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I'm looking for that spark it you?

13 Jan 2011 01:27

Of all the websites in all the world...

24 Dec 2010 01:01

***Public service announcement sexywife104's profile is a fake. Take a look at the image posted on 'her' page and try telling me that's a real photo with a straight face. I am here only to serve you my friends

23 Dec 2010 02:59

My life needs more distractions

23 Dec 2010 02:31

The nErD in me is looking forward to Tron...

17 Dec 2010 02:10

My new account page is so lonely! Won't you stop by and leave a note? Thanks lovers

07 Dec 2010 01:45

If you're in to the in*est stories...........we should be friens

04 Dec 2010 17:25

Added some music to my page. The songs are too perfect for my current situation not to aknowledge them. Enjoy

29 Nov 2010 02:02