A surprise for Sir

She had known him online a long time. He was one of those guys you just couldn’t help but to notice. She had never imagined anything would come of it, but to her great surprise, he noticed her too, and over time, things blossomed. He saw sides to her she didn’t even realize was there and as her eyes started to open, he became her lover, her Dom and her great love. One day she jumped on a...Read On

Erotic Poems(56)



She aches to feel his soft lips Brushing across hers, Soft butterfly kisses Slowly growing in intensity, Passion stirring within As their tongues intertwine, Drinking in the taste of the other. She longs to feel his arms Scoop her up, wrap her in tight, The warmth of his body, Secure and protective, His hands tracing her curves, Carefully watching her, Gradually building the...Read On



She hungers for his touch, The kisses he places all over her, Awakening her body like no one else, Making her squirm with desire, Shiver in need, Knowing he will take her there, Where she longs to go, Again, again and again. Twisting and turning, She yearns for his weight On top of her, Pinning her down, Taking, claiming what is his, Leaving no doubt In her mind, heart, soul ...Read On


Golden fields

She wanders through the golden fields, The wheat standing tall and proud, Ripened by the summer sun and rain, And as autumn approaches, Ready for the harvest. The straws run through her hands Like the gentle caress of a lover, The air fresh and crisp, Sweet from an orchard near by Mixed with a hint of her arousal. Her rosy pink nipples Strain against the fabric of her dress, ...Read On



With slow deliberation He walks towards her, Eyes burning dark, Locked on her, An animal on a hunt She his prey of choice. She quivers, Tingles running down her spine, Watching him approach. Never knowing his next move, Fast or tantalizingly slow, Hard or teasing exploration. With a quick move, He is suddenly in front of her, Sweeping her up in one motion. His mouth claims hers,...Read On


Riding the lightning

As his hands trail Slowly over her body, His lips places kisses Everywhere, He doesn’t just awaken her, Make her desire come alive, He creates a full blown thunderstorm Deep inside her. His touch Sends electric pulses through her, Quivers down her spine, Every nerve is set alight. She whimpers in urgent need, Thunder rumbling inside, Shallow breath and a racing heart, ...Read On



I long To feel your mouth Pressed against mine, Your hands exploring Every inch of my skin, Finding each spot That makes me tremble. I want Your lips trailing kisses Slowly down my body, Teasing and awakening Every nerve, Feeling you part my thighs, Drinking greedily from me. I need Your weight on top of me, Pinning me, Your hunger radiating As you thrust in deep, Claiming...Read On


Hummingbird wings

My heart beats feverishly, My breath fast, quivering, Like the rapid flapping Of hummingbird wings. Hands slowly, gently, Dragged across my skin, Your warm breath Followed by little kisses, nibbles. Slow, soft licks  At the apex of my thighs, My body begging for mercy, Just a little bit more…! You are driving me insane With torturing pleasure, Keeping me on edge, So near, yet...Read On


Come undone

One look From your burning eyes, One touch By your caressing hands, One word Whispered with hot breath And I come undone. I break, Melt into a puddle Of overwhelming desire, Shattering emotions, Needing to become yours, To feel your passion, Belong in your embrace. As our mouths meet, Passionate kisses shared, I become a prisoner of my own needs, my hunger, Lost in you. ...Read On



Take me to Wonderland, Far away from everyday reality, Where it is just you and I, Our yearnings, passions, Nothing but joyful pleasure. Let me drown in your embrace As our bodies intertwine, Naked skin against skin, Lustful words whispered, Nibbles on a vulnerable neck. Drink from my well of desire Like I do from yours, Devour me, Make me yours, Thrusting deep within my core. ...Read On



Twisting and turning, Frustration overwhelming. Why, Why won’t this body calm, Stop craving, Stop needing, Stop wanting? An everlasting fire Roaring through veins, A volcano Bubbling under the surface, Distracting, Determined, Relentlessly torturing. Longing, Overly sensitive nerves, A dull throbbing, A pull, Desperate desire To be kissed, Touched and to touch. Memories...Read On


Finally home from work

A sigh, A quiver, Fumbling hands, Desire. Heat, Moisture, Moans, Bodies crushed together. Deep kisses, Tasting, Exploring, Every nerve awakened. Velvet tightness, Throbbing steel, A thrust, Cries in the night. Clinging, Nails digging, Juices flowing, Desperate need. Explosion, Wave upon wave, Ecstasy. Total bliss....Read On


Moth to a flame

She is drawn to him Like moths to a flame, Desperately craving What he gives her, His voice hypnotic, His touch like a drug, What she needs More than anything. His warm mouth Covering hers, And she falls, Down, down, Into the depth of passion, Her burning desire Met by his As he thrusts in deep. In that moment There is nothing but heat, Two bodies intertwined Connected...Read On


Lover's kiss

He watches, In the corner of his eye, Her lush little mouth, Begging to be kissed. The perfect little arches Of her top lip, The plump pink flesh Of her bottom lip. Ready to be devoured By him, Knowing how soft they feel Pressed against his. The moist warmth Of tongues brushing, Tracing each other’s lips, Exploring, probing, tasting. Little nibbles, A passion so strong ...Read On


Fool me

I know I am no one special, That I am just another girl Among many, But please, For a little while, Let me pretend. Whisper those words I long to hear, Make me feel Wanted, desired, Like I matter, That I belong. Run your hands All over my body, Fuel the fire burning inside, The volcano waiting to erupt, Hot lave coursing through my veins, Desperate for release. I promise...Read On


Ravish her

As his hungry eyes Run over her body She quivers in anticipation, On fire, She doesn’t just want his touch, His kisses on her skin, She wants to be ravished, Consumed by his desire, As he press her against a wall With an overwhelming need To claim her as his. She needs his hands To tear off her clothes, Their bodies colliding, Grabbing, exploring, Fuelling the other’s desire. ...Read On


Pretty please?

Take my hand, Lead me into the unknown. Make my heart pound, My breath shiver As your lips find mine. Trace your fingers Over my sensitive skin, Awaken every nerve, My blood boiling In need and desire. Whisper the words I long to hear, Telling me of your heat, How you need me, Want me to be yours. Explore my body, Slowly and knowingly, Let the anticipating Drive me...Read On


The man of her dreams

His warm eyes meet hers And it takes her breath away. A hand on her neck As he leans in, Claiming her lips, Her breath warm against his mouth, Small whimpers making him kiss her Deeper, harder. Sensually, he drags his fingers Over her skin, her collar bone, shoulders, Whispering into her ear “I love you, babygirl”, “I want you – so much”, She is totally under his spell, All...Read On



Hands, Pointing, motioning. Tangled into hair, Pulling, guiding, sometimes lightly forcing. Gentle caresses, Across a face, a neck. Teasing, Awakening nerves, desires. Touches, Trailing paths on soft skin. Grabbing, Holding in place, Legs pushed opened, Held. Relentless probing, Soaked. Oh yes, I love hands. ...Read On



