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Topic This or That
Posted 17 Sep 2016 12:41

Roast Marshmallows

Acoustic or Electric Guitar?

Topic Music Z-A
Posted 17 Sep 2016 12:33

Beyond the Realms of Death - Judas Priest

Topic opinions of women who enjoy sex
Posted 15 Sep 2016 16:46

I actually hate sex. I just find it an easy way to quench my oral fixation. But if I had to choose, I would prefer to never have sex again and suck on lollipops!

Topic How long does your sex last ? (with Foreplay)
Posted 13 Sep 2016 18:31

This is one of those questions that is impossible to answer. Let's say anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 days,lol. It really depends on who I am with. Is it a Woman? A Man? Both? Where are we? Just too many variables.

Besides, what difference does it make how long. As long as it's great sex, time is irrelevant!!

Topic Lush NFL Pick 'em League?
Posted 07 Sep 2016 14:40

I tried to join, saying password is wrong. Anyone else have this problem?

Topic Lush NFL Pick 'em League?
Posted 06 Sep 2016 12:45

I'm in!

Topic Whats Your Rock Band Name
Posted 03 Sep 2016 15:46

Yankees go Home

Interesting name. But how do you eat "go home"? Guess you didn't read the rules.LOL

Topic This or That
Posted 03 Sep 2016 15:34

WOW. Probably my 2 favorites, but have to Key Lime

Pretzels or Potato Chips?

Topic Whats Your Rock Band Name
Posted 03 Sep 2016 15:28

White Chili Peppers............they were pretty Hot, but was afraid that might be a copyright infringement, LOL

Topic Keep them related!
Posted 03 Sep 2016 11:18

Isaac Hayes

Topic Would you like a 3some with the 2 members Above You.....Yes or No?
Posted 03 Sep 2016 07:47

I'd give it a go

Topic Post something NICE about the person above you.
Posted 03 Sep 2016 07:43

She is funny, intelligent and sassy...........OMG, did I use the word sassy? LOL

Topic This or That
Posted 03 Sep 2016 07:38


Vodka or Tequila?

Topic Keep them related!
Posted 03 Sep 2016 07:30

Paul Rudd

Topic Is the person above you Good or Evil, or a Mix (NO PASSING)?
Posted 03 Sep 2016 07:13

I don't know him but I always assume someone is good until they give me reason not to.

Posted 02 Sep 2016 13:06

Okay, I had/have several ties. Using the incredibly sophisticated method of names in a paper bag to decide the second winner. Might use

NIKKI703 is the overall first place winner her guess of the U.S. taking home 46 (as it did). Nikki, you will receive your shiny new Platinum Membership on 2 September 2016.

Everybody else, I'm working on it. If you think I've made a mistake, please see rule #whatever that says my decision is final.


I didn't realize I had won until a few days ago. Hell, I didn't even know what a Platinum Membership was!! But WOW, this rocks!!!

You are so very generous to do this.

Just proves again that the Lush community is fucking amazing. The rest of the world can learn something from Lush!!!!

Topic Would you like a 3some with the 2 members Above You.....Yes or No?
Posted 01 Sep 2016 16:29

Definitely, A 3some with Amy and anyone would be Hot!

Topic Who would you rather kiss? (above or below)
Posted 01 Sep 2016 16:26

Above, Definitely Above

Topic Would you slip into bed naked with the person above you?
Posted 30 Aug 2016 19:20

If his/her profile said something I might consider it. But since it says nothing, can I just hop in with Jennifer?

Topic Ask Me A Sex Question!
Posted 30 Aug 2016 19:16

No, I never have.

Do you have any fantasies that most would consider so weird that you have never told anyone about?

Topic Blowjob with a condom... have you tried it?
Posted 25 Aug 2016 05:51

My thoughts on this are still the same as I said when this thread started. I can understand why you would do it as far as STD/STI but it's also like eating Tofu Burger or drinking non-alcoholic beer. No Thanks!

Topic Have You Ever Masturbated To A Picture Of Yourself?
Posted 21 Aug 2016 11:25

No, can't say I have ever done that. However I have masturbated to pictures of...........................maybe I better keep that one to myself!! LOL

Topic Kiss/fuck/pass threads.
Posted 21 Aug 2016 11:19

God you're a botch!!

Better than being a Bitch..................or is it? HAHA dontknow

Topic Which vintage celeb would you most like to kiss...
Posted 21 Aug 2016 10:39

Clint Eastwood

Bridget Bardot

Helen Mirren

Barbara Eden

Sophia Loren

So Many More!!

Topic Kiss/fuck/pass threads.
Posted 21 Aug 2016 10:24

Maybe you should start a thread "Do you want to Kiss, Fuck or Slap The Shit Out Of the person above you" just for a change, LOL!

Topic Who would you rather kiss? (above or below)
Posted 15 Aug 2016 20:31


Topic Adi's Randomly Bizarre and Possibly Offensive Pic Page
Posted 15 Aug 2016 13:45

I appreciate that. thank you. Rules is rules. The post above just made me giggle that's all.

I agree with you that sometimes it is fun to offend, LOL! I had a few posts I made taken down. Being Catholic, I assumed that since they didn't offend me they wont offend other Catholics which was wrong. While I do not always agree with all the Lush rules, I do try to abide by them. Like you said, Rules is Rules. For the most part we do have a lot of freedom here.

Although I do miss the Trump Pole Vaulting Post!! HAHA

Topic Would you rather...
Posted 15 Aug 2016 13:31

Rich but not famous

WYR have dinner and a very interesting conversation with your favorite celebrity or have sex with him/her?