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20 Apr 2016 12:23

thinking lewd thoughts about a rather special person that I've met recently here.

22 Apr 2014 01:39

Had to submit a new version of the last part of "From Sylvia with love" because of the removal of THE category. It just makes the ending a little weaker, but the rest is the usual hot steamy stuff.
I won't be redoing any of the others though.

24 Oct 2013 01:56

Just posted the rather late final part of my three parter - Getting to know Amy.

31 Dec 2012 11:16

a href="http://www.orkugifs.com/en/">

22 Dec 2012 04:30

A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

And who's the Boss?


28 Oct 2012 12:54

Just submitted the first episode of a new story. While each episode is sort of self sufficient, they will build with the passing of the years.

25 Oct 2012 07:43

So erotic!

20 Dec 2011 04:52

Have a very Merry Xmas!!

22 Dec 2010 05:09

22 Dec 2010 05:08


26 Aug 2010 10:40

....about what background ot use, and I have used my favourite and sexiest older woman - the sensual Susan Sarandon

12 Aug 2010 12:23

Of sex. Sex with younger women who call my Uncle or Grandad... Sex with mature women who open themselves to al and every experience together.