First Time(2)


Rebecca's First Time

Fuck me! My pussy is aching for your hard dick!

My name is Rebecca, but my friends call me Becca. I am seventeen years old, and the only virgin in my group of friends. All my friends ask if I have ever been fucked, or had I ever sucked someone off before. I reply by shaking my head for no, and they all laugh.  Today, I'm meeting my boyfriend, Raphael. He is so perfect, with his short blonde hair that seems to frame his face and his...Read On


The Way You Made Me Feel

The best part was when his hot cum filled my wet pussy.

I was sitting on my bed, my boyfriend was about to come around any minute. I was wearing a short, black dress, which squeezed my breasts together. I was wearing no underwear, when he entered the door he was completely naked. I spread my legs and sighed as the air hit against my pussy, he walked up to me and sat in between my legs with his face close to my pussy. I was 25 and he was 28 so we...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Baby Making

Ah fuck! I screamed as he bounced on me.

My Fiance had been away on vacation for a week. I missed the sex he gave me as we have it everyday. I sat on my bed waiting for him to come home, I had a vibrator to my pussy. I moaned at the vibrations that seeped through my jeans. I was nearing my climax when he walked through the bedroom door, my hand held the bedpost as I smiled at him. He came and sat on the side of the bed. He held my...Read On