obeyingcunt23's Blog Entries

02 Jun 2016 18:23

It's been so long

30 Jun 2015 01:13

laying here with an egg on high in my pussy, dying to cum under your command

27 May 2015 13:17

Just posted new pictures in my gallery. Im wet just thinking of all of you checking them out.

17 Dec 2014 12:47

tie me up and force me to cum, I am your toy, you may do as you please

29 Jun 2014 17:34

please Sir may I have your cock?!

27 Jun 2014 21:39

dripping with anticipation for my new toys

08 Aug 2013 15:31

Pleasemay I touch myself for your pleasure?

18 Apr 2013 21:58

loves choking on a fat cock

19 Mar 2013 23:41

Looking for a Master

07 Mar 2013 13:12

I love when my tits are bound till there blue

11 Feb 2013 22:19

I am a dirty whore. Fill my holes and use me as you please

04 Dec 2012 00:07

My vibrators set to full speed ahead

30 Nov 2012 00:40

This cunt needs a new cock

24 Oct 2012 00:51

Id rather fuck then masturbate, but come on a girls gotta cum when a girls gotta cum

23 Oct 2012 12:23

Just can't believe her luck

22 Oct 2012 02:35

This cunt is a slutty cum dumpster. I kneeled in position for 4 hours while he jacked off to porn, used my mouth to finish in and my hair to clean the mess. I make Master so proud

19 Oct 2012 02:10

He made me beg till I was in tears for him to fuck me.

07 Oct 2012 11:07

He had me spread out and bound up for hours and I loved every second

04 Oct 2012 13:17

He loved my tight pussy and called me a Good Girl!

03 Oct 2012 04:19

I'm screaming inside for my release! I've been playing with my vibrator all day, help me end it with screams of pleasure

28 Sep 2012 01:48

My pussy is quivering with anticipation

27 Sep 2012 18:47

My vibrator has made my cunt squirt so much today I just can't stop

25 Sep 2012 01:14

This cunt is controlled by 9inchyoungcock and can only cum when given permission by my Master

24 Sep 2012 11:50

Show me how you'd like to play

23 Sep 2012 12:00

Torture my cunt and make me scream out it pleasure

22 Aug 2012 01:05

Please may I cum?!

21 Aug 2012 13:13

I love when you abuse my cunt......pound me harder

14 Aug 2012 01:56

Tie me up, gag me, blindfold me, rip my clothes off, tell me I'm a whore and throw me into a room full of horny cocks.

12 Aug 2012 00:28

i need more waterproof toys...... I keep squirting all over them

10 Aug 2012 12:03

Who doesn't love a good cream pie? Check out MY cream pie in the image section below