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Melanie's Cookery Class Part Three

Carrie cavorts and is revealed, Melanie is distressed but is lifted up by her boys.

Melanie arrived home just before ten. After making herself a cup of tea she changed out of her outfit and put on a rather drab dressing gown. She had decided to Facetime Eamon, partly in the hope catching him out, and partly to set the scene for the following day. “Hello Mel, my darling. How went the beans on toast tutorial?” “Very well dear, but they’re a bit further along than that. How...Read On


Melanie's Cookery Class Part Six

Melanie and Lizzie scheme, and Eamon and Carrie are ambushed

The following morning Melanie cooked Eamon his breakfast as usual and he left the house at seven thirty. She had a leisurely shower and packed her bag, ready to drive on to Wetherby, after seeing Robert Holborn. “He’s a lovely, lovely man, Liz,” Melanie said to her cousin, as she described her visit to the solicitor’s office over lunch in the ’Rose and Crown’. “You seem to be getting more...Read On


Leaving Raddling Close, Part 9 of 9

Steve and Sally end their goodbye weekend fuckfest with a group session with Rita.

The end of the ‘Goodbye Weekend’ was to be a late-night visit. Rita’s shift at the pub finished at ten-thirty and she would be with them before eleven. It was the only time she could make. Rita had a trim figure except for her all-natural, thirty-eight DD breasts, breasts that were always made more prominent by the bras she wore, and generally well displayed in a low-cut, tight, leopard-...Read On


Melanie's Cookery Class Part Four

Eamon feels safe and the boys and Mel get lucky. Enter Greg and Derek

“Ben, your birthday is the sooner. It’s you and I together for a serious bout of carnal capers, first. However, I don’t want to wait until we can arrange that before getting some physical relief going. Hal, I want to go upstairs with you for a close encounter of a very physical kind; say for thirty minutes. We won’t have full sex. That has to remain special for when we have much more time....Read On


Semina Vitae Thirteen

Sunday in Mipple City: The Day After

Sunday Morning: The Day After Mack woke with an urgency to pee. Mary lay beside him. His mind flashed to the night before with her and John. No feelings of regret to be found. This did not surprise him. Yeah, it was unusual but it wasn’t unnatural. The fact that Mary was beside him was proof that she chose him over John and that was all good. He rose quietly and went into the...Read On


Melanie's Cookery Class Part Five

Eamon feels safe, Mel plays his own games and Harriet and Vicki enter the fray

  “I’m looking forward to meeting Cousin Lizzie, at some point,” said Hal, as they relaxed back in Ben’s garden. “She’s a scream,” said Melanie, “but I’m not letting her near either of you until I have had my wicked way with you both.” “Mel, sweetheart,” cried Ben, going down on his knees. “How could you doubt our fidelity for a moment?” They all laughed at the ham acting. “I don’t...Read On


Annie's Story Chapter 2: A Rediscovery

The awakening within Annie begins her path to rediscovery.

As I hurried out the door of the physical therapy office, I pulled on my light rain coat and zipped it up.  The weather was by no means dreary or brisk, but I was glad I had grabbed it on my way out of the house this afternoon.  The coat allowed for me to conceal the physical symptoms of my arousal.  However, I had to do my best not to show the arousal in my face, or with my body language. ...Read On


Resurrection...The Redemption

I don't want to be a product of my environment. I want my environment to be a product of me. God will forgive them. He'll forgive them and let them into heaven. I cant live with that. People trust me with their secrets. But who do I trust with mine.? You, and only you. Who am I? You sure you want to know. The phone rings, I look at it and grumbled, “Fuck me,” as I rubbed the dull...Read On


Blood Lust - Chapter One: The Unusual Client

Just a normal night for a big city hooker, turns into some fun.

It’s a dark and muggy night. Clouds cover this sky, the orangish glow of the city lights reflects upon the puddles in the street, only disturbed by the occasional droplet of water. A man driving around the seemingly empty yet busy streets. Busy with drug deals, scantily dressed woman walking around waiting for a car to pull over to them. The man scanning every one of them, looking them up...Read On


Sultana (Chapter 5 - Serpents)

In the first quarter of the dawn, when the orange disk of the sun was only half visible, a soldier from the northern contingent of the army came with urgent news. He had been riding all night, because of the urgency of his report. He  The serpents had attacked the northern security post, appearing from what had been Persian territory. Their envoys to Persia hadn’t returned yet, and they...Read On


Sultana (Chapter 6 - Discoveries)

Turbulent adventures, sexual intrigue, magic and monsters all are set in an ancient desert land.

Younos The Sultana sat down next to her husband, and cleared her throat. Everyone in the room was paying attention, including her ‘lord and master’. “They are using some manner of battle tactics,” she said. “Even a cursory examination of their sheer power will tell any of us that they could decimate our kingdom if that was their purpose. This means one of three possible alternatives....Read On


Sultana (Chapter 7 - Planning)

Turbulent adventures, sexual intrigue, magic and monsters all are set in an ancient desert land.

  Lubna Erach was looking at a likeness of their very own prince Rustum. The princess Lubna was showing an image of the Persian prince, and he deduced that she had painted it herself. The implication was clear. He didn’t know how he should tell the poor smitten princess that Rustum was a rogue who slept with every woman who crossed his path. The fact that he looked stunningly handsome...Read On