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Topic Robin Williams has died...
Posted 11 Aug 2014 21:04

You picked a great scene lucky_dragonfly. This is by far one of my favorite movies. As an English teacher, I want to impact my students' lives the way he did. He got them to think, to believe, to take chances, to live.

Robin Williams was a unique and amazing man who made us laugh until we cried. Who knew he was truly crying behind that amazing smile of his. So, in honor of his memory, a man who was an amazing actor and comedian, I wish to share this scene from Dead Poets Society to remind us all... to Carpe Diem .


Topic music what not to play at a funeral
Posted 10 Aug 2014 23:08

Tomorrow from the musical Annie


Topic Honestly... (Are YOU a little bit Racist?)
Posted 10 Aug 2014 10:20

This thread caught my eye and after reading it, I feel I can add a bit to it.

I was "told" not to judge people by their skin color, but then would hear my parents & grandparents use racial slurs and I was confused. It wasn't until I got out into the world that I started to see how people would behave differently from me.

But it was when I became a teacher that I really saw this. I have seen "the race card" played by young children who learn it from the adults they know. I'm not saying they learn it from their parents, but they learned it from someone.

The worst was when I had two female students almost get into a fight in my classroom. One girl was black, the other was white. Both girls were told that due to their choices, they would lose out on field day since I couldn't trust them to behave. The next day, after the field day fun was over, the mother of the black girl showed up in my classroom questioning me about my decision. She said the other girl used racial slurs toward her daughter, and I said both girls were using inappropriate language toward each other, including racial slurs. When the mother realized I wouldn't cow down to her she left... or so I thought.

Then I hear the mother tell a young boy (please know I was teaching 9-10 year old children at the time) that I was a "piece of white trash someone pulled out of the trash can." There is a silence that can take hold of a classroom in a moment, and this was one. The mother returned and screamed a slew of racial obscenities and slurs in my face. Now, I wanted to return the language until I saw the faces of my students. Since my class was a wonderful mix of white, brown, and black faces, anything I said could and would hurt them. So, I said nothing. Well, not nothing, I said, "I'm sorry you feel that way," and "Please leave my room."

When this woman finally left, one of my kids said, "Jerk." Then another said, "Loser." I had to stop this immediately and I did. The kids did ask why I didn't reply in kind and I told them I wasn't going to lower myself to her level. I did report her for the verbal assault and she was banned from our school. I would have done the same thing to anyone who chooses to scream at me in front of my students.

So yes, after an incident like that I am a bit racist. I'm tired of people acting like they are entitled to be jerks because their skin color is different than mine. But I don't regret my actions. I was able to show my students how to turn the other cheek, so to speak.

Topic Lush V2 Bug List
Posted 06 Aug 2014 15:24

Hey Gav... I tried to post some pics in the forum just like you told me (no spaces in the title) and they aren't showing (again.) Now, if it's an issue with the file type (.png vs. .bpm or .jpg) I can make that change... if not... could ya look into it, please. Note... I access Lush on Chrome (I personally hate IE and Firefox makes me nuts.)

I'm sure you'll solve this one even faster than my last problem (& you though I'd never talk with you again... lol)

Topic Stealing content
Posted 06 Aug 2014 15:19

Someone sent me word that was dead so I checked and... it's true!!!


I don't really fucking care why... I'm just happy we as a team (Mods & members alike) won this battle! Dancing


Topic Stealing content
Posted 06 Aug 2014 08:14

FUCKER!! He seems to like taking Recommended it possible that he's just doing a mass pull up from that list? My "My Favourite Word" is over there, apparently he hasn't picked up any others. I swear to G-d, five minutes, a room, me, him...he wouldn't have fingers left to steal copyrighted material with ...

Not all the stories are Recommended Reads, though a lot are. One of the two they took from me is not an Recommended Read. I got the impression that they picking certain genres (cuckold for example) and stole a lot of pieces.

I find this all depressing and frustrating. At least Dancing_Doll has given us a weapon to help us with this fight.

Topic does anyone here have a favorite musical?
Posted 05 Aug 2014 08:58


My son and I are going to see it for our 3rd time in October in Las Vegas. I have the soundtrack and I love this show. If they ever make it a movie... I'm so there!!!

Topic Lush V2 Bug List
Posted 04 Aug 2014 22:38

Yours was special. I think everyone else s was fixed with an issue with the SSL change, however yours had spaces in its name so had difficulty knowing when the image ended. I've escaped the space with %20 so should be working now.

Thanks Gav... I knew it had to be something weird and when I saw someone else with the same problem... I was quite curious.

Topic Lush V2 Bug List
Posted 04 Aug 2014 21:38

I sent you a PM about my forum signature graphic missing... and now I see I'm not the only one.

Here's mine:

Here's Poppet's:

Is there a reason why?

Topic would girls read stories from somone with no expirience?
Posted 04 Aug 2014 21:18

Unhappy PM sent.

xx SF

(I didn't send a PM but for a SPLIT SECOND that frightened the SHIT out of a pretty little blonde midget...)

Steph... you know how much I love you... and love to tease you. 675-lick And yes... my panties are right were you told me to put them. thatshot

Topic would girls read stories from somone with no expirience?
Posted 04 Aug 2014 16:17

I wrote about fucking a guy's ass with a strapon, but I've never actually done it (or HAVE I?)


It was a CUCUMBER that you took from the ice-box and put a condom on AND I STILL HAVE NIGHTMARES!!!!!!

(Great salad after, though...)

xx SF

Admit it Steph... you fucking loved every second of it!!! That's why you asked me to do it to you last night! evil4

Topic Narrator's Gender: Does it matter?
Posted 04 Aug 2014 14:27

This is one that's never really phased me. Sure I relate to a female narrator more than a male, but if the story is well written, it's a minor & mute point. Sometimes seeing how a man thinks (which is different from the way a woman thinks) helps me as a writer. It helps me create better male characters in my stories. I have read great stories with male narrators and horrid ones with female narrators (mind you, these are stories in 1st person POV.)

Good writing is just that... good writing. Male or female narrator shouldn't make a difference. And for me, it doesn't.

Topic would girls read stories from somone with no expirience?
Posted 04 Aug 2014 14:17

A good story is just that... a good story. I've never fucked an alien but I wrote a story in which such an occurrence did happen. Don't worry about what you do or don't know. Write a good story. If it's good, the readers will come. Trust me, I get suggestions from people I know who say, "Have you read this story?" or "OMG! This story is amazing! You should read it."

Good luck! I hope to see your story on the homepage soon.

Topic Which improvements or features would you like to see added?
Posted 04 Aug 2014 12:34

That is fair, but I can also say audios is not a genre, but it has it's own tab, for easy finding. Hence people suggesting a tab for collaborations.
Either way is fine by me, but I think it would be kind of nice to have a tab for them.

This would work. Then collaborations could be found in both a "Collaboration" tab and the tab for the story's genre. So, in my case, my "Neve & the Sandman" would still be in Supernatural, but also in the collaboration. This would work for all those who have done such collaboration stories. This ability to credit the other author has been a great help & it's clear that many "teams" have formed to write some great stories.

No, collaborations are not a "genre" but neither are Audio, Recommended Reads, or Editor Picks but they have their own tab. I'm sure Gav can come up with something (because he's awesome like that.)

BTW... I'm sure others made this same suggestion, Poppet's was the first one I could find.

Topic Site Security
Posted 04 Aug 2014 09:13

Does ANYONE know what the Nerdy Fuck is talking about?

I mean, I know we NEED him but Jesus!

JUST ONCE, I would like to read a post by Gav and know WHAT THE FUCK he was talking about!!!

xx SF

Gav: "Fuck You."

Me: "See, THAT I understood..."

Basically, you Irish Cunt, if you look at where you'd type "" you should see a green padlock in the left hand corner. Here's a hint, it should be at the top of your page, near the top of your computer/laptop screen.

That being said... thanks for the laugh... you do know how to make an American girl giggle. kekekegay

Topic Which improvements or features would you like to see added?
Posted 04 Aug 2014 09:08

I have also written a collaboration with Lexi (sweetesSins). I wasn't aware both authors got credit. In our collaboration I didn't. Plus, if the collaboration was allowed on both authors pages, it would give better exposer to the story.

I was going to suggest this but you beat me to it (great minds think alike). Having one collaboration story (with Adagio_Sabadicus) that is currently only on my page, I do wish my co-author did have it on his as well. We did decide to post it on my page but I've had several of his fans/readers who did inquire why it wasn't on his (& I told them we could only post in on one page and we selected mine.) Collaboration credit has been a wonderful thing that I know was recently added (thank you Nic & Gav) and it's been very well received by the membership. I know that these changes take time, but I'm sure those who have done a collaboration story would love to see this change. Not all of us have the same "fans" and "followers" & I'm sure that both authors would like their "followers" to be notified when such stories are posted. I know not everyone who follows me is on my friend's list so a "bulk spam1" message might not reach everyone.

I really hope we see this change soon. icon_biggrin

Topic 249,993 Members
Posted 03 Aug 2014 20:06

I get it. So it's all YOUR fault?

Little. American. Friend. Of. Snow. White.

xx SF

No. But I do feel we all in some small way helped out.

Big. Irish. Friend. Of. St. Patrick.


Topic 249,993 Members
Posted 31 Jul 2014 23:40

I'm sure we can thank our amazing members for helping us reach this goal. I know for me, personally, I came here when another author found this site and told me I should join and post my stories here as well. Though that individual has left, I have told many a friend/fan from... "other" sites to check Lush out. Especially with the higher standards of quality that Nic and the Mods (including myself now) demand from our writers because our readers deserve nothing but the best.

And our authors give us their best.

Topic Announcing our "Toy With Me" Story Competition, $400 Adult Store Credits up for grabs
Posted 31 Jul 2014 18:14

Felix... it seems that if someone doesn't agree with you, or your thoughts, you go on the attack. You were offended that I agree with Sprite and defended Jayne. You're basically picking a fight because you come up with a story differently than others. You don't like the fact that Jayne can come up with a story idea within a few hours. Then you won't like how I have gotten a story idea within a matter of minutes. Now, an idea is a far cry from the time it takes me to type it all out, proofread it, have a friend proofread it, fix the mistakes I missed (and there are ALWAYS mistakes I miss), then check it once more before I submit it. And often I get a note from the Mod who read my story telling me there are errors I need to fix for a comp entry, or they fix the non-comp entries.

If you were really as open minded as you claim, Jayne's "idea" wouldn't have bothered you in the least, and you wouldn't still be attacking her and anyone else.

And I know... you'll have something snarky to say to me and ya know what... that's fine!

If you choose to enter the contest... then I wish you luck. If not, maybe the next one will be more you style.

Topic Who is YOUR favorite author on Lush?
Posted 29 Jul 2014 21:29


Thank you Sprite!!! I'll send you that check tomorrow when the banks open.

And delete at least one, Blonde Dwarf.

xx Steph

Naw!!! You're forever my favorite Irish cunt!

Topic Who is YOUR favorite author on Lush?
Posted 28 Jul 2014 17:18

I have come to the conclusion that in order to get on this list I need more than 7 stories

I have 29 stories and 1 poem with 9 RRs and in 5 pages not one person mentioned me. crybaby I don't think it's the number of stories you've posted... it's who is taking the time to write on this blog. The closest I got was the kind person who said, "all the mods." Still not the same but hey... at least it was the closest I got.

Myself, this is not a complete list by any means

Misfit (no longer a member but I loved all his work)
Stephanie (the Irish cunt who didn't even think to mention me but whatever!)

I will probably either edit this list or just make a new post to add any names I might have missed.

EDIT: TrinityX... How could I forget you love!!!

Topic Fifty shades of Grey
Posted 28 Jul 2014 09:28

Being someone who had loved this genre for years thanks to Anne Rice & her Sleeping Beauty Chronicles (not for the faint of heart) I did read these as well. I liked the first book and was pissed with the ending. I knew I had to read book two which of course forces you to read book three.

My primary complaint is how shitty Christian Grey behaves. In book one it made sense but by book three he's still a petulant child for all practical purposes, and Ana is a spineless wimp.

Was the sex hot? Yes. But it was so unrealistic too.

Was the story enjoyable for me? Mostly yes. But it seemed these were two almost perfect people. Christian is smart, wealthy, and a sex fiend. Ana could cook, cut hair, and was very book smart, but had no spine to Christian. And when she did, it blows up in her face (so to speak.) And why the fuck is she still treated like a child by so many people in her life. That bugged the shit out of me as well. For those who have read it, you know what I'm talking about.

I hate reading about spineless women. I understand she was naive, but still spineless is uncalled for.

I did like the way the series ended, but I do wish it showed Ana with more spine.

As for the movie, I will not see it the theater. I might rent it, but I kinda doubt it.

And to be honest, I've read better BDSM themed stories here on Lush... but that's my opinion.

Topic My Writing Goal For...
Posted 25 Jul 2014 09:06

My goals are simple... Author 50, EP, maybe win a Lush contest, and Ominum badge.

Truly, my ultimate goal is to take my work and publish them so I get paid. I'd love to retire on my writing royalties.

Topic Can I get an interview with you?
Posted 24 Jul 2014 12:01

Introduce the title of your story: The Microbrew
Genre/Category: Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Provide the link:

1. What first inspired you to write this particular story?
Two things.
1. I read a good, short, sci-fi story that sparked an idea in my own mind (and I'm sorry to say the story title escapes me at the moment as I read so many stories.)
2. I hadn't done a sci-fi story for Lush and the idea I had would not only work, but I felt strongly it would be a fun story to write.

2. How did you come up with these characters?
I love strong female characters, and being a teacher, writing stories about teachers is always fun. Like with many of my stories, there are some ties to my real-life. I try to not repeat my character names which is why having access to Google helps (I search names if I'm stuck.) Phoebe is a lot like me in many ways. She often feels like the "fifth-wheel" in a group situation so if or when anyone pays any attention to her, it's often a surprise.
Zylen just fit with the genre and if you've read the story, his name fits the character. I got lucky with his sister's name, Zyana, it's just was the perfect complement.

3. How does it differ from some of your other stories?
My female lead is older than most, and is more "real" than a few of my other ladies. I've always said my characters are flawed, and here again, that is a common thread. But this one has elements I've never tried before and to my shock, it worked. I'm really happy I took this chance.

4. What was the most challenging thing about writing this piece?
The science-fiction/fantasy elements. Keeping it relevant to the story, without getting to... "far out". The other was the title. The working title I had wasn't right, and I knew it. However, I always have at least one other person read my work before I submit to catch my errors & he suggested the title.

5. Anything else you want to tell us about it?
I'm beyond thrilled and flattered that his too earned an RR. I had intended this to be a one-shot deal, but the feedback I've gotten already tells me I need to rethink that and continue the story. After all, we haven't met Zylen's parents yet.... hehehehe kekekegay

Topic say yes if you own a dildo,and hell yes if more than one dildo
Posted 23 Jul 2014 20:11

Hell yes! As of today!!!

Topic The Story Moderators Here on Lush
Posted 23 Jul 2014 09:51

If anyone needed to see this today, it was me... thank you so much Banes.

Topic Girls, do u like sleeping naked? What do u usually wear to bed?
Posted 21 Jul 2014 17:27

I'm sure I answered this before, but I do like to sleep naked after my husband and I have made love. Normally, I do wear shorts & a tank top. But here lately, with the 100+ degree days and 80+ degree nights... sleeping naked is happening more & more often.

Topic Announcing our "Toy With Me" Story Competition, $400 Adult Store Credits up for grabs
Posted 21 Jul 2014 08:57

Look, not trying to be a dick....

But how do you have your story all planned out just a few hours after the announcement? It's just been a few hours.

Is this the first you've heard of this comp and you already have a story all planned out? That's pretty impressive. Would like to know that process.

Really, you can't come with a story idea in a few hours? What's wrong with you?. Hell, I get an idea within a matter of minutes, it's just the time I take to hammer it out that makes the real difference. Some authors can plan out a story with in a few hours, but writing might take a bit longer. She didn't say she had it written, just planned. BIG DIFFERENCE.

I'm with Sprite on this one dude, you're being a dick, dick. kekekegay

Posted 20 Jul 2014 20:53

Congrats girl!!! I know how hard you worked to earn this one!

Topic How long will it take for my story to be verified? It's been 24 hours and I'm still waiting.
Posted 20 Jul 2014 19:18

Stories are dealt with in the order they arrive. the fewer issues with a story, the quicker we can mod them, which means that we appreciate when writers take the time to edit before hand and not rely on us to do it for them. also, weekends tend to be slower, since many of the volunteer staff are busy. at present we have been getting a larger than normal influx of stories, which is great, but it also means that it takes a bit longer to get them on the front page. please please please be patient. thank you. :)


We, the Mods, do the best we can to get stories up in a timely manner. Here lately, with the huge influx of stories it does take a bit longer. And that's assuming there are little to no errors. Stories that we must send back can take even longer. There are Mods all over the world and they are doing the best they can. We try to do 1-2 a day per mod, but real life does get in our way (I mean really what's up with that?!?)

In all seriousness. Lush has one of the best turn-arounds for stories with the quality standards we have. Yes, Gold Members do have their stories often verified before non-gold members, but we do try our best to get stories posted quickly.