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Topic snowballing or cum kissing
Posted 27 Jan 2013 15:06

I miss it so much.

Topic How kinky are you? TEST
Posted 01 Jan 2013 17:18

Funny. I am 69%.

Topic Sexy Plus Size Ladies
Posted 30 Dec 2012 15:37

Glad i found this post today. I was hoping to find an Easter Egg of my wife secretly posting a pic here but no.

Topic guys ever wear panties?
Posted 22 Dec 2012 14:37

Wearing some now.

Topic How did you first discover you liked reading sex stories?
Posted 19 Dec 2012 00:29

Family keep the book out in the open when I was growing up.

Topic Does your partner know you Lush?
Posted 29 Oct 2012 18:35

No she would leave me if she found out.

Topic What does your username mean?
Posted 26 Oct 2012 15:24

I have odd view of the world and a different fetish everyday. Some come back to me but I am enjoying a new high from a new fetish.

Topic What does your username mean?
Posted 26 Oct 2012 15:12

All these deep and meaningful explanations. Kind of puts mine to shame! I chose mine because i like to be a bit of a mystery and hide in the shdows like a feral cat.

It was also the name of one of my favorite X-Men.

Topic strap on
Posted 15 Oct 2012 04:20

I did it once. Would love to do it again. Just can get a woman to help me out.

Topic Who is your celebrity fantasy and what would you want her to do?
Posted 14 Oct 2012 12:35

Lily Cole. I just want to lick her pussy.