A look In His eyes Speaks more Than a million words, Silent, Yet louder than thunder, Heat, Demanding, Passion. The touch Of His hands Sends trembles, Sparks of fire, Through her body, Burning, In need, Desire, Anticipation. The sound Of His voice Like liquid velvet, Her knees weak, Breath uneven, Falling to her knees, Respectfully, Gracefully, Belonging. His weight...Read On



Heat radiating off her. A hunger, a need Ravaging through her body, her soul. Her body cries out for his touch, Her soul for the connection between them As two lovers become one. A thirst totally consuming, Like the desperate search of a traveller, Lost in the desert, For an oasis. She wants him, she needs him, The release of energy, the pleasure of ecstasy ...Read On


Whispers in the night

Surrounded by the darkness of night She waits for her love. Listening out for his footsteps approaching, A smile forming on her lips, As she hears him coming. He joins her under the covers And pulls her in close, Kissing her softly, Stroking her hair. “Hi babygirl” he whispers. He feels her breath on his skin, As she greets him lovingly. The stress of a long day melting away ...Read On


A sensual dance

The tension, anticipation, Is almost unbearable As he slowly moves over to her With a burning intensity in his eyes. He traces his fingertips Over her collarbone, down to her chest, And the lightest of touch Sends sparks of electricity, Shooting through her. She shudders, And feels her panties grow moist, His fingertips circle her nipples. Picking her up, He presses her...Read On



One intense look from You And I melt, Utterly, Totally. A single sentence spoken And I’m under Your spell, Tingling,  Wanting. You show me Your desire, Making me burn, Flaming, Needing. You awaken me totally, Every nerve, Trembling, Gasping. When we make love There is no doubt, I am Yours, Completely....Read On


Tidal waves

Straddling his lap, Her eyes filled with desire Sparkling with passion As they look deep into his. She often sits on his lap, Curls up innocently And cuddles, seeking closeness. There is nothing innocent about her now. She radiates heat, need, Primal hunger. “Take me” She whispers with quiet intensity, Grinding her hips slowly. His cock twitches, Hands finding her butt, ...Read On


Making love

His hands runs slowly, Tantalizingly, Over her. Caressing and exploring Every bit of his lover’s body As he presses into her back. His hard cock against her, She moans softly, From touch, But even more From feeling his desire. Nibbles on her neck, Holding her tightly, And she melts, So completely, Into him. Bodies moulding together In a...Read On



“Cum for me!” He growls into her ear As He pushes deep and forcefully into her. She cries out, Her walls spasming on Him, Flooding Him in her juices, Trembling, gasping, His name on her lips. He moans, Watching His girl As she gives Him everything she is, Surrendering her body, heart, soul To Him. He pulls out as she calms, Offering His cock to...Read On


Her paradise

He holds her So close in His arms, Rocking her slowly, Kissing her neck, His cock deep inside her Covered in their mixed juices. She sighs with content, Basking in sweet afterglow, As He whispers “Mine” into her ear, Making her tremble in delight. “Mine” He repeats, Feeling her pussy twitch on Him in reply. He smiles, Having His love just where He wants her. Pressing lightly...Read On



She wants to be consumed by Him, Lose herself in Him, Until she forgets her name And there are no more boundaries Where she ends and He begins. She wants to be consumed by Him, His hands, His lips, His cock, His body Being all that exist, All that is real, In that moment. She wants to be consumed by Him, Look deep into His eyes, See the passion, desire, hunger, Knowing it is there...Read On


Lovers' talk

“Are you mine?” he whispers Into the dark, late hour, As his fingers tangle into her hair, Softly stoking and playing. “Yes,” she answers with a smile, Squeezing her wanting body into his. Thighs part, his leg between hers, Feeling her heat, her desire. “Want me?” he says, Running his hands over her back, Pulling her close Into him. “More than anything,” she softly moans, ...Read On


Come to me

Whimpering, squirming, twisting and turning, desperate in need of Him that lights her fire within, He that fuels her heat, makes the molten lava explode from her volcano inside. She needs His hands on her body, His kisses covering her flesh. His light touch and firm hold, His gentle nibbles and stinging bite, she craves it all, as she aches from every cell. She remembers His...Read On


Blazing fire

Like a blazing fire The passion burns in her veins, An all-consuming hunger As He slowly and deliberately Runs His hands over her body. Bound and helpless, She can do nothing But accept what He gives, The sweet torture Driving her crazy with desire. The lightest of touch, Like a feather dragged over her skin, Awakening every single nerve. Quivering in need, Her eyes silently...Read On



Her breath quickens, Grow more and more shallow, As His hands run over her body, Slowly, deliberately, Turning on every nerve. She quivers in need, Pleading eyes meeting His. He chuckles, flicking a nipple, Loving her responsiveness, Her body His to enjoy, His to arouse, bring to ecstasy. Teasingly, He lets her feel His cock, Hard, throbbing, velvety steel ready to claim, Sink...Read On


Silk ribbons

The silk ribbons are dragged slowly over her skin, Teasingly, waking her body. One by one, her hands are bound, Next her feet, eagle spread, At His mercy, she is for His pleasure. With slow, sure steps He circles her, Watches her intently, Every trembling breath she inhales, Her gentle tests of the ribbons. The tension, slight anxiousness, heavy in the air Mixed with aromas of...Read On



Intolerable pleasure, Sweet torture Of overwhelming power As he claims, Sinks deep and firmly Into her. She becomes a vessel He fills with lust, A primal hunger, To mark his love, Spill his seed in her womb. Sweet, dark fragrances of her arousal Making him fall, An abyss of ecstasy surrounding them. With final thrusts He takes her with him. ...Read On


The hunt

Slowly, with intensity, He walks over to her. An animal on the hunt And she is his prey. His eyes filled with hunger, She trembles, Her body responding Just by how he watches her. He kisses her deeply, Tongues meeting and exploring, His hard cock against her, Passion in every touch. She melts into him, Burning to become his, Fire in her blood, Wet with need and desire. ...Read On


Two as one

“They seemed to be together as one, somewhere else in a place that was lighter than air.”

