First Time(4)



i wrote this in 2005 after a lady friends washer broke

One day when you were doing laundry the coldwater hose broke on the washer during the fill cycle.  Water began spraying everywhere.  As you and your roommate try to shut it off a guy friend just happens to show up at your door.  Hearing your screams he takes the liberty of opening the front door and yells: “HEY, IS EVERYTHING OK?”  You and your roommate are overjoyed to have a man there to...Read On



i am not this old and i tried to stay historically correct

The Army-Air corps. was gearing up for what has become known as the battle of Pork Chop Hill.  They came to our high school and I wanted out of our miserable little town so I signed up.  The school board thought it best that I finish the year so I graduated with my class.  I turned 18 in boot camp and our regiment hit Korea July 10, 1953.  If you’ve read anything about this battle it ended...Read On



I was a new child case social worker.  I had just graduated from college and was eager to start.  I had a wonderful childhood with loving parents; however, I had a few friends that did not.  They were shuffled from foster home to foster home and it grieved me to see it.  I vowed to care for lost kids when I was in junior high school and now I can do something about the system that looses so...Read On


Kiss me

Truth or Dare

Hi my name is Opal Hydrangea Ho.  Are you done smirking?  My friends call me H2O.  Come on get it over with.  My friends say that I have a personality like a Chameleon, fitting to my namesake opals which display different colors when viewed from different directions. Anyway my Dad is a Gemologist, and my Mom is a Horticulturist they are Americanized Chinese.  My grandparents came to America...Read On



Should not complain

first time with another girl

Last night I had an awesome orgasm considering I’ve not had one in years.   George and I have been married for 7 years but the last couple of years sex has been boring.  It was like my husband was doing an obligatory twice a month routine.  Rub, kiss, get in, cum and sleep.  I just lay there with my arms over my head.  I’ve asked him: ‘Honey did you forget something?’ Trying to remind...Read On