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Topic Nipple Piercings
Posted 15 Jul 2015 15:49

Hi Lush Ladies

Need some advice if anyone can offer some. This lady I’ve been seeing for a while is considering having here nipples pierced. She is nicely endowed 38D’s with large areals. Very fit and young looking for her age. Her thinking is, it would be a turn on for me making her breasts more fun to play with . And when I’m not around, her breasts would be more sensitive and make masturbation and playing with herself even more enjoyable.

Can anyone offer any insight?

Topic Trim or Don’t Shave and No Panties
Posted 28 Mar 2014 12:31

OK Lush ladies, who just trims it or doesn’t shave it at all and goes without panties?

Topic very tight ladies
Posted 20 Jan 2013 20:48

Well guys still say I am very tight. Two guys even thought I was still a virgin, but I'm not. It's true I'm very petite and not that experienced like some girls on here, but you just need lots of foreplay and for her to get really aroused. Once I'm really wet the guy just needs to take his time entering. Once he is inside I'm fine. I love my breasts and nipples being played with and lots of touching and kissing first to get me ready. I think maybe she's very nervous? If girls are nervous they tighten up and won't get that wet? Try lots of foreplay and make sure she's not too nervous. If you party and are drinking and having fun for sure she'll be relaxed when you get home. You can let her be on top the first few times so she can regulate how fast she wants to push down? I love being on top and it let's me make sure there's enough lubrication before I push down any further. As a petite girl I can tell you it feels great to be on top and filled to the brim by a hot guy, she'll love it!

Not a gal but what Crissy says above makes sense. I’ve been with a 57 year old lady who is very petite and tight (and sweet!). The problem is she does not lubricate like she did when she was younger and I have a very thick but not real long cock (or as she says ”you have one of those thick heavy daddy cocks”). So our first time having sex was not pleasurable for her. In fact it caused a drift in our relationship. I finally convinced her that I would focus more on her, by that I mean a lot of kissing, fondling, and oral on her pussy before trying to enter her vagina with my cock. That has worked much better and we are having a better sexual relationship. Remember lick her pussy! And pay attention to her clit! I was so used to being with younger women, who with a little kissing and foreplay their vagina’s would be sopping wet. Yes, and let her get on top and control the penetration. Hope this helps you.

Topic Cut or Uncut
Posted 06 Apr 2012 09:06

OK Girls

Which is the most fun to play with a cut or uncut penis?