First Time(1)


Summer in California

This is a story about my junior year in high school and two incredible sisters that made my life interesting that year. First a bit about me. My name is John and I live in California. I’m now 52 years old and recently divorced. I have never been overweight and am 6 foot tall dark eyes brown hair. It was the 1970’s and I was having what I thought was the time of my life. Hey I had a car,...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Summer In California part 2

Going all the way

Summer In Northern California Part 2 This is the story of my first time spending the weekend at Kelly and Karen’s house while their parents are away for the weekend. Karen is Kelly’s younger sister. They are a year and a half apart. Well it was summer vacation in California and my girlfriend Kelly called me to tell me that her parents where going away for the weekend and did I want...Read On