Luck Happens, Part II

Ray and Leez score when least expected.

Over the next couple of weeks, Leez and I saw quite a bit of each other. We adapted our schedules to conform to her nursing shifts. For me, this worked out fine giving me lots of quality writing time. As our relationship progressed and we began to understand each other, we appreciated each other more, and our intimacy blossomed. We liked similar things and explored all the restaurants,...Read On


I Love This Beach!

See what happens when you walk your dog on the beach?

Every day for the past six months, I walk my dog on a quiet bay beach. While the ocean beaches here in the Hamptons are among the most beautiful beaches in the world, the bay beaches ain't chopped liver. Plus the facts that I can walk him anytime I want as long as I pick up after him (the town has plastic doggie-bag dispensers in the parking area), that it's close to where I live and that...Read On

Group Sex(16)


My Lost Shaker of Salt, Part II

A man finds Margaritaville

This story includes all sorts of sexual combinations between two men and two woman. If that's not your thing, move on. The characters don't use condoms but you should. Day Two Sometime during the early morning hours, I felt someone nursing my dick. Was I in dreamland. When I felt my cock get hard, I knew it was no dream. But maybe it was a dream, I don't know. When I next had the...Read On


My Lost Shaker of Salt

A search for Margaritaville

This story includes all sorts of sexual combinations between two men and two woman. If that's not your thing, move on. The characters don't use condoms but you should. Introduction I had to get away. This stupid town was getting to me. Things were closing in, the walls of my apartment seemed like a c-clamp on my life. Things were getting weird. And as Hunter Thompson said, "When the...Read On


My First Bisexual Couple

Roger and Patty picked me up at a bar and then fed my curiosity.

My First Bisexual Couple I promised someone that I would write about my first bi experience so if that subject turns you off, stop here. If you're underage, why are you reading this? Also, safe sex is not illustrated in this story but in real life, it's a good idea. Do you know where it was last? Wrap that rascal! --------------------------------------- I'm not the sort of person that...Read On


Somebody's Got To Do It, Part 4

The life of a mature bachelor can be exhausting!

Our man just has no time to rest up and recharge. If you haven't already read the previous chapters, I suggest that you do. This chapter has a lot of variety: MM, FF, MMFF, MF and more. If this offends you, why are you here. If you're too young, get out of here before I tell your mother. One more thing: This story imagines a world without protection from dreaded cooties. But this ain't it....Read On


You Can't Make This Shit Up

Horny guy makes an online discovery

Like my other stories, this one is also based upon true events. In this particular story, it is about as true as I can recall it. Now for those of you who are unfamiliar with my stories, this one contains all sorts of sexual pairings, variations, fetishes and general good fun. If you are uncomfortable with bisexuality, select another author. Also, while condoms are not mentioned in this...Read On


A Gulf Coast Welcome - Conclusion

Ray and Caren achieve harmonic convergence.

I awoke in the morning as the light streamed in through the window. As I opened my eyes, Caren was watching me. "Good morning, darlin'. I like watching you awaken. You were sleeping so deeply but then you made a little smile and rolled over. What a nice way to wake up." I mumbled something as a response but without that first cup of coffee, I don't think anyone could understand me, let...Read On


A Gulf Coast Welcome IV

Ray + Caren + Candace +...

Was it tomorrow already? Let's see, I remember getting sucked off in the middle of the night. I remember waking at six a.m. and looking at a happily sleeping woman. I remember taking a leak, getting back into bed, closing my eyes and then having a damp pussy slide onto my face. Yeah, I remember that real well. Now, it's nearly eleven and we're first rolling out of bed. I watched as Caren got...Read On


A Gulf Coast Welcome III

Caren introduces Ray to her old college roommate.

The visit to my mother was no different from the visit of the previous day. It was depressing and pathetic and I was not feeling too sparky afterwards. I drove over to a different part of St. Pete and strolled along a shopping street filled with tourist shit. I bought Caren a tee shirt that read, "Fucked and Fucked Up. St. Pete Spring Break". I walked into an Adult store and walked out with a...Read On


Such A Small World

A webcam can bring people together

I watch her several times a week. Her beauty takes my breath away. I cannot stop. It started a few weeks ago. I was sitting in front of my computer thinking of something to do. I'd just completed several rote tasks and earned my day's pay and wanted something to do. Not that there weren't a half million thing I could do, or should do, but I just didn't feel like it. So I did what I always...Read On


Such A Small World, Part II

The world gets a little smaller as the sex gets wilder.

I awoke the next morning still feeling immensely satisfied. After coffee and some chores, I finally sat down at my computer and found a message from Becca. "Ray, thank you so much for last night. After you left, Jonnie and I fucked like dogs in heat. We talked about it and we both agreed that it was better than we ever imagined. Both of us feel so free today. I'm even willing to have a...Read On


The Designated Driver Chronicles, Ch.4

Gayle and Reenie take Ray for a ride.

August kicked in like gangbusters. My business went crazy during the first weeks of the month. I was editing and revising my novel by day and driving rich drunks around at night. After my experience with Wayne, I decided to concentrate on working as much as I could and concentrating only on the front seat of the car. I worked and I found myself with five or six jobs a week averaging...Read On


The Designated Driver Chronicles, Ch.1

Ray takes the job of a lifetime.

The following story is full of all sorts of sexual antics of many proclivities. If you are reading this, enjoy it and give it a score. All feedback welcome. For those of who have read my previous stories, you pretty much know where I'm coming from but for those of you who haven't, let me introduce myself. My name is Ray. I am a mature man living in the resort paradise of the Hamptons. I am...Read On


Taylor's Fantasy Fulfilled

She finally goes wild and lives a dream.

While safe-sex was practiced during the making of this fantasy, condoms and such don't make an appearance here, it is assumed that in real life, those rascals would be wrapped. The producer would also like you to know that no animals were harmed during the making of this epic. ---------- I was sitting on the super king-sized bed of the hotel room, propped up by the cushioned headboard. Both...Read On


The Party Started After Labor Day

Ray meets Suzi at the bar and she rocks his world

My stories are all based on real events and people except this one. This one is pure fantasy suggested by my LushBuddy Ladybugg. This one is for her and anyone who likes a threesome with two randy bisexual women. That would be me, of course! The end of the Labor Day weekend is my favorite day out here on the East End. When the cars are all bumper to bumper streaming west on Montauk Highway,...Read On


Doug and Lora's First Time Bi Stories

Ray's friends relate their initiations into bisexuality

I've been friends with Doug and Lora for about eight years and during that time, we've had quite a few very gratifying threesomes. I like them a lot. They are both easy going and mellow, uninhibited and imaginative, gentle and considerate; all of which suit my personality well. They like to hot tub. They like to get high on weed which is one of my most enjoyable weaknesses. Besides our...Read On


Gail and Gina and Me

A lonely and depressed man is liberated by a mature lesbian couple.

I'd been married for nearly thirty years to a woman I'd known since I was in high school. Our marriage had been fairly good but with some natural ups and downs. But I don't want to get into that. Suffice to say, when I come home from work one day and she said, "I need my space. You have to leave," I was dumbfounded. She'd decided that she no longer loved me and I found my world crumbling...Read On

Love Stories(2)


A Gulf Coast Welcome I

A mature, lonely man meets a naive young divorcee.

This was not a trip I had looked forward to taking. Mother's Day was approaching and I was due to fly out of Long Island for Tampa-St. Pete to visit my mom in the Alzheimer's wing of the residential hospital where she has had to live (if you can call it that) for the past ten years. At least my visits to her would be merciful insofar as my time with her would be relatively short. Her best,...Read On


A Gulf Coast Welcome II

Ray and Caren get closer and even more intimate.

To recap: A lonely man with a erectile problem meets a younger vacationing divorcee on Longboat Key. Their first day together ended in extraordinarily satisfying sex. The story continues... Driving over the Skyline Bridge to St. Pete seemed dangerous to me as my mind kept veering off the road and into memories of the night before. A chance meeting on the beach led to a night of amazing...Read On



Somebody's Got To Do It, Part 2

The continuation of a slice-of-life of a mature bachelor. It ain't easy.

"Hi guys. What's up?" "We were up at the marina checking on the boat and we were in the neighborhood so we thought we would drop by. Obviously, we came too late for the party. Looks like you were dipping the wick, you look worse for wear." "Yeah, I was just fuckin' my best fuck-buddy and it was fuckin' fantastic." "Who? Who?" "My lips are sealed. It's very discreet, you know. She has...Read On


Somebody's Got To Do It, Part 3

More in the life of a mature bachelor.

I shouldn't bitch. I really have nothing to bitch about. I'm just feeling a little exhausted, and rightly so. I'm burning my candle from both ends and so my dick is sore and my ass is killing me. Like my Dad always said...nah, screw my old man, he didn't know anything. I couldn't resist Elaine. The goat horns sprung from my head. I couldn't help it. Call it hormones. Anyway, she was a hot...Read On



Falling in love with a younger woman fulfills my 'Girl From Ipanema' fantasy.

I have a lot of idle time. While it is definitely the devil's tool, at my age, I don't mind it one bit. And sure, while I sometimes get into trouble, it's okay. I'm not hurting anybody. On my daily trips into the village, I often hang out and shoot the breeze with the help. I stop at the hardware store, the local market stand, the post office and finally the pharmacy. I know several of...Read On


The Blonde On The Beach

A mature man meets a young woman and lifts away her sadness.

The following story is mostly true or at least built upon my memories of several real events all jumbled together. I'm 62 now and it has been ten years since my divorce. For about a year after the divorce, I seemed adrift and in confusion. I just couldn't seem to connect with anything. When I was younger, before I was married, I was wild and free (yes, I was a hippie) but that was then...Read On



The Designated Driver Chronicles, Ch.3

Who would have thought this job could get weirder?

Have you read the first two chapters of this story? Perhaps you should just so you get the gist of the setting - or not. A special big time thanks to "NakedInSeattle" for his astute editing of this chapter. It was late July and I'd become frustrated with the job - well, not the job so much but the boss. Still, lately my pick-ups were boring. They were also cheapskates. Besides being...Read On

Straight Sex(6)


Somebody's Got To Do It

The life of a mature bachelor. It's a tough job!

I wrote this for a friend. It involves straight sex. No condoms were harmed during the creation of this story but you should wear one because hey, you never know. End of PSA. Roll tape. Enjoy. "I feel weird. Talking to you about this is very uncomfortable for me. I've never discussed this, not so openly, not even with a shrink or a therapist." "What could be so heavy? What could be so...Read On


Luck Happens, Part 1

After a long drought, luck brings new joy.

I've been in the doldrums for the last few months. Not that things were bad, it was more like things were blah. Everything was blah - my writing, my social life, just my whole demeanor. I knew that I needed to change this outlook but it seemed that every time I tried to shake loose, it was all for naught. I needed to break the pattern, I needed some luck, too. I needed some spice, I just...Read On


Bookstore Encounter

Sometimes amazing things happen.

I was alone that night. My wife of twenty-five years was staying overnight in the city with a bunch of office friends. It was cool, you know. She needed a night off anyway. We'd been having marital problems for the last few months. Now, things were improving since we began marriage counseling. She'd been menopausal and vaguely unhappy with everything and everybody, that was except for sex....Read On


The Designated Driver Chronicles, Ch.2

Ray's driving job continues to improve.

I suggest that you read the first chapter of this story just so you get the gist of the scene - or not. If you are reading this, enjoy it and give it a score. All feedback is welcome. A special big time thanks to “Larry in Seattle” for his astute editing of this chapter. I was making pretty good money driving rich people around the Hamptons. Some jobs were just a few hours long while I...Read On


I Met Her in The Supermarket

A one-stop shopping experience

I've just returned from a very interesting afternoon, one that I will remember for some time. I drove into the village this morning to do my errands: go to my post office box, go to the bank, pick up some rolling papers and do some food shopping. It was a quite uneventful and ordinary trip. I walked the aisles of the market picking up this and that. In the freezer aisle, I made way for an...Read On



After Gail and Gina and Me Came Mara.

Thanks for all the nice comments on my previous story "Gail and Gina and Me". Some of you wondered where my road went after that story ended, so in this story, I continue my path to rehabilitation and mental happiness. After Gina and Gail moved down to Florida, I was bereft of their friendship and saddened for a time but glad that I had known them and even more appreciative of their care...Read On