First Time(3)


Anne Makes the Grade

School Girl Comes of Age

The bell rang; bringing eighteen-year-old Anne out of her day-dream. School was so boring and she was just a junior. The uniforms sucked. Ugly. The thin material of her plaid wool skirt scratched the skin of her thighs. She hated the white cotton shirts and silly class ties that had to be neatly knotted and pulled snugly to the collar. The knee-high, blue socks which constantly fell down and...Read On


Anne Makes the Grade Chapter 2

Anne's sexual awakening continues...Mike discovers a mentor

Anne woke to the sound of her cell phone ringing. The water was lukewarm now. She must have nodded off right away. She looked at her fingers. Yep, good and pruney. It was time to get out anyway. She pulled the plug to let the water out and stood. Water flowed from her body leaving droplets to bead on her smooth shoulders. She watched rivulets of water course down her belly to disappear in...Read On


Anne Makes the Grade Chapter 3

Anne's sexual awakening continues...

“Ok. Start from the beginning,” Jessica said as they walked to school. “It’d take too long. I won’t get half - way through before we get there.” “Come ON. Please.” “Jess, COME on. Do you really want to spend the day in damp panties?” “Fine. I’ll just take them off.” She handed Anne her books and started to lift her skirt. “What are you DOING ? Stop. Someone will see.” ...Read On

Love Poems(1)



Just day dreaming about my wife

You nestle against me Your back to my chest Your silky skin burns I nuzzle your neck You sigh Contented I kiss your special place You moan I nip You whimper My arms ‘round you My hands Cup heaven’s flesh Gentle kneading Arched back Grinding Hips Cleft captures Slickness merges With velvet heat Penetration...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Anne Makes the Grade Chapter 4...Mike and Consuela

Mike's mentoring condtinues

Mike found Consuela’s house with a little difficulty. While not far from town , it was rural. Her house, surrounded by trees felt isolated. “Wow,” Mike whispered, “Nice house.” He pulled into the garage and turned off his car. He jumped a little when the garage door started down. His arms full , he turned to see Consuela leaning against the door jam. “You don’t look too bad for...Read On

Wife Lovers(3)


Anne's First Massage Chapter 1

Frustrated Air Force wife gets a massage........

Anne’s First Massage Chapter 1 Anne woke up; tired and irritable. Her husband had told her some bad news the night before. He’d have to stay another six months in Korea. They’d been married 14 years before he had to go overseas. They’d only been separated a few weeks at a time before this. The toughest thing was being a single parent in everything but name. The kids were great,...Read On


Anne's First Massage Chapter 2

Frustrated Air Force wife gets a massage........Continued

……… She could feel the cool air on them. She didn’t recall her inner lips acting like this; unless Michael sucked on them. She opened her legs a little more to ease the tension...... She heard the door open. Crap she thought, my pussy is right in line with the door. I hope the towel is hiding everything. Of course she probably isn’t looking anyway, it wouldn’t be very professional would it. ...Read On


Anne's First Massage Final Chapter

Frustrated Air Force wife gets a massage and much, much more

“Paulo, that feels so good.” “Good, I can feel you relaxing.” He finished up at the base of her spine. The warm pool of oil was spread upward to the tops of her cheeks. He pressed gently. Anne moaned with pleasure. Paulo listened; gauging her response by her voice and the absolute relaxed state she was in. He worked her hips kneading the soft flesh. She didn’t tense so he continued. Soon...Read On