The scent of arousal heavy in the air, Eyes locked, lost within the other. Bodies tangled, quivering with desire. Slowly, his throbbing cock sinks into her, Her body accepting, taking him in, Joining two as one. Moans escape her lips, Clinging to her lover, Nails digging into his back, Every thrust followed by her hips. Her warm, wet core Driving him crazy...Read On



With bound hands and blinded eyes, Kneeling, naked, She waits. Her heart is beating fast, Breath shallow and uneasy, Biting her lip, she fights to calm. How long has it been? A minute, an hour? All concept of time has vanished. She listens hard for any sound, Any hint of Him returning, But there is nothing. Has He forgotten her? No, He wouldn’t, she knows, Yet a small part...Read On



Heat, passion, lust, Full breast, the curve of her hip, Her naked form waking his every desire. Covering her skin with kisses, Hands explore every inch, Feel her respond, drip with hunger, For him, his to feast upon. He drinks at her core, Her mouth on his cock, Finding each other’s taste intoxicating. Moans, whimpers, growls, Desperation growing within, ...Read On



Tension is quivering in the air, The heat pressing, almost unbearable, Humidity making everything heavy and sticky, Nature is waiting to erupt, The sky about to explode in lightening A release of pressure urgently needed. She lays on her bed, naked, waiting. Her body mirroring the humid heat around her, Desperate she awaits him, His touch, his mouth, his body ravaging her. ...Read On


A little taste of heaven

Her eyes shine in eager anticipation As his hands trail in slow motions, Painting random patters, Her naked body their perfect canvas. He watches her, Struggling to keep in control, His primal side wanting to ravage, claim, Yet he holds back, taking his time. She squirms, whimpers, softly moans, Every nerve awakened by his touch, Her body screaming for more, A sweet torture as...Read On


The ancient dance of lovers

He comes to her when darkness falls, When moonlight shines upon her skin, Making it glow in beautiful paleness, Like fragile, exquisite porcelain. The cool night time air Causes her pink nipples to firm, Little rosebuds on creamy breasts, His mouth watering at the sight. She sighs and stretches, Unaware of his presence, his eyes on her. The seductive curve of her hip Calls to...Read On


The man of my dreams

Kiss me like there is no tomorrow, Wrap me up like you will never let go. Whisper sweet nothings into my ear, Make me laugh and laugh with me. Nibble my neck, across the collarbone, Taste my skin and awaken every nerve. Touch me tenderly, sweet caresses, Or grab me firmly, ravaging my flesh. Show me your desire, see how it makes me burn. Make sweet love to me...Read On


A Curse?

Laying in my bed, alone, naked, Craving to be touched, A body tangled with mine. Wanting someone, needing something Again… Knowing there will be no release For my desires tonight. I burn, I hunger, Like a furnace lit within, Feeling like it will consume me. Questioning why do I always desire so much? Why this strong need to be desired? Is there something...Read On



He looks at her, Eyes penetrating, full of passion. She melts, shivers down her spine, Biting her lip, shallow breath. He lifts her up, presses her against the wall, Whispers with intensity, “Mine!” She nods, dripping with desire. Their lips press together, Probing tongues, grabbing hands, Before he sinks into her, hard, While their eyes are locked. He takes her,...Read On



She sneaks into his lap and curls up. With a sigh, she relaxes, His arms wrapping around her, She feels safe, at ease. A grown woman, sure, But his lap is her safe-place, She doesn’t care if others find it odd. He smiles, feeling her melt into him, Her total trust in him, heart-warming. Loving how she can be so strong, Yet vulnerable when she lets him into her...Read On


Lazy Sunday mornings

The first rays of the morning sun Shines through the window, a light glow dancing around the room. She wakes, stretching lazily, Smiling, realizing she is still wrapped up in his arms. He squeezes her tightly, nibbling her neck, Whispering “Good morning, sweetheart”. She presses herself into him, Feeling his hardness rub against her butt. “Good morning, baby” she whispers back, ...Read On



Thud, thud, thud… Her heart is racing, Feeling like it will beat out of her chest. Flushed cheeks, shallow breath, The same thoughts repeating through her mind, “You must stay quiet!” “Stay still, don’t move!” He sits by her side, Calm and collected, at ease. He mindlessly looks around the room;  People all around enjoy their lunches, chatting. He glances quickly at her, But...Read On



“Stay still now,” he whispers with a cheeky smile. She quivers slightly, but nods, Trying to follow his wish. Slowly he runs his hands down her body, Over her thighs, firmly part them wide. Blushingly she tries to close them, Feeling too exposed in the lit room. “I said stay still,” he says, holding her back. She whimpers softly, but does as told, Embarrassed to feel her juices...Read On


A Summer night

Curling up on her garden swing She sips her wine a warm summer’s eve. After a hot day the evening is welcomed, The air just right to sit quietly and relax, Hear a few crickets, an owl in the distance. He walks up to her, sits by her side. Taking her glass, putting it down, Before pulling her close, meeting her lips. The sweet taste of the wine lingers on her As their tongues start...Read On



Her breath grows shallow As their eyes meet. Sparks of electricity on her skin When his fingers finally touch, Lightly, teasingly, every nerve awakened. Nibbling her neck, feeling her rapid pulse, Words of passion whispered, And she trembles for him, Growing wetter by the moment, Squirming and whimpering, A body pleading, begging for more, Needing more,...Read On


Secret moments

Whispering winds, Warming rays of the sun, Calm surface of the water Reflecting her image back at her. Everything seeming calm, But inside, her blood is boiling Like molten lave flowing through her veins. She stretches out On the warm cliffs by the water Far from anyone, Slowly running her hands over her naked skin Images flashing behind closed eyes Of...Read On


Primal hunger

At night He comes to her, A hunger burning in His eyes. She melts, quivering in need, To touch and be touched, To taste and be tasted, To please. His desire will take her To the highest peaks, As He enjoys her body, How it responds and reacts, Hearing, feeling, seeing How she gives her every pleasure To Him. His mouth covers every inch of skin, ...Read On



Her blood courses through her, The thought of him, Desire for his touch, His attention, his hunger Driving her desperate in need, To feel, to please, to be his. A moment where time stands still, Where nothing matters Except two bodies intertwined, Giving and receiving Endless passion and pleasure. Exploring, caressing, tasting, nibbling, Finding every spot ...Read On


Lost In Each Other

“Like velvety steel,” she whispers as she strokes her hand slowly up and down his cock. The hard shaft in her grip with its veins and glistening head mesmerizing her. He groans at her touch, wanting more from her little hand. With a cheeky smile her lips part, wet kisses, licks along his length, he sinks into warmth and softness, a welcoming mouth. Her heavenly sucking drives...Read On



A hand slowly runs over her thigh Making her shiver with delight He grins playfully at her Sensing her desire and need increasing Every touch, every kiss, every nibble Adding to the fire blazing in her. Her breasts, firm yet soft like velvet Filling his hands, nipples peaking against his palms. Her small frame with such wonderful curves Driving him crazy with hunger To touch, to...Read On


Wanting to forget

You can't run away from your past or who you are...

