The Beginning

Meeting for the first time

 As I traveled down the Interstate I felt uneasy and, not scared, but afraid I would not please my Mistress. We had been planning this for almost a year and I was ready for it, I had bought all the toys she ordered me to get and last night I had given myself an enema in preparation for Her taking my ass for her pleasure. One thing I knew for sure I belonged to her. My body no longer belonged...Read On


The Beginning Part 2

Part 2 of my story

The Beginning Part 2 Yes, this was part of the reward to my months of preparing my mind and body for my Mistress. Just the chance to smell her for a few seconds and I was in heaven. Mistress had sent me both pictures and videos of her pussy but to get to smell her and know I had pleased her enough just to get this honor is so grand. Mistress asked me if I think I am worthy of her pussy...Read On