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Topic How to ask her
Posted 18 Aug 2013 06:49

The idea of unleashing your deepest desires to someone you have been close to over a long period of time; raises doubts about - would they embrace or would they be apprehensive to your fantasies.

Before expecting her to answer you in a simple yes or no, I believe you should introduce her to the idea. Use a third person example to see her response.

If I were you, (me and my partner being sapiosexuals) I would start off by mere facts. The reason why you would enjoy watching another man with your woman has a very strong linkage to your (or most men's) sexual instincts.

Studies state that men produce higher amount of testosterone when mastrubating to porn with two or more men with one woman; than when watching a man and woman having intercourse. Again, if I were you, I would share this with my partner and would establish a base to my fantasy. The whole while, I would strongly recommend - Do not expect her to agree or disagree. Just go with the flow.

Topic Attraction (Science) - Would you agree?
Posted 18 Aug 2013 03:53

Women seem to prefer men who display a proud yet reflective demeanor, and sometimes display a warm and sincere smile. Men that are always smiling seem to be considered a turn-off by most women.

Would you agree with this?

Echoing the Cliche - Women are deemed complicated. However, it is our complicated natural selection that intrigues me.

There are quite a few studies that might draw your attention; and although what you mention holds true for me, I would state that these studies can not be generalised.

A study states that - MOST Women find a pin up poster of a good looking man holing a baby more attractive than a drop dead gorgeous man posing shirtless. They percieve the first guy as a potentially better father and sexual partner, who is more stable and reliable than the other.

Topic how would you like your husbands or boyfriends to spice up your sex life
Posted 30 Nov 2012 09:13

By being creative, trying new things... Being more candid and open about asking what I like or telling me what he would like me to do.

And I've noticed, with time, foreplay sort of fades off. I would like to keep the intimacy alive with the foreplay. Lots of it.

Topic How many girls ejaculate at the point of orgasm? It's not a myth.
Posted 16 Nov 2012 10:37

I've always been a little shy and introvert-ish. I squirt almost every time I masturbate, but never during sex. Mostly because either the guys weren't doing it right and also because I wasn't very comfortable. Until, only after reaching a certain level of comfort in a recent relationship, he did make me squirt. While having sex in the classic missionary, I was nearing an orgasm and somehow, he might have felt my pussy squeezing his cock with the pressure... however, he gave a few hard thrusts and pulled out. And there it was, gushing out like love. It went on for at least 10-20 seconds, and before I could wrap my head around what was happening, I instantly looked at him, hoping to find some approval. His eyes went wide with amazement... It was as if he had found a new function to one of his gyzmo's! He made me cum several times after that, making sure I squirt each time. When we finished I felt drained to the core, unlike the bed which was drenched.

Of course after that episode I was banned from squirting anywhere around the bed! :P

Topic a very important question
Posted 11 Oct 2012 13:00

If you are 16-18 and are attracted to a 20 to 30 year old woman, its natural. She's at the peak of her sexuality. When a man is in his 30-50, and is attracted to a 16-20 year old, she'd be at the peak of her fertility. So either way, its natural. However it doesn't have to happen with every guy, since some men determine fertility and sexuality not by a woman's age but by other factors.

Topic Ladies, do you think it is instinct that some of you submit?
Posted 10 Oct 2012 10:37

Do any of you ever find it instinctive to submit or have rougher sex with a dominant male? I sometimes think about what kinds of raw animal instincts lay below the surface of us all.

Like in nature a male lion will pounce on a female and have his way with her. The lioness can struggle all she wants but she isn't going anywhere. Do any of you ever like a guy to just take you and have his way with you? Do you think this is instinct that you get off on submitting or even fighting back (mutual here, not talking rape against someones will) for awhile before giving in to him?

Do you ever role play or simulate getting raped? I dunno, to me it seems like animal instincts play a role in our sex lives no matter how enlightened and civilized we think we are.

Completely agree with you on this.

Sometimes, if a woman finds herself being dominated by a guy, she doesn't like all that much, she will still be aroused. Maybe her arousal is out of knowing that he wants her so bad, that he can take her against her will. I was once in that situation. And I am still not very sure about how I felt or how I feel now (that it's over). I didn't like the guy and never wanted it to happen, but when it did, I was extremely aroused. I was still fighting him. But it was in vain. Not because he was strong, but I gave in to my inner instinct. I secretly wanted it.

Topic Total honesty, please....How quiet are you??
Posted 10 Oct 2012 08:57

You know you should through out your fuck doll when, your lover is really quiet during sex and you're enjoying it!

I don't scream. But yes, there's a gratification - from audibly loud breaths to soft moans to louder moans... depends on how hard I'm being fucked! ;)

One night when I was fooling around with my lover in my dark university room with my room mate, ignorant and fast asleep, I was threatened that if I made the slightest sound, even if it were a tiny little squeal, he'll stop fucking me and leave that very second. I was obedient. But it was awkward. He then realised how important my moans were to make him cum! ;)