Images flashing behind closed eyelids, laying in bed, twisting and turning. She doesn’t want to remember soft words whispered with hot breath, fingertips tracing over sensitive skin, leaving a path of fire behind, kisses, nibbles waking every nerve, bodies filled with aching need. Frustrated and sad she hides under covers, praying sleep will come for her soon, take away memories...Read On

Fantasy & Sci-Fi(1)


The sacred rite of Litha

“Women spin your circle right, weave the web of dark and light…” The chant of the women rose higher and higher as they were dancing around a roaring fire deep inside a dark forest. They had gathered in their sacred clearing at midnight, celebrating one of the most magical nights of the year, Litha, or Midsummer as it is more commonly known. They had feasted on the offerings of the...Read On

Flash Erotica(1)



She was beautiful. Maybe not the sort of beauty you would find on the pages of glossy magazines, but to him, Belinda was the most beautiful girl he had ever laid eyes on. He watched from the shadows, obsessed, unable to stop thinking about her. The way her hair would blow in the wind and she would brush it away absentmindedly, lost in thought or the way her hips would sway as she walked...Read On

Love Poems(94)



Curled up in a large bed In the darkest hours of the night, She wraps her arms Tight around herself, Trying to ward off The chill in the air, The sneaking feeling Of the corner shadows Being more than a trick of light. Perhaps there are no such things As ghosts or monsters, Hiding in corners or under beds, Only tales from younger days. In reality, They are manifestations Of...Read On



Through the eyes of love, we all become perfectly imperfect, unique pieces of art

A paradox of contradictions, Fragile but strong, Emotional yet an intellectual, Fiercely passionate, But quiet and shy. A caretaker, Always looking out for others, Secretly longing For someone to take care of her, Though never wanting to rely on others. She yearns to belong, lose herself in Him, But treasure her freedom. She is way too stubborn, Yet her willfulness Has helped...Read On


In his lap

Crawling into his lap She sighs with content, His arms folding around her, Warmth filling her, Both outside and in. Curled up In his loving embrace, Her whole being relaxes, A busy mind quieting, All stress melts away. Her head on his chest, She listens to his steady heartbeat, Feel the rise and fall As he tranquillity breathes, And everything feels safe. Gentle caresses...Read On


The Submissive

In quiet contemplation She kneels, Waiting, Surrounded by stillness, Her neck gracefully bent, Eyes lowered, Her heart-rate slows, Breath flows steadily As she finds peace In her submission. Her hands are not constrained, No rope or iron shackle her, Yet she is bound To Him, With an invisible bond Of trust, love and commitment. She chose Him, To give Him her power, And with...Read On


I see you

I see you. Not just the flesh That covers you, But the warmth Behind your smile, The wisdom In your eyes. A spirit of a lion, Ready to stand up Both for yourself and others. A kind heart, Always willing to help. Passion radiates Like a roaring fire Whenever our eyes lock, Our hands touch. Hard working, Never giving up Without a fight. During a busy day, You still find...Read On


Just right

One touch And her world changes, Bursting into colour, No longer gray and dreary. His warmth Fills her body, The light reaching every corner, No darkness for demons to hide. Caresses Brushing away any sadness, Embracing arms Creating a place of peace. Soft kisses Awakening her desire, Growing in passion As they explore each other. His voice Like molten chocolate, ...Read On



Please, Take me into your arms, Into your warmth, Hold me close, protected, Because tonight, I need your care. I just want to disappear Within you, Your scent safe and familiar As I nuzzle your neck, Rest my head on your chest, Listening to your steady heartbeat. Whisper with your soothing voice All those words You know I long to hear, Stroke my hair And caress me softly,...Read On


The dandylion

She isn’t a rose, Exquisitely beautiful, Nor a lily, With its elegant grace. She doesn’t have the exotic nature Of a bird of paradise or an orchid. The innocence and intoxicating scent Of the lily of the valley she can not match. She is the dandylion That grows in meadows and by the roads, Overlooked by many, Regarded as an unwanted weed by others. Yet she prevails, A...Read On


My heart's desire

You don’t have to offer me the moon, The sky with all its shining stars. I just want you to hold me As we lay on our backs, Gazing up at the beauty of the night, Millions of twinkling stars Sharing our quiet moment. You don’t have to buy me expensive presents. The greatest gift you can give Is your time and attention, The sweet words you whisper just for me, Gentle...Read On


Mind over matter

Day after day Pain rips through her body, Relentlessly Pecking away at her soul, Her sanity. Sharp stabs, Like a dull knife Sinking into her flesh, Crippling cramps, Tensing every muscle. At times She feels defeated, That she can’t take it anymore, Wanting to give up, Give in to despair. But as darkness falls, A small voice in her mind whispers, Reminding her of the paradox,...Read On


See her

There are days She feels so lost, So alone, Wanting to cry out, See me! See all hidden inside, All the passion, Desire, love. Understand That below a quiet surface Deep waters run. Yet no words escape her lips, The silent screams Only echoing in her soul, Tormenting her. She longs, Deep and profoundly, To be swept up, Found by him That will desire her body, Want to cherish,...Read On


Show her

Fuck her, So she knows you want her, That she is desired, craved. Let her feel your hunger, Your need to be in her, To claim her, To make her yours. Make love to her, Show her you care, How you treasure her, Not just her body, But a real connection, Melted together, Joined as one. Cuddle with her, Put her at ease. Show her she matters to you, Both as a lover And as your love....Read On


She needs

She needs to be held, But not just by anyone. She needs to be held By him that wants to hold her, Keep her close, Protect and care for her. She needs him to desire her, Not be there out of obligation Or for a brief moment. She needs him to miss her Like she misses him And hurry back when he can. She needs to feel safe with him, Know that he holds Both her heart and body with...Read On


A lone companion

As nighttime falls And darkness surrounds her, The cold grasp of loneliness Grabs hold of her heart. Her life is full of things to do, People, work, chores and fun, Yet in the quiet dark, Loneliness often takes hold. Memories of nights of passion, Seemingly endless desire As lovers cling together, Haunting her. Those nights seem so far away Yet so near, The sounds echoing in...Read On



Love isn’t always pretty Or polite, Nor is it easy. Yet within the depth Of the very soul There is nothing we crave more, Need to be fulfilled. Lust is a force of life, Of nature, In essence the survival Of humankind. Desires drive us, Give new energy, A release of power. Two halves of a whole. As love and lust meet, We find our peace. Two pieces of individual strength, ...Read On


A moment of peace

Hold me in your arms And don’t let go. Engulf me in your warmth As I curl up close, Listening to your breath, Your steady heart beat, Feeling myself calm As I lose myself in you. Naked skin against skin, I want to nuzzle your neck, Drink in the scent of you, So familiar, Like coming home. Let me just be for a while, Exist inside the cocoon Of your embrace. No stress,...Read On


Flow of power

As the Master restrains His sub, She finds her freedom. With a lack of choice, Peace fills her, She stills. When she gives herself, It is with faith and trust, That He will take control, Maybe not give what she wants, But always what she needs. She is not weak, Rather strong enough To offer her strength to another. He is her Master As she made Him so. She craves His control, ...Read On



Like so many women She always tried to be perfect, To be everything to everyone, A wonderful wife, A resourceful employee, A trusted friend, A hot lover, A good daughter. In the middle Of trying to play all these parts, Be there for everyone, Somehow she forgot herself. She rarely took time To do things for her, Or love herself The way she loved others. Setting...Read On


