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11 Jan 2017 08:16

Haven't been on here much but plan on reading stories more and stop in more often not sure what happen not many friends active here any more

19 Feb 2016 07:52

Have a wonderful weekend my friends

26 Jan 2016 20:07

Well it took some time and as bad as I miss some of my Lush friends I had several on my friends list that had not been on in months even longer but I am hopeful the 64 remaining friends we can continue to visit chat talk etc. If not I wish you all well

19 Jan 2016 07:05

This is the first time since I been on Lush that when I looked had zero friends online.

30 Dec 2015 06:31

Hope you all have a safe and Erotic Happy New Year

13 Nov 2015 11:03


02 Nov 2015 07:19

Where did the weekend go? Happy Moanday!

26 Sep 2015 12:18

Do you ever look around and wonder the people sitting near you on a plane ,train or a meeting at the office have a jewel or butt plug in at the same time as you do? No???

17 Aug 2015 15:47

I love delicious nipples

12 Apr 2015 20:24

Best part waking up

23 Jan 2015 10:39

I am ready for the weekend!!!

22 Jan 2015 19:26

Good night all I am off to a warm bed I turned my electric blanket on 30 minutes ago

02 Jan 2015 17:50

@ not & lol

02 Jan 2015 14:05

If you want to contact or message me my email is
Okguy42&gmail.com It has been a fun couple years on here thank you to all the wonderful friends I have made. I will miss reading the stories but business is business I guess so email me friends if you want to stay in contact

02 Jan 2015 13:51

Charging us now for message and chat message am I the only one getting that please reply on my wall

13 Dec 2014 09:25


21 Nov 2014 09:25

Been out at my cabin last couple days very peaceful . It would be more fun if I had some lush friends here with me! Have a good weekend Lushers

05 Nov 2014 10:35

31 Oct 2014 13:45

31 Oct 2014 10:26

Lush is like a ghost town today! Happy Halloween

17 Oct 2014 16:32

The words ever guy likes to hear! RIGHT THERE RIGHT THERE pound my pussy HARD!

19 Sep 2014 11:12

Well I have been on here playing all day I guess I should get some work done. Have a good weekend lushies

18 Jul 2014 13:11

MMF or MFM? I would enjoy either