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Our novels and novellas section is for more substantial erotic stories, which often stretch to several chapters or installments. They are not as substantial though as romances, which are essentially books. Novels give a chance to serious writers to show off their talents on a larger scale.


Annie's Story Chapter 1: An Awakening

An interesting turn of events leads to an awakening.

As I look back on the last few months I still cannot fathom the changes that I have gone through in the last few months.  My name is Annie, and until nine months ago I was living a satisfying and happy life.  I was happily married to my husband Tom, and we were starting to discuss the possibility of having children.  On a horribly fateful, night we were walking home from dinner when a...Read On


Annie's Story Chapter 2: A Rediscovery

The awakening within Annie begins her path to rediscovery.

As I hurried out the door of the physical therapy office, I pulled on my light rain coat and zipped it up.  The weather was by no means dreary or brisk, but I was glad I had grabbed it on my way out of the house this afternoon.  The coat allowed for me to conceal the physical symptoms of my arousal.  However, I had to do my best not to show the arousal in my face, or with my body language. ...Read On


Blood Lust - Chapter One: The Unusual Client

Just a normal night for a big city hooker, turns into some fun.

It’s a dark and muggy night. Clouds cover this sky, the orangish glow of the city lights reflects upon the puddles in the street, only disturbed by the occasional droplet of water. A man driving around the seemingly empty yet busy streets. Busy with drug deals, scantily dressed woman walking around waiting for a car to pull over to them. The man scanning every one of them, looking them up...Read On


Sultana (Chapter 6 - Discoveries)

Turbulent adventures, sexual intrigue, magic and monsters all are set in an ancient desert land.

Younos The Sultana sat down next to her husband, and cleared her throat. Everyone in the room was paying attention, including her ‘lord and master’. “They are using some manner of battle tactics,” she said. “Even a cursory examination of their sheer power will tell any of us that they could decimate our kingdom if that was their purpose. This means one of three possible alternatives....Read On


Sultana (Chapter 7 - Planning)

Turbulent adventures, sexual intrigue, magic and monsters all are set in an ancient desert land.

  Lubna Erach was looking at a likeness of their very own prince Rustum. The princess Lubna was showing an image of the Persian prince, and he deduced that she had painted it herself. The implication was clear. He didn’t know how he should tell the poor smitten princess that Rustum was a rogue who slept with every woman who crossed his path. The fact that he looked stunningly handsome...Read On