A lifetime of love

Time of spring, Shy, little smiles, Stolen, secret glances, Blushing cheeks and butterflies, The beginning of youthful love. The first kiss, Fumbling hands, Racing hearts and hormones As two young unite. Moving into summer, Passion and desire, Heat, bodies on fire, Lovers knowing each other’s bodies, Every little secret, Bringing the other into paradise, An ocean of pleasure,...Read On


Silly girl

Silly girl, When will you finally learn? You don’t really matter, You never did. For a moment in time You believed, Again, That someone really cared. Silly girl, Have history taught you nothing? It is never about you, It is about someone, anyone. You have no real value, A mirage in the dessert, A wonderful fantasy for a minute, But fake, not real. Silly girl, Stop giving...Read On


A star of hope

The darkness surrounds her, Silence making the voices in her head scream louder, Impossible to ignore as they gnaw at her soul, Tearing and clawing, bringing destruction. Invisible shackles only she can see, feel, Grow heavier in the dark. She can hardly move, hardly breathe, As the weight is pressing on her chest. All she can do is lay still, just be, Search...Read On


In the eye of the storm

She lives in the eye of the storm, Trying to keep things together As the world around Is torn into pieces, The forces of nature Causing havoc in their path. She can do little but breathe, Trying not to panic, Keep her emotions in check. The small things in her control She has tried to do, Hoping the damage stays manageable. There is no telling If the storm will move on Or hit...Read On


Marks of love

Silent whispers of the wind Rustling long straws on a shore, Twinkling specs of sunshine Playing on the surface Of an ocean of billion drops, Salty like tears shed throughout time Into its endless vastness. Waves breaking against the beach, Sand filled with memories Of footsteps covering the soft blanket. Steps, small and large, Made by countless people Leaving a mark for a moment...Read On


A sad goodbye

With a broken heart Her tears run down her cheeks, Shocked, Devastated, How one moment in time Can change everything. She never imagined It would end this way. He was her ever after, Or so she thought. Cruel twists of fate Made it differently. She can’t do things half-way, Part time. If she can’t be dedicated, Give what He deserves, What He wants and needs, She can’t take...Read On



His. We. Us. Seemingly small, Insignificant words. Yet as they are spoken, They tear down walls, Sink into her soul, Disarming, As she comes apart, Unable to withstand Their power. Tiny words of promise, Stirring deep within, Speaking to her very core, A longing, A need, To belong, To be loved, Desired, Not alone, Someone by her...Read On


His Valentine

He sees her Like no one else. Right from the start He saw past the outer things, And saw the real girl, Not a circumstance. He sees her Like no one else, Knowing when she gets Needy and clingy She is just a bit insecure, Wanting his closeness and comfort. He sees her Like no one else, Seeing a form of beauty Where she sees An ordinary, Plain girl. He sees her Like no...Read On


A flame

A single candle Flickers in the dark, Its mesmerizing dance Drawing her in. Memories Of her lover’s touch Evoked. The warmth Reflecting off the candle, Like the skin Of her lover, Pressed against hers, Warming her. The candle’s heat And brightness Only paralleled With what she sees In his eyes, As their bodies join In unison. Strength of memory Almost too much To bear,...Read On



A smile on my lips As you reach out a hand, And pull me in, Wrapping me up in your arms So lovingly, Lifting me up, Holding me close to you. I melt into you The feeling of coming home, Belonging, Every time we are together. Sharing our hearts, Our thought, our passions. Overcome with joy That you want me, Just as I am. Letting each other in ...Read On


A lesson

Kneeling, She waits. Back straight, Thighs parted, Hands resting on them. Head and eyes lowered, Respectfully. Her body naked, Hair swept back in a braid. Sturdy leather Around her slender neck, Cuffs on wrists and ankles, She is ready For her Master. Listening, Hoping to hear footsteps, An opening door, But everything is silent, All she can hear Is her thudding heart, ...Read On


Just a man?

She speaks of him Like he lit the sun, As if he shines Like all the stars on the sky. His voice velvet to her ears, Words spoken Going straight to her heart. It seems like He is the centre of the world, Like he affects her As the moon does the tides. Maybe he is just a man, But he lights the warmth in her, The twinkle in her eyes. His voice brings her calm, Fills her with joy....Read On



Sometimes she wishes for snow, A pure, soft blanket, Millions of beautiful flakes To fall and hide the ugliness, Cover up the hurt, The scars and pain she carries. A clean, white surface, Nothing seen, What was there, gone. A moment to breathe, To forget, Feel a quiet peace freeze all. But sooner or later, The snow will melt, The ugly reappears, The dark still as evident. ...Read On


Her Master

For He who made my dream come true, who patiently and lovingly shared my journey within BDSM.

She glances out the window, Lost in thought, His voice flowing through her mind, Her heart. How did she get so lucky, To find someone so wonderful, So passionate, caring, loving? Someone telling her, Showing her, Each and every day That she is special, Even though she doesn’t think so. She can still hear His voice From their last talk, And a gentle smile Forms on her lips, ...Read On



Every once in a while The earth trembles, The terrifying forces of nature Bring destruction in their path. Sometimes a person gets shaken To the very core, Life as they know it Threatening to fall to pieces. She knows she can trust her love. He will always try To protect, to keep her safe, Yet some things are out of his control. The dark clouds Chasing away her sunshine,...Read On


Symbols of love

As the day grows near, I wonder Is it really happening? Long we have planned, Had items made To be carried as symbols of love. How will it feel To have the cool leather around the neck? To wear the ring as its symbol always? I can’t quite imagine, Or understand, How the moment will be. A meaning so deep Hidden within leather and metal, How can items carry so much? I humbly...Read On


A new year

A journey is easier when not taken alone...

 A new year starting, Blank slates laying ahead. Hearts full of hope, Dreams of what may come, Worried of turmoil to be faced. Like all others, She knows not what will pass, Yet she meets the new year With smiles, Knowing she doesn’t meet it alone. Facing the unknown Can be exciting or scary. She feels at peace, With her love by her side, She can deal with anything. All...Read On



She curls up on his lap Tight against him And he embraces her, Wraps her up closely In his loving arms, Knowing when she come like this She needs to feel Safe, loved, protected. He kisses the top of her head Whispering sweet words of love, And as always It calms her worried mind, Her concerns, Her insecurities. She rests her head on his chest, ...Read On



Twinkling lights all around, Making the darkest time of year Lighter, brighter, Shining along with stars above On velvety Christmas skies. Warmth and beauty surrounds her, Songs of joy, Of peace on earth and to mankind. She sighs, bittersweetly, Part happy, part sad. She loves this time of year, When the world slows, People remembering To take some extra time For those they...Read On



Days sometimes hit us, Specially as the snow covers the ground. The world dark and frozen, People huddling together to stay warm, Looking forward to celebrating A time of light in all the darkness. Once in a while, On days like that, She is struck by the memories. Things from her past, both good and bad, But most of all, Remembering those loved ones no longer here. When...Read On


Winter Star

When you wish upon a star...

