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Topic Where would you like to be right now?
Posted 15 Jul 2016 13:16

At Home In My Pool.....................Soon!!

Topic Drink, Date or Fuck no passing!
Posted 15 Jul 2016 13:14

Drinks for sure, maybe a nice walk under the stars to get to know her..................then who knows!!

Topic 😃💐🙋HAPPY Birthday, Nicola!!!! 😊🍭😀
Posted 15 Jul 2016 12:55


Hope you have a wonderful day!!! And for all you do for all of us every day, I THANK YOU!!!

Topic I really need...
Posted 14 Jul 2016 13:40

to put down my phone and finish up some work

Topic First Jobs... Guess the person's first job.. Fun or serious guesses, but please be polite..
Posted 14 Jul 2016 13:38

She walked dogs for all her neighbors

Topic Post something NICE about the person above you.
Posted 14 Jul 2016 13:36

He doesn't like Rap "Music"

Topic I AM
Posted 14 Jul 2016 13:34

I Am...............therefore I orgasm!!

Topic describe yourself today in three letters only
Posted 14 Jul 2016 13:31

I Am

Topic Let's have some fun. The person above you, are they good, nice or naughty and evil?
Posted 14 Jul 2016 13:29

A little naughty and evil...............Am I right Spartacus?

Topic The person below me is...
Posted 14 Jul 2016 13:25

Can take it or leave it, but it is fun to dance to and country bars are cool.

TPM is more than beer and burger type than the champagne and caviar type

Topic How Many Times?
Posted 14 Jul 2016 13:21

Just once. Was my second BF when I was a teen.............well more than once but just one person.

How many times have you masturbated thinking of your best friends S.O.?

Topic What does the avatar above you make you want to do?
Posted 14 Jul 2016 13:14

Get my eyes checked, it seems to be jumping all over the screen!!

Topic Have you Ever...
Posted 14 Jul 2016 13:11

No, but kind of did while Snorkeling

Have you ever had any type of sex on a plane(masturbation doesn't count, sorry!)?

Topic Alphabet Songs (A-Z)
Posted 14 Jul 2016 13:08

Daydream - - Robin Trower

Awesome Song!!

Free For All - Ted Nugent

Topic The person below me is...
Posted 14 Jul 2016 13:03

I have no idea..................but I hope so!

TPBM hates Rap music

Topic Would You Strip Search the Member Above you?
Posted 14 Jul 2016 13:00

Depends. Is a cavity search allowed?

Topic Do you like facesitting?
Posted 14 Jul 2016 12:57

I like it, but there are many other positions I prefer to be in when having my pussy licked.

Topic A fantasy of mine, but have you ever......
Posted 14 Jul 2016 12:52

Yes, I have licked cum from another woman's pussy and have had women lick cum from me after I have been fucked. I enjoy it either way, but not as much as I enjoy swapping cum from mouth to mouth with another woman after giving a guy a BJ, YUMYUM!!...................But I guess that is for another thread! LOL

Posted 14 Jul 2016 05:46

Bday1 Bday1

Hope you had a great day. Sorry it's a little late!

Topic SUGARBUTTS (sugarbaby2013) TURNS 56 TODAY!
Posted 12 Jul 2016 12:24

I only know you by name but


Topic Give a Stripper name to the person above you!
Posted 11 Jul 2016 13:05

Hard to beat SugarBaby, LOL!

The Queen of the North Pole

Topic The person below me is...
Posted 11 Jul 2016 12:54

I certainly hope not

TPBM recently ended a somewhat serious relationship

Topic The person below me is...
Posted 10 Jul 2016 16:02

No, ran a 10K race today...............relaxing now though!

TPBM went to the beach this weekend

Topic Give a Stripper name to the person above you!
Posted 10 Jul 2016 16:00


Topic What's the longest time you spent on the phone with your gf/bf at one sitting?
Posted 10 Jul 2016 15:57

Maybe an hour or so when I was a teen

Posted 10 Jul 2016 15:55

Brush Handle

Topic You Wake Up On A Deserted Island with the one above and say...
Posted 10 Jul 2016 15:50

Damn!! If we had to get stranded on a fucking island why couldn't it be Manhattan!!

Topic You Wake Up On A Deserted Island with the one above and say...
Posted 09 Jul 2016 13:32

Well Heidi, I told you we should have gone to the mountains! But NO, you said you had enough of the mountains and wanted to go to the tropics. You happy now?