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birthday thurs, going up to London for a long weekend staying with friends. Expecting sexy undies from Brad, who's birthday is this?

11 Jul 2012 12:26

Went to the Goodwood festival last sat, saw Jenson Button do his stuff but the rest of it was a bit of a yawn! Like JB cos he looks a bit like Brad. Not really into motor stuff and got a spanking for moaning about the cold, the wind, the constant noise etc. Going to Siverstone on Sun and expect i'll get another for not going wild about it! Brad loves it, a real petrol head!

06 Jul 2012 04:26

Whoops! Got lippy with Brad fri morning, got spanked otk still in my work blouse and skirt when i got home. Aptly starting the Jubilee weekend with a bottom in shades of Red,White and Blue! The afters were great though. Enjoy yours, Nikki xx

02 Jun 2012 07:32

Horny as usual. Summer has arrived with a vengeance, did Brighton beach from Thurs to Sunday and it was great. New bikini on for the first time to b/f's delight. How come sunshine makes you hot even where the sun doesn't shine?

28 May 2012 09:31

Got the slipper and didn't like it much. 4 whacks and cried off, resumed with a good old fashioned hand spanking, much better! Too much heat in one place. Been away for the Bank Hol but back to work with a vengence (like reading stories instead of doing some).

08 May 2012 09:40

Got to be quick, working lunch. BF got back last night. gave him the stockings and stripper heels routine and his promised Bj. He was very appreciative. granite-hard! very HOT night. Got to go, in a meeting at 2 (glad they can't read my thoughts!) Oh, tonight is spanking night. Gona surprise him and ask him to give me my first 'slippering', otk with a ballet pump I picked out. Hope I can take it (I know he wont really hurt me but...) lol Nikki xx

04 May 2012 05:34

Asked the Gals in the forum about fave positions, great feedback, got my first doggy style spank on Sunday and it was Oooooh! getting my botty smacked with bf in me was very different, still prefer otk though. Bf working away till tomorrow so missing him at bedtime (nearly got the 'rabbit' out but resisting it) promised him a very long and slow BJ when he gets back and I want the full benefit of it. Still, I got my latest story finished and just about to submit it. lol Nikki xx

02 May 2012 12:09

Hi, boyfriend says I must not chat but didn't mention blogging so here goes. Both late home last night. Friday night is spanking night and I got it as soon as I got in. Over his knee, jacket on skirt off panties on (only his hand on the bare) for Petra Paddle (pet name) oooooh!Then it was his turn. Skirt back on (no work tomorrow so heading for the laundry) his trousers and boxers off and over my knee for about a dozen with one of my flat heeled sandals. Great 'stiffy' and we didn't waste it! Wine, nibbles and TV until late. Looking forward to the weekend. lol nikki xx

28 Apr 2012 00:18