile just to see who they are. When I first joined Lush, I would accept friend requests from most every woman who asked but rarely from men unless I really knew them and felt comfortable with them, But now, I usually just reject everyone unless I already know them. So many woman have asked me to add them, then I never hear from them. Like it is a contest to see who can get the most "friends".

As far as chat requests, I if dont know you, chances are I will not acceopt your chat request. I havent had to block anyone but sometimes do get tired of a guy asking me 5 or 6 times and never getting the message. Then when I get fed up and tell him I am not interested in him, being called a Lezzie slut or some other really clever comeback.

Oh, I really love the ones who make it sound like it is my lucky day that he has some time to cyber with me, LOL