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Topic My wife and my figure drawing class question?
Posted 02 Oct 2012 06:46

Thanks chefkathleen and Notenough for your thoughtful replys. I needed a womans' perspective. I will invite her to class with me. It is near one of our favorate restaurants that we can go to before class and near one of her close friends if she doesn't want to spend 3 hours in the class room.

Topic My wife and my figure drawing class question?
Posted 01 Oct 2012 08:34

I’m an old guy in a solid marriage for 48 years. My wife has always supported me in my artistic endeavors, working at my side doing shows and supporting other aspects of the business. I made my living mostly doing sculptures but continue to draw to keep my skills sharp. I started taking a figure drawing class last week at the university. My wife knew that I would be drawing nude female models but when she saw my sketches from the first class she got very depressed, saying her self image was low being overweight and here I am staring at those thin young naked models for 3 hours. I told her, no problem, I would drop the class. Later she told me not to drop the class. She said that I don’t choose what kind of books she can read and she shouldn’t let her bad self image stop me from taking the figure drawing class.

Aside from me helping her improve her self-image (which she admits that I do), I wanted a ladies perspective on the question; Should I drop the class? It is not a class I need for credits, just something I wanted to take to keep my drawing skills sharp.. Mostly I draw landscapes and I wanted to improve my skills drawing the human form. I don’t want my wife to feel uncomfortable. What are you thoughts? I thinking that she would feel bad if I dropped it but I’m not convinced that she would feel good if I continued the class. Any advice from a woman’s perspective would be greatly appreciated. Thanks from an oldguy9