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Topic Guilty or Innocent.
Posted 20 Jul 2011 07:49


Ever Masturbate While Driving And Have Someone See You From Another Car (Or Truck) And Honk Their Horn Smiling?

Topic True or False?
Posted 20 Jul 2011 07:42

I Say False, But Think You Dont Like Flying

My Last One Was True, I Have Never Tanned In Tanning Salon, Even Though One Of My Daughters Is Working In One Over The Summer And I Can Go For Free, LOL!

I Have Never Had Anal Sex

Topic Our Lovely Breasts
Posted 20 Jul 2011 07:34

Lauren and Julie you both have beautiful boobs!!! And I applaud you both for having the courage to show them to the world. While I consider myself very open and think I have very nice boobs, I am not ready to make that leap online. Maybe someday!! Sorry to be a party pooper, LOL!!

Topic Complete The Sentence!
Posted 20 Jul 2011 06:34

asked him that next time he wants to play with her panties, he leaves his hose in the back yard.

When Jessica Simpson logged onto Lush, she thought she was..............................

Topic Grape Kool-Aid
Posted 19 Jul 2011 22:07

If you started peeing Grape Kool-Aid, would you drink it? I was having this discussion with a friend, and he said no. Just wondering what you think!

Forget the Grape Kool-Aid.

What kind of drugs were you on during this discussion and where can I find some? Regaeman Man

I can just imagine the drugs that would make you discuss pissing Grape Kool-Aid. Maybe something growing on a remote mountainside. Have you been to Nepal lately? Maybe the Andes? Please let us know what you took. I have had Giant Lips in the sky reciting Moody Blues lyrics to me, but this would be a first. LOL!!!

WOW! Pissing Grape Kool-Aid.............Talk about Purple Rain!! You may have invented a new fetish.

Topic Black guys
Posted 19 Jul 2011 21:47

Although I have never been with a black man or woman, it is only because the opportunity never presented itself. I do not discriminate based on race or religon. I like people not because of who they worship or what color their skin is!!

Topic Keep them related!
Posted 19 Jul 2011 15:02

Ashley Judd

Topic Name That Justin Bieber Song :p
Posted 19 Jul 2011 15:00

Here's a suggestion for Justin (with an apology to Freddie Mercury and Queen for the misquote):

"Put a gun against my head; Pulled my trigger, now I'm dead"

I couldnt even put Justin Bieber and Freddie Mercury in the same sentence.

But I dont wish him any harm, just let his 15 minutes be up already!!

Topic If you click on this thread, you have to post
Posted 19 Jul 2011 14:52

Im Borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeddddddddddddddd!!!!

Topic Complete The Sentence!
Posted 19 Jul 2011 14:46

Sarah Palin And Michelle Obama Going Down On The President!

Three Sexy Ladies Of Lush Were Walking Down The Street When They Found This Beautifully Wrapped Box So They Opened It And..................

Topic Name That Justin Bieber Song :p
Posted 19 Jul 2011 14:36

Who's Justin Beiber?

He Is A Good Friend Of Lady Gaga!!! LOL. God The Music Popular Today Really Sucks!

Topic True or False?
Posted 19 Jul 2011 14:31

I Hope Yours Is True!!

Mine Is So False, I Usually Sunbath Naked (Or At Least Topless) At Least Twice A Week!!

I Have Never Been To A Tanning Salon

Topic Complete The Sentence!
Posted 19 Jul 2011 14:27

This could be interesting. Complete the sentence above you, then leave a started sentence for the next person to complete.

Example- I was laying by the pool and...........

Completion- John began to rub oil all over my boobs.

And be as naughty as you like.................but also be nice!! LOL

Ill Start:

Nikki was sitting in the hot tub fantasizing about...........

Topic True or False?
Posted 19 Jul 2011 14:18

False, Since I Dont Know Who "Her" Is!!

My Last One Was True, I Despise Coffee, Although I Love The Smell Of It Brewing!!

I Have Never Sunbathed Naked

Topic whats the longest u have gone without sex
Posted 19 Jul 2011 14:09

Not counting the years before my first sex, the longest was about 3 or 3 1/2yrs towards the end of my marriage.

And I hope your GF gets well real soon!. Sex should be the last thing you are worried about as her health should be all that matters!

Topic True or False?
Posted 19 Jul 2011 09:09

True, I Think

Mine Was False, Never Even Been With A 50yo

I Hate Coffee

Topic Word association game
Posted 19 Jul 2011 09:07


Topic Keep them related!
Posted 19 Jul 2011 09:05

Naomi Watts

Topic True or False?
Posted 19 Jul 2011 09:02

I Say True

My Last One Was True, I Just Find Them To Be Hillarious, Especially Bugs!!

I Once Had Sex With A 75yo Man

Topic Guilty or Innocent.
Posted 19 Jul 2011 08:57


Ever bring a lover to orgasm whilst he/she was on the phone with someone?


Has A Lover Ever Done That To You?

Topic True or False?
Posted 19 Jul 2011 08:56

Tough One, True?

Mine Was So True..............But Both Have There Place.

I Still Enjoy Watching The Flintstones And Bugs Bunny

Topic True or False?
Posted 19 Jul 2011 08:47


Mine Was Partially True, I Do Like The Ballet But Opera................Snoresville!!!!

I Much Rather Drink Beer And Shots Than Fine Wine

Topic Hug, kiss or ????? the person above you.
Posted 19 Jul 2011 08:41

Big Hug And Kisses As We Watched The Sunset!!!

Topic What Are You Wearing?
Posted 19 Jul 2011 06:15

Light Blue Sun Dress, Thong, Sandals

Topic Hug, kiss or ????? the person above you.
Posted 19 Jul 2011 06:09

Lots Of Hugs And Kisses!!

Topic Another new idea for some fun...... Memorable TV Commercials we grew up with
Posted 18 Jul 2011 21:05

Where's The Beef? - Wendy's

Topic What are you listening to right now?
Posted 18 Jul 2011 21:04

Curb Your Enthusiasm On TV

Topic True or False?
Posted 18 Jul 2011 21:02

True, About The Birds

My Last One Was True, I Did Fall Out Of A Tree, Only Sprained My Ankle

I Like To Go To The Ballet And Opera

Topic How Many Times?
Posted 18 Jul 2011 20:55

More Than 50 For Sure If You Count My Back Yard

How Many Times Have You Thought About A Lush Friend While Masturbating (Not Including Cybering Or While Chatting)?

Topic right now.........
Posted 18 Jul 2011 15:04

Logging Off And Going Home, Been Long Day. Bye Lushies!!! MWAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!