First Time(1)


Unbreakable Bond

Zeke slid off my silk robe and kissed my neck. I felt his strong hands feel my hourglass hips...

Only months after starting college, My brother, Jason, was killed in a car accident leaving me and Zeke alone to fend for ourselves. Zeke happened to be a roommate in the house we were all living in and was almost like a brother to me. Zeke and I had well paying jobs, I was a bartender and Zeke made plenty of money as a real estate agent. Zeke was on the wild side and was always in and out...Read On



Darius and Marrisa pt.1

My heart was racing and my orgasm was right around the corner...

 As kids, Darius and I were closer than me and my own siblings. We lived on the same street and I watched Darius turn from skinny and immature to a six pack dimpled chin guy who got whatever he wanted. But we were only friends. Sometimes we would tease each other just for fun. Rubbing against each other, accidentally kissing each other, etc. But we were just friends. That's it. When high...Read On