Love Poems(1)


Touch me, Take me...

Show me what it's like to live what I've only dreamed...

I loved you once, In the grassy fields of my dreams -  There, we touched, we tasted - we teased.  Flesh was against flesh, There were no inhibitions. That place was magical, Where the only words were moans, Where the only need was to love, to be loved.  Where the only desire was for more.  I can't go back there alone - I need you. I need your hands on my skin,  I need...Read On



Average Jane

Jane gets entertained by a longtime online boytoy...

Absently, Jane ran one hand through her light blond hair. As with most days, she wore it loose so it fell in waves around her face, ending a few inches below her shoulders and giving her a casually classy air. Her blue eyes flicked to the laptop's screen again and her painted red lips spread into a wicked smile. He was online again, though he'd announced he was going to bed almost two hours...Read On