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Mother, teacher, & writer.

I've left this so short for so long that I felt it was time to update this. I'm a mother first and foremost. My son is the most important person in my life and the greatest thing I've ever done. He's an adult and makes me proud every day.

I'm a teacher. This is my profession & my job title. I can teach elementary up to 8th grade, or English from middle school up to high school. I have my BA & my MA so I'm a bit educated. But even with all this education, I still make some silly mistakes in my writing. As I tell my kids, it just proves I'm still human.

I'm a writer. I've been writing off and on since I was a teenager. It took the encouragement of a dear friend to find the courage to share my stories. I honestly never thought I was any good or that anyone would like my writing, except my friends. I'm pleased that I was so wrong about this.

I have often said I write what I would like to read. I work hard to produce quality writing pieces, which is why there are so often gaps with my posting. I'd rather take my time and post a quality piece of writing than rush and post a piece of crap. I feel that those who are taking their time to read my work, deserve my very best.

I also try to not be a "one-trick pony". By this I mean, I try to not have predictable stories, though I will admit, sometimes I don't always succeed. I have been told I like my happy endings, and all I can say is, "What girl doesn't?"

One last thing. I don't mind some naughty chats here on Lush, sexy emails, or pics on my profile (if you've seen the comments some have left, you'll know why I say that), but don't ever for one moment think that I will be leaving my husband or jeopardizing my marriage to meet you in the real world. I'm a private person and keep certain details of my real life private. If I feel comfortable enough to share with you, please respect this.

Nymph Writer
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The Dark Corners of My Mind..., Nevada, United States
Reading, writing, teaching, helping other writers improve their craft when I can.
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The Sleeping Beauty Chronicles, Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, Fifty Shades Freed, Anything he Wants, The Lottery & Other Short Stories,
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Anne Rice, EL James, J.K. Rowling, Shirley Jackon
Favorite Movies:
Ever After, SOB, Bells are Ringing, Cinderella (2015)
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Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, The Blacklist, Hell's Kitchen, Master Chief, Project Runway, Bring It!
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80's, pop, rock, some country
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Topic: Cheating....
Posted: 01 Aug 2015 18:51

I have a husband who's favorite thing to do is spend time with me. This includes shopping, going to the movies, visiting museums, and much more. Why the hell would I fuck all that up over a "hall-pass"? For me... the answer is no. I got finally got a good man and it's not worth giving up for anything.

Topic: What is the best song to have sex to?
Posted: 01 Aug 2015 18:44

Cry to Me


Topic: New Category Poll - Historical Sex Stories
Posted: 01 Aug 2015 18:33

VALID POINT... Let's look ONCE AGAIN at the nuance of category.

The FACT that the story is MAINLY CONCERNED with a PAST historical situation and setting cites the story in the THE HISTORICAL CATEGORY.

Story Mods do this every day... It's NUANCE... (Erotic Poem or Love Poem???) They call it and in my time and indeed in my experience since, 99.9% of the time that crew call it right.

xx SF


There are stories all over this site that can be classified as fantasy, sci-fi, supernatural, BDSM, and much more but the AUTHOR chose to put it where he/she did. No one questions these stories and why they are where they are at. We saw this challenge with the amazing This is Hardcore comp we just had not too long ago. There were many debates about what was hardcore & what was more BDSM. I'm sure some of the stories could easily fit in either category without a problem.

Yet... have some minor time travel and it seems everyone looses their shit. Okay... not everyone... but damn.

Steph hit the nail on the head when he said these are NUANCES. If you get so hung up on one minor plot device... then you've got a bigger problem. Someone earlier said if the story focus was about someone "fucking Cleopatra"... then it would work. If someone went to change the past... it would not. If your hang-up is how they got there... let the authorz... and maybe the Mod who takes the time to verify the story address that. Not some critic.

Topic: What's Your Current Mood.
Posted: 01 Aug 2015 10:40

Excited and annoyed.

Topic: New Category Poll - Historical Sex Stories
Posted: 01 Aug 2015 10:38

How we COMPLICATE things...

Here's my My 2 cents

I think that a Time Travel story COULD, (if obviously taking place in the past...) be posted under HISTORICAL. That is, IF THE OBVIOUS ACCENT OF THE STORY CONCERNS HISTORICAL DETAIL RATHER THAN THE MECHANICS (?) OF THE TIME TRAVEL PROCESS ITSELF...

Indeed, if THAT SAME STORY were posted in Sci-Fi it might disappoint readers who were looking for a more of a WILLIAM GIBSON hit... (Look it up!)


Ultimately and AS ALWAYS if there is a QUESTION about category placement it will be resolved by the experienced and capable Mod Team who do that sort of thing every day.

(So WE don't have to worry our talented little heads about it!!!) All WE have to do is WRITE.


(Available for After Dinner speeches...)

xx SF

Thank you Stephen for being the voice of reason. Hugs You understand what I'm trying to communicate. As I had stated before... if Nic give this an absolute NO... then fine. I appreciate you actually reading & understanding my suggestion. read2

Topic: New Category Poll - Historical Sex Stories
Posted: 01 Aug 2015 10:07

The person who has done the time-traveling is always going to be out of sync. If they're not at least reflecting on the differences between their time period and the one where they are, then what's the point of it being time-travel at all? Once you start doing that, the focus isn't on the past, it's on the sci-fi aspects.

The only way I see it remaining focused on the past is if the time-traveler isn't the POV character, and the time-travel aspects only appear at the end as a twist. BTTF 3 told from Clara's perspective.

You are making assumptions on stories that have yet to be written. I asked if it could be possible, but you and a few others seem to be all hung up on the time traveling element and nothing else. I've read a few stories where this plot device of getting them into the past is quickly dealt with and then... the rest of the story is about their being in the past. They don't have any "modern technology" screwing things up from the past nor do they do anything that makes it obvious they are from the future because the character (and the writer) are not idiots.

Please note... I never said anything about time machines (someone else said that.) I asked about time-travel. I never said HOW it would occur. It could be an enchanted piece of clothing, a special stone, a doorway, a vortex, a wormhole, or a hundred other things. And sure... it could be the twist at the ending too. So... I guess what I'm saying is before you completely shoot down an idea... you know what the person is talking about. A few others understood my idea... my thought.

I also know Nicola has the final say. If she says no... then it's over and I'll move on. It was a suggestion about an element within this potential new category. Nothing more.

Topic: New Category Poll - Historical Sex Stories
Posted: 31 Jul 2015 20:42

The category description should probably mention Westerns specifically, because the genre is most often split off from other historical fiction in so many places.

As far as time-travel goes, I'd say that belongs in Sci-Fi regardless of the focus. Even if you're focusing on the interaction within the time period, at least one of the characters isn't from that time period, or it wouldn't be a time-travel story. To one degree or another, that character is going to be a fish-out-of-water.

It's a Yes for me, because a couple of genre categories help with placing stories that cross a broader range of kinks.

As to the time travel element... the whole fish out of water was the whole idea. Everyone keeps focusing on how the person gets stuck in the past... but if that's just a plot device to get them there... and the focus of the story is the past... then it could be historical.

I assumed you meant something along the lines of the Christopher Reeve/Jane Seymour film Somewhere in Time ?? I love that film and don't class it as being Science Fiction although time travel is involved, am I right?

That's exactly what I was thinking and I don't think of that film as sci-fi whatsoever! And I love that movie... always makes me cry. crybaby

Topic: Lush V2 Bug List
Posted: 31 Jul 2015 12:44

Not really sure if this is a bug... or something that should be added to the submission page... but here goes.

I entered a title that had & instead of the word and , but the symbol was lost and my title didn't read as I had intended. While the fix was an easy one, is this something that is not possible in titles? If so, could there please be a quick blurb (I did double check and as of this post... there is no such notice about this) to write out the word instead of using symbols.

Topic: New Category Poll - Historical Sex Stories
Posted: 31 Jul 2015 12:29

I disagree. Think of the Back to the Future movies. I would definitely put those in science fiction, not historical fiction. Also that series Outlander. Science fiction, even though the majority of the drama is historical.

For me, whenever science fiction elements show up, it definitely goes in that genre.

My 2 cents

While I totally agree Back to the Future was complete science fiction... and I know nothing of this Outlander series you mention... I was talking about a plot device that sends a character into the past. Think more A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court ... where the modern person is thrust back in time & fools those of that era... only in this case... they do it with the intention of fucking other characters. Not all science fiction elements must be exclusive to science fiction. My 2 cents

To my mind, it is going to depend on how it is focussed. If the time travel is just a device to get the character into the situation and most of the action is about the history (Scott goes back in time to screw Cleopatra or something), then I'd call it historical with "time travel" as a tag.

This was what I was trying to communicate, but it seems that my meaning was misunderstood by some.

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Cala de Sirena - Joy's Birth

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New Year's Eve Party

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Getting Even 3 - The Final Chapter Part 2

The morning sun hit Zane’s face and he heard a strange, unfamiliar sound. He opened his eyes to see Olivia in her swing and Katherine in a chair sipping coffee. “Morning,” she said. “Morning,” he moaned. “Coffee?” “Please.” “How do you take it?” “Black.” “Get your pants on please,” she said, tossing his slacks to him. Katherine left the room as Zane slipped on his slacks....

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