Darkness, Silence, A blanket of snow. Muffling all sound, Glittering, Like a million diamonds, Under a pale moon, A cold winter’s eve. She knows She is lucky. A nice house, Warmth, Never hungry, Family, Friends who care, Loving arms to hold her. Out in the night, There is sadness, Despair, Those struggling To eat, To keep warm, Fighting, With every breath Simply to...Read On



Twisting and turning, Longing, Her heart aching, Body restless, The bed too big, Too empty, Without Him. His protective arms Aren’t wrapped around her, His warmth, Big, safe body, Not here, Next to her, A shield against the darkness. Sighing, Every part of her, Crying out for Him, Missing Him, Needing, Not sure if she can sleep Without Him. Tomorrow, He will hold...Read On


Caring for her Sir

With a soft whisper into the night, Feel better, my Sir...

He always looks after her, Cares for her, Making sure all her needs are met. Tonight, as His face is hot with fever, She looks after Him. It is her time to care for her Sir. Gently she caresses His hair, His head cradled in her lap, Soft words of comfort and love whispered. Hot soup, drinks, medicine and cold cloths, She gladly gets it all, Hoping every little thing helps a bit. ...Read On



She walks her life through light and shadow, Night and day, With His warm whisper in her mind, Her heart.  As dawn breaks, He is there, Greeting her, in her thoughts, Putting a smile on her face,  Her body on fire, Knowing she is His,  That they will talk later. Her good days get brighter, Her darker days vanish When she spends time with Him. Laughter and joy fills her Along with a...Read On


November rain

The cold November rain hits the window, Drizzling down, leaving trails Drip... drip... drip... Her fingertip follows the water Until it disappears Into nothing. The outside, bare, cold, Nature gone to sleep. Naked branches of the trees Whipping in the wind, The unforgiving chill Freezing the living to the bone. She curls up, Watching the scene before her. Not that long ago, ...Read On


Waiting for rest

Looking into the dark night, The world quiet and lonely, She takes comfort knowing He is out there somewhere, Sleeping restfully. She wishes she was in The land of dreams with Him, Safely wrapped up in His arms, Curled up, small and warm Against His big, sturdy frame. But for now, sleep won’t find her. The aches are too loud, Keeping her restless even when tired. Sooner or...Read On



As He shackles her wrists He doesn’t imprison her, He sets her free, Gives her peace of mind, of heart. The collar around her neck Is not of oppression, But her greatest pride, Worn as a reminder, She is His, She is protected, She is loved. When she falls to her knees, It is not out of fear Or because He makes her. She offers her submission freely, ...Read On


Through His eyes

It is wonderful And scary at the same time When someone sees you as special, As someone of great value. On one hand it makes you fly, Find belief and joy, Pride in that you matter. At the same time, The worry is there, Of not being able to live up to it, Afraid you will fail or disappoint. He sees her In a way she doesn’t understand. She is a bit of a broken soul, In a broken...Read On


A dream come true

Awakening, She pinches her arm. Was it all just a dream? A moment of perfection, Only to be found In the castle in the clouds, In Neverland, The places she only reaches in sleep? She checks her computer, Her heart races. It is real! There it is again, His sweet words for her, Wishes for a great day. Memories flood back, All she can do is smile. How did she get so lucky? ...Read On


Difficult moments

There are moments When sadness hits her, Memories flood back, Things she can never take back, Re-do, un-do. Tears pressing, She tries to fight them, But sometimes they need to fall. She tries to let go. No one can change their past, All anyone can do Is move on, Make better choices, Learn and grow. She knows all that, Yet it is hard to do. Inside her darkness, He is her light....Read On



A few small, simple words for some people who are very special.

We all get born into a family, Almost a lottery, Some are lucky, Others less so. But some of us Get a second family, Not one by the luck of a draw, But one we choose. She had great fortune, Taken into her new family. Welcomed with open arms, Warmth and love radiating. Now she is never alone, Sisters by her side, He who always protects And the one who holds her heart. He,...Read On


She is His

Within His arms, she finds her bliss.

With every breath, Every heartbeat It slowly sinks in; She is His. Her trembling body, The passion inside, Heat and hunger, Belongs to Him. The love coursing in her, All of her compassion, Thoughts and feelings Are His. Her worries, The demons tearing at her, Doubts of herself, He takes. Smiles and tears, Weakness and strength, Small and big, He wants. She can...Read On



Home could be anywhere as long as it's with him.

There is something so special When you find that one Where everything just feels right. Waking, there is a smile on her lips, Because she is His, She has found her safe place, her home. Every day He holds her close, They talk, laugh and play, Always reminded that to Him, she is special. With a firm, but loving hand He guides, Taking care of her every need, Making sure she...Read On



There is a constant pressure To do great, to be perfect, To fit a certain mould, From society, from ourselves. She knows she could never reach perfection, No mould ever quite fit. She keeps searching, Trying to find someone, He who could like the woman in her, The thinker and intellectual, Yet also cherish the girl, Who needs to be held and protected. She hides so much inside, ...Read On


Find the one

Find the one who will call you Just to hear your voice, Someone who holds you close When the thunder roars And you feel a bit scared, He who checks for monsters under the bed, Who loves you at your best, But also at your worst. If he loses himself in the depth of your eyes, Listens to your stories And warms as you giggle and blush, He might be the one...Read On


An autumn walk

The jewelled tones scattered on the trees, Every leaf like a blossoming flower Against an ice blue sky. Air sharp and crisp, Filled with the promise of frost. Wrapped up in cosy knit She walks through the leafs on the ground, Rosy cheeks, ruffled hair, Thinking of the night to come, Tangled up with her lover. A low sun makes everything glow, Like a fire; yellow, orange, red. ...Read On


Castle in the clouds

“Everything you can imagine is real.” - Pablo Picasso

At her castle in the clouds She hides when life gets hard. There no sadness exists And he awaits her, always, His arms open to hold her close. When chilled to the bone Curled on his lap her warmth returns. Mad, passionate love they make, Consumed by each other’s bodies, Desire and lust driving them Into endless moments of ecstasy. Like a skilled musician ...Read On


In Focus

There are times When your mind gets clouded. Thoughts, what you know, Get blurred, out of focus Feelings scream so loudly, Being heartbreakingly overwhelming, Drowning out anything else. Then there are moments Where everything snaps into focus. Finally seeing clearly, What you knew all along sinks in, Becoming real. Mind and heart at balance, Everything gets so much better. ...Read On


Stormy seas

Through a stormy ocean of feelings, Lost, aimlessly floating, Wind tearing at the sails, Ripping and shredding, Waves crashing against the hull, At the rudder, Clinging to hold on, Waiting for the storm to pass, Get through it, Find calmer waters. There is no set course, No known destination. Nothing but foreign waters lay ahead. Yet a hope remains Of one day reaching the shores....Read On


The Siren song

The darkness calls Like a Siren’s song, Pulling me in, A place to find rest, No more pain, No more tears, No more hurt. Oh, how I want to go, But I know I can’t. I have to stay, Shackled, imprisoned, A broken body, A wounded heart, A spirit scarred. I long for the darkness, For peace. One day it will embrace me, Let me rest. But not tonight....Read On


Her sorrow

An endless battle fought inside, The deep longing for love, For passion, desire, heat, Arms to hold and protect, Someone to cherish her. Yet she can’t pretend To be anything but who she is, She won’t hide her feelings, Her opinions, dreams, wants. She needs to be herself. But herself doesn’t seem to be enough. She is far from perfect. Filled with sadness ...Read On


The sad clown

In memory of a gem, may he rest in peace.

Once in a while The world gets gems, People who shine, In talent, wit, intelligence and heart. He was one of the few, A clown to make us smile, Always bringing laughter, Hope to those in despair. But who makes a clown smile When his world gets too dark? A broken spirit and fighting body, Who lights his way back? In the end no one could. The clown sleeps, Tired of pain,...Read On


Nobody knows

Nobody knows how she cries herself to sleep, Almost every night, Feeling so lost, so alone. During the days, she wears her mask, Seemingly fine, Someone who is doing well. But when night falls, She is on her own, Letting her mask fall. Then, the heavy fog, the darkness, Is sinking in bit by bit, Dragging her down into a bottomless abyss. She is tired...Read On



Take my hand and lead me into the night, Kiss me under the moon, Lay me down in soft grass, Running your hands all over my aching body. Undress me, covering my naked flesh with yours, Nibble my neck, my collarbone As my legs tangle with yours. Taste my skin as I tremble with desire, Longing for your every caress and kiss. Drink from my core, Let my moans fill...Read On


Her Sun to worship

From ancient times, the sun was worshipped, Light, warmth, power, Source of life, of growth. The masculine strength that protects, Yet can burn if not careful. Today, we don’t worship the sun, But she wants to fall to her knees Before Him, the male the sun represents, Her protector, her safe-place, her home. He leads her, guiding firmly but gently. Her body is His to pleasure, ...Read On


A Lonely Night

Arms wrapped around knees, She looks out a window, Into the summer night. Late, she should be in bed, But her mind is too busy right now, Feeling small in a big world. As little she saw no limits, Imagined she could do anything, Be anyone. Growing up, reality slowly took over, A ballerina-popstar-veterinarian-astronaut She probably would not be. But the dreams also changed. ...Read On


Little words

Words can be brief, but their echo goes on forever...

Some words carry within them So much meaning, such depth, Modest, little letters put together, Becoming almost sacred in their meaning. A single word can hold magic, Make me tingle with delight, Feel proud and at peace, Make my heart beat out of my chest. Home.. Want.. Mine.. Love.. Small words that mean everything When spoken by a special someone, He that holds my heart, ...Read On


Long-distance love

She would walk through light and darkness, Climb endless hills, cross treacherous rivers, Just for a moment in his arms. There is nothing she wouldn’t do To feel his soft caress, his lips on hers, Know she is finally home where she belongs. But sometime life has its own plans, Even though their hearts beat as one They are oceans apart and have to remain so. Distance can be hard...Read On

Recommended Read

A final goodbye

She sits in silent contemplation, Watching the rolling waves, The grandness of the majestic ocean, Reaching farther than her eyes can see. So calming, but ever moving, Ripples and glittering on the surface As the sun reflects itself. A lone tear drips into the water, Dissolving into nothing, One drop into endless others, A last tear to mourn a loss, Not only for the love that...Read On


Breaking the circle

Breaking a negative circle can be the most important fight of your life...

He was what he claimed to despise, A fake, a user, Full of words, but little substance. She became what she swore Never to be again, Used, a victim. Her past had darkness in it, People who broke her innocence, Took things not belonging to them. It took years to grow, Leave a past behind, Not whole, but determined to be strong. She was blinded by his charm, Falling into...Read On



She needs to be held, Feel protected and safe, Like she matters, Is treasured by him. She wants to be seen, To be heard, understood, Her feelings respected, Not made to feel guilty for them. She longs for his desire, To share passionate kisses, Tremble for him As he enjoys her body. She tries to please him, Make him happy, even proud, But she can only be herself, Anything...Read On



Even within a broken body a spirit can soar...

The pain is ripping through her As she is curled up in bed, Silent screams on her lips, Cheeks covered in salty tears. Tonight the agony has found her again, Her body feeling like a prison, Holding her captive, in torment, Betraying her, making life so hard. Most days she puts on a smile, Live with the discomfort and aching within. She has found ways to live with it,...Read On



He took her hand and led her, Out of the mist, thick and heavy.  She was lost, no path in sight, Fumbling, she could not find her way. The cold, damp air clinging to her skin, Blinding her, taking her voice.  The chill penetrated deep inside,  A frozen soul, about to give up. He became a glow, A guide out of despair. The fog started to lift, The icy cold loosing some of its grip. ***...Read On


Star-crossed lovers

It is said the Moon and the Sun were once lovers, Torn apart, forever chasing each other, Rarely ever able to meet. A girl curls up, looking up at the night sky, Thousands of little stars twinkling back at her. In their midst the Moon stands, Her cool light shining down, filling the girl with sorrow. As the Moon misses her love, The girl is longing for hers, Alone in the night,...Read On


I wonder

Unanswered questions.. A sigh before taking another step forward.

I wonder if you have any idea how much you hurt me, how sensitive I really am, how my heart bleeds. I wonder if you know how hard it is to try to stay strong when you feel so weak, like you are breaking into a thousand pieces. I wonder how you could be so loving one day then all but disappear the next, how you said we were special, amazing, yet you totally let go. I wonder ...Read On


Once upon a time

Once upon a time, Before she became who she is today, She had a restlessness, Needing to realize and admit Who she really was, What she needed to be whole. As truth wants out, The day came when she no longer denied, Stopped keeping her eyes closed, To avoid seeing the obvious. Accepting all sides of herself Gave a whole new peace. She found giving up control, Submitting with...Read On



Twisting, turning, she can’t find sleep. Tired, yet restless, All her thoughts are with him, Longing for his kisses, His touches that awaken her body And reaches inside her soul, Making her come alive. Her insides feel like a smouldering volcano, Molten lava in her veins. She knows he can’t be with her tonight, He can’t bring her to the edge, Then letting her body erupt, ...Read On


A midsummer’s night dream:

She dances on meadows under the full moon, Nightingales singing songs of beauty. Her skin glowing like ivory, Her hair with a golden shine. Fireflies twinkle in the air And with childlike wonder she reaches for them. He watches her with awe, Not wanting to disturb. Sitting down she weaves a crown of flowers, Placing it on her head. To him, she is an image of...Read On



Does time really heal, even a shattered heart?

She isn’t devastated anymore. She isn’t rolled up into a tiny ball, Unable to get up, to leave the house. She sleeps, dresses, eats. There is a smile on her face more often, At times it even reaches her eyes. She isn’t torn apart with grief now, Shattered by the goodbye out of nowhere, But the sadness still lingers inside. When darkness falls, Little voices...Read On



Sometimes she just feels small, Like she can’t meet the day, Overwhelmed, haunted by memories. She has worked hard to get away from pain Both physical and emotional, sometimes crippling, But some days it is like hitting a wall, Climbing it seeming an impossible task. Those days, having His strength means everything, Having His lap to curl up on, Arms to hold her close and safe. If...Read On


His sleeping beauty

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder...

He watches her sleep, Careful not to disturb her peace, Her breath deep and even, A small smile on her lips. Where are her dreams right now? Maybe she is in a meadow, flowers all around, Warm sun on her face, breeze in hair. Or perhaps she is in his arms, Snuggled up, sharing hopes for the future. The serenity on her face makes his heart warm, Its every beat...Read On


Touching her soul

It is like he awakens her soul Every time he caresses her body, Touching something deep inside, Not just her skin. His fingertips rousing her nerves and her spirit, Her heart rejoicing when his desire shows. His kisses are like a breath of life, Making her truly come alive, Not just existing. When he holds her close to him, It is often like handing her a life...Read On


Bath time

“Come here babygirl, bath time.” He smiles as he picks her up, Carrying her into the bathroom. She snuggles close, His strong arms her safe place. He lowers her gently into steaming water, Peeks of fluffy bubbles tickling her skin, Flowery fragrances filling the air. He joins her, Pulling her back against him,  Making her lean on his chest. She sighs with content, The warmth and...Read On


A perfect circle

With love and gratitude to Him who complete my circle...

Everyone needs love, Most want a partner, Someone to share life with, Good times and bad, Passion, closeness, support. She needs all these things, But she wants more, Craves an added dimension. Her heart yearns to belong, Give herself to Him who will treasure her. The greatest gift she has to give Is her submission. Give away control, give her heart, Her trust, her faith,...Read On


As She Is

In the midst of the chaos, Where darkness ruled, Crashing waves and ripping storms, He wrapped His wings around her, Gave her shelter and took her in. He brought her away from it all, Saw how lost she was, how sad, And decided no more. She curled into his embrace, There she stays. He keeps her safe, gives her a home, A place to breathe. His patience is endless, His guidance...Read On



She wants to feel whole again, But she doesn’t know how. She needs to regain her happiness, Feel she has some worth Though life has made her think differently. Where do you start When everything is in shatters? He saw her struggles, Said He would lead her. With a kind and firm hand, He helps her breathe, Find enough calm to start rebuilding. Piece by piece...Read On


Hold me close

Hold me close into the night As the hollow winds blow, Branches tapping on the windows, Sounding like lost souls in the night Searching for shelter. Hold me close and don’t let go, My demons are near by, Wanting to tear at my flesh, Sink inside my very being, Break me and take me into their darkness. Hold me close and keep me safe, Remind me I am not alone, That my demons...Read On


Sweet words?

You can't live in a fairy tale...

Sweet words, on the surface loving, kind Can sting the most when you know the truth behind. Once you trusted, believed You were part of something special Finally kept so safe in loving arms By your knight in shining armour. Then the path became bumpy, Rocks put down needing to be passed. It turned out knights don’t exist in the real world. They belong in fairy...Read On


A beautiful morning

The early morning sun warms her face, A light glow in her cheeks. A breeze ruffling locks of hair. Birds singing a cheerful melody, Welcoming a new day, Calling out to find a mate. She sips her steaming coffee, Closing her eyes, taking a moment Just to sense the life all around. A cat lazily grooms and stretches, Gazing at her for a moment Before striding off, finding a place to...Read On


What scares you most?

What in life scares you the most? Maybe heights or tight spaces Make your heart race, and panic grip. Is it the worry of not earning enough, Being able to support the life you want? Some tremble in fear Of thoughts of snakes or spiders.  Others have palms that get sweaty Just by the thought of being in a crowd. Many of us worry about not measuring up, Not being...Read On


Wanting to run

Tonight she wanted to run. Far away, never return. Overwhelmed by the past  Memories burning like acid  Stinging and destroying in its path  Corroding, disintegrating Maybe it was wrong to return, Seeing it all over and over, Remembering what was once hers, But never to be again. She thought she could find her own quiet corner, Co-exist, hidden behind thin veils, ...Read On


Deep breaths

She takes a deep breath, Then another, Finally a step. One tiny baby step, But still a step in the right direction. Every day since her world fell apart A fight, just to stay breathing, To eat, to get out of bed, to keep existing, Tying to remember she has some worth Even though he didn’t find her worth keeping. She takes a deep breath, Then another, No steps that day. Some days...Read On


Lightning strike

In a second, a moment in time,  everything can change. Like a flash of lightning from a bright, blue sky her whole life changed. All she knew, her love, her home,  was ripped away out of nowhere, her life spinning out of control, down, down into the darkest abyss. How do you rebuild when a life is in ruins? How do you put one foot in front of the other, move on, move forward, when...Read On


She shouldn't be there

Tears run freely down her cheeks as she watches from afar. She shouldn’t be here, shouldn’t be watching, but she can’t make herself stop, leave. Every second near them is like a knife stabbing her flesh, over and over and over. Yet she stays. She watches. Like a moth to a flame, she is drawn to him. There is no comfort, warmth anymore, only flames that burn...Read On



Strength and forces of nature can't be held back...

The shadows dance over the ground as light shines through the leaves of a tree still dressed in the light green colours of spring. Nature’s awakening a beauty to behold, like a nervous, blushing bride it awaits the full bloom of summer. As the sap flows through the branches of the tree a girl sat in its shade notices her hands trembling, her blood pulsing and slowly heating her body,...Read On



Ghosts of the past brush near her as she returns to a place of her past. Fond memories clouded by pain, the hurt she cannot seem to escape. Stuck in darkness, the hollow storms roar, tearing at her as she curls up, in wane she tries to find some shelter, but the stormy darkness is in her very core. There is no way to hide from herself. She waits in silence in hope to gather strength,...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


A midnight caller

She was sitting in her kitchen nook, looking out the window, into the darkness. On a little corner bench, she put her legs up, wrapping her arms around her knees. It was late; she really should be going to bed, but the thought of that big, empty bed was just too depressing right now. She took a sip of her tea, the warmth of it a little bit soothing somehow. Normally she was more of a...Read On



Rekindled fire

There was a time when they hadn’t been able to keep their hands off each other. Veronica and Max met just as she had finished her law degree, and it was love at first sight. They started a whirlwind romance and within a year they said their “I do’s” in a tiny stone chapel with only their very closest of family and friends attending. The first years of their marriage was filled with...Read On