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Topic Guy eating/tasting his own cum..
Posted 25 Nov 2016 12:01

I find it completely sexy... and for me, one on my bucket list is to have a man lick his cum from me after he fills me... I think that is just one of the sexiest acts...

If you are still interested in doing this, I would be happy to help you cross it off of your bucket list.

Topic Blowjobs: Guys, do you like to suck cock as well as having your cock sucked?
Posted 09 Nov 2016 17:51

I have never tried giving or receiving but given the opportunity I would love to try it. Anyone in Michigan?

Topic Guys, what is your favorite kind of porn to watch?
Posted 23 Nov 2014 18:04

Anything by Dane Jones or similar to.

Topic When was the last time you had sex? [BE HONEST]
Posted 17 Feb 2013 09:57

August 5 2000 I had a one night stand with a married girl at a company function and everyone there knew about it. While as a guy this might seem like something I would brag about but that is not who I am. I have always tried to live my life with some morals and so this combined with my shy personality really messed me up. I hope I can put my past behind me someday and get back to living.

Topic Just in case
Posted 17 Dec 2012 21:07

I haven't had any pussy in way too long. Just in case the Mayans are right, are there any lush gals that would like to help me out with this problem.

Topic Guys, would you rather fuck a tight or wide pussy?
Posted 15 Dec 2012 11:36

There is no such thing as bad pussy, the worst pussy I ever had was still better than my hand.

Topic How long could you survive after a kicking a bear in the balls
Posted 03 Dec 2012 20:15

48 seconds, not to be the nerdy pain in the ass guy, but seriously, depends on what kind of a bear. Koala bear, it's too cute to be fast. Black bear, eh, might be interesting. Polar or grizzly, I think you'd be dead before you even got to kick it.

How to tell the if it is a black bear or a grizzly bear. Kick the bear in the nuts and then run to the nearest tree and climb it. If the bear chases you to the tree, climbs the tree and kills you it is a black bear. If the bear chases you to the tree, knocks the tree over and kills you it is a grizzly bear.

Topic Sperm
Posted 26 Nov 2012 17:42

I only recently joined lush by have got to say, I love the frank and honest answers from the ladies here, it's not only arousing but informational as well. Thank you all.

Topic have you ever felt your pussy getting filled with a cock when you are asleep
Posted 22 Nov 2012 06:41

I started performing oral on a girlfriend once while she was sleeping. She woke up, I remember her saying "oh hey what ya doin" kind of fuzzy like when you wake up, duh. After she came we both went back to sleep. When we talked in the morning she said that it started out like she was dreaming and then the dream just kept feeling better and more real, of course then she woke up to the reality. She loved it and wanted to know when she could expect it again. I don't remember what brought it about, I just woke up in the middle of the night with sex on my mind. I never thought about the consent of it since when we were dating anytime either of us wanted sex the other was willing.