Just What She Needed

A bad sex life can make anyone a bitch, just be careful how you handle it.

I wrote this for a friend after that "Ask me one question" trend got around to her and she asked how I would torture her, I told her I could explain it better in a story, so here it is, hope you enjoy it. This is my first BDSM story, any feedback would be greatly appreciated. “I'm fucking done with men in clubs! He was such a fucking loser! He couldn't keep it up long enough for me...Read On

Love Poems(1)



My first poem, feedback is greatly appreciated.

To see you is a reward for my eyes, the dimples in your cheeks and the smile you always wear, your shimmering eyes and long flowing hair, and a nice firm body that'll give any man a rise To hear you would be music to my ears, an angelic voice that holds so much passion, the way you laugh with such incredible fashion, powerful enough to soothe even the worst of my fears To touch you means a...Read On



Thanks for the Show

Sometimes they like to be watched.

This is my first story with a non-incest theme, had an idea and decided   to run with it. This is also my first story from the female POV, and my first non-series story, any feedback is greatly appreciated. “Oh fuck yes baby fuck me! Fuck my tight pussy!” I screamed as my boyfriend Jeff drove his cock into my pussy over and over. “Damn Sally, its like your pussy gets tighter